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Raai News 1.1
Smart Android RSS newsreader that learns what type of articles you like from your feedback. Over time it builds up a profile of your preferences and shows you articles it thinks you will find interesting and hides the articles it thinks you will...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;   File Size: 62 KB;
Platform: Unknown


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newsparrotv4 Freeware newsparrotv4 Freeware 1.0
NewsParrot allows you to search for free news servers, test them for speed, the number of Newsgroups and the artical density, before enabling the user to browse the results in a default news reader.. Newsparrot enables you to search for new open...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;   File Size: 265 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows CE, Pocket PC

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Simple Blogger Simple Blogger 0.6.4
Simple Blogger is a small and very easy to use application that enables you to quickly write and publish a new post of your blog. Application gets all your blogs from Google account. There is an ability to post with labels.

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;  
Platform: Windows 3.x, Windows , All

Publish - Write - Blogger - Simple Blogger - Blog Publisher - Publish Post - Write Post
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RSS Desktop Aggregator RSS Desktop Aggregator
RSS Desktop Aggregator is a simple and handy WIP C# 4.0 productivity and time saver application that sits on your computer desktop and reads RSS feeds and Outlook Items. All you have to do is paste the RSS links in the RSS Settings window and you...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;  
Platform: Windows 3.x, Windows , All

Feed - Reader - News Feed - Read - Feed Reader - News Reader - RSS Desktop Aggregator
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NewsBin Professional NewsBin Professional 6.34 Build 1886
NewsBin is program that downloads files from Usenet Newsgroups. An account with a Usenet News Server is required to use NewsBin.NewsBin is a multi-threaded news robot that automatically downloads and decodes binary posts to usenet newsgroups....

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Shareware (Free to Try);   File Size: 1884 KB;
Platform: Windows

Files - Dvd - Mpg - Divx - Server - Download - Jpg - Mp3 - Rar - News
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BlogsBot BlogsBot 1.5
BlogsBot is a handy utility designed to enable you to easily manage your blogs. You can add fresh content daily based on the topic and keyword that you give as input. BlogsBot posts contents to blog at regular intervals of time. There is even a...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;  
Platform: WindowsAll

Blog - Manager - Manage - News Reader - BlogsBot - Blog Manager - Manage Blog
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Infowise Newsletter Infowise Newsletter 1.6.4
Infowise Newsletter is a SharePoint add-on product that generates and distributes newsletters based upon SharePoint list content, wrapped in a HTML template of your choice and design.Managers decide what list and what view will serve as a data...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Shareware (Free to Try);   File Size: 980 KB;
Platform: Windows

Microsoft - Navigation - Sharepoint - Foundation - Workflow - Custom Field - Moss - Wss - Web Part - Connected Field
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NNTP A.A.M Client NNTP A.A.M Client 3.16
A newsgroup reader to help you with your work. NNTP A.A.M Client is a newsgroup reader and posting software whereby two or more people can communicate through the alt.anonymous.messages newsgroup using hsub subjects.NNTP A.A.M Client requires the...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;   File Size: 2222 KB;
Platform: Windows

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Magnesium: RSS Ticker Magnesium: RSS Ticker
Magnesium RSS Ticker provides a rich ticker environment to enable you to keep up to date with the latest news and information. Thus, no important events will take place without your knowing. The Ticker scrolls the Feed items across the screen as...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;  
Platform: Windows XP, Windows, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Mac OS 7.x, Mac , Windows 2K,Vista64,7x64

Rss - Rss Reader - Newsfeed - Ticker - Magnesium RSS Ticker - Read Newsfeed - Display News
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TopicDay TopicDay 1.0
The program for reading news feeds RSS format.You can add any number of settings, RSS feeds. This utility is a convenient compact form, as a "drop-down" menu in the system tray will show the current topical news selected RSS feeds,...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;   File Size: 554 KB;
Platform: Windows 98, Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP , WinVista,Win7 x32

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SABnzbdNET SABnzbdNET Beta 5
SABnzbdNET is a simple SABnzbd monitor and administrator, allows you to monitor downloads, administrate queue, add tasks, start / pause / shutdown your SABnzbd server, etc.SABnzbdNET Features:1. Server status2. Download progress and speed3. List...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;   File Size: 5 KB;
Platform: Windows

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CastleNews PRO CastleNews PRO 1.26.2
CastleNews is a simple and intuitive RSS feed manager that allows users to quickly access all their feeds from one place. CastleNews helps you to read news topics from all of your favourite RSS and ATOM news feeds and now comes with added...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;  
Platform: Windows 3.x, Windows , All

Rss - Feed - Reader - Feed Reader - CastleNews PRO - RSS Feeder - RSS Manager
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SenseExplore Summarizer SenseExplore Summarizer 1.0
Innovative summarizer that highlights most informative sentences directly on the web pages you visit. Saves reading time and speeds up information aquisition. Perfect for reading news, encyclopaedias, reference manuals and other similar...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Shareware (Free to Try);   File Size: 446 KB;
Platform: Windows

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Binary Boy Binary Boy 1.97
A Usenet newsreader with scheduler, threaded decoder, picture viewer, NZB and RAR support.. Automatically download using NZB files or browse newsgroups and select files manually. Easily download and automatically expand RAR files with 2 clicks....

Price: USD $24.95;  License: Shareware (Free to Try);   File Size: 2150 KB;
Platform: Windows XP, Windows , WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinServer

Rar - Downloader - Usenet - Newsreader - Newsgroup - Binaries
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TimeCoverGrabber TimeCoverGrabber 0.1.0
TimeCoverGrabber help you download covers to your PC fast and easy.TimeCoverGrabber Features:1. Download covers2. magazine covers3. grab magazine cover

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;   File Size: 241 KB;
Platform: Windows

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Omea Reader Omea Reader 1.0.2
Omea Reader is an easy to use RSS feed reader, newsgroup reader, and web bookmark manager. But what really makes it unique is the level of information organization and management features including lightning-fast searches, flexible filing,...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;   File Size: 3723 KB;
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows, Windows XP, Windows 2003

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BeeSender BeeSender 1.0
Mass email marketing program for email newsletters, autoresponder, email merge. BeeSender lets you create professional email massages using a visual editor. You can insert personalization element such as name, location and address in your message...

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Shareware (Free to Try);   File Size: 8601 KB;
Platform: Windows

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RSSvp Reader RSSvp Reader 4.0
RSSvp Reader is a lightweight application that will allow you to easily load RSS feeds and view their contents. With RSSvp Reader you'll stay up to date with the latest news as they will be coming right onto your computer's desktop! for WindowsAll

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;  
Platform: WindowsAll

Rss - Feed - Reader - Rss Reader - Feed Reader - News Reader - RSSvp Reader
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UseNeXT UseNeXT 5.27
UseNeXT offers fast and easy access to the Usenet with over 2,500 terabytes of data available and 6,000 Gigabytes added daily. UseNeXT offers lightening fast access to over 60,000 Usenet discussion boards about every topic. No restrictions on...

Price: USD $12.00;  License: Shareware (Free to Try);   File Size: 3042 KB;
Platform: Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP , Windows7

Internet - Downloads - Audio - Download - Pictures - Binary - Client - Usenet - Newsreader - Newsgroups
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Feed Mix Feed Mix 4.97
Feed Mix is an RSS editor, which is powerful enough for RSS gurus yet refreshingly easy for RSS first timers. It lets you create, edit and publish the unlimited number of RSS feeds and podcasts. Unique to Feed Mix is its ability to create a new...

Price: USD $39.95;  License: Shareware (Free to Try);   File Size: 1774 KB;
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP

Create Rss - Publish Rss - Rss Aggregator - Feed Mix - Rss Mix - Make Rss - Creating Rss - Making Rss - Podcast Mix - Create Podcast
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YeahReader YeahReader 2.7
YeahReader is a free program for reading news feeds in RSS, RDF and Atom formats, and podcasts. The program provides all basic RSS reader functionality such as a convenient feed update system, proxy support and pop-up update notification....

Price: USD $0.00;  License: Freeware;   File Size: 2235 KB;
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP

Rss - Aggregator - Reader - Atom - Free - Rdf - Rss Reader - Feed Reader - News Reader - Rss Aggregator
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