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Develop chat communities, events, and conferencing, as well as online assistance and services.


Platform Mac
Author 12planet
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Date Added 07/17/2013

Develop chat communities, events, and conferencing, as well as online assistance and services.A high performance professional chat server software designed for chat community building, moderated chat events, or online live support. The user... more »

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Allegro Media Server Allegro Media Server 1.03
Allegro Media Server streams digital music from Macintosh iTunes libraries to wired or wireless networked digital music players using UPnP technology (the same technology used by Windows Media Connect). This means that networked UPnP-based Digital Music ...
Open Search Server Open Search Server 1.1
Open Search Server (OSS) is a search engine software developed under the GPL v3 open source licence. Built using the best open source technologies available, Open Search Server is a stable, high-performance piece of software. It is both a modern search ...
Majestic Media Server Majestic Media Server 1.2.2008
Majestic Media Server (MMS) is a UPNP/AV Media Server that is compatible with the Playstation 3 and the XBox360 as well as many other devices. It allows streaming of much of your iTunes and iPhoto content as well as other content to these devices. ...
Server Scout Server Scout 0.9.8
Monitors network systems, like Apache Server, web server, routers or leased lines.- Apache Server Watcher: Monitors Apache's 'server-status'- HTTP Watcher : Monitors HTTP servers [HTTP replies]- TCP Watcher : Measures TCP connect latencyOther ...
Carracho Tracker X Carracho Tracker X 1.0
Carracho Tracker works like a directory service for Carracho Servers. Servers can register with a tracker to make them visible to the public. This is a daemon version of the tracker application. It runs as a background process on MacOS X systems and doesnt ...
monitor.xhead monitor.xhead 1.0.3
webmonitor.xhead allows you to monitor uptime or response time for a webserver by using a URL either HTTP or HTTPS protocol. You can also specify a specific page in the URL as well. Email alerts can be received for either a down server or slow response ...
EasyStat Web Statistics EasyStat Web Statistics 4.1
EasyStat is a real time web statistics application that is fast, reliable, and easy to use. EasyStat - Web Traffic Analysis, Website Statistics Software, Web Counter Software. EasyStat - Web statistics and traffic analysis software that is fast, reliable ...
FreeShare Server FreeShare Server 1.0.5
FreeShare is a feature-rich, stable, safe and free client and server suite based upon the GNU General Public Licensed "Openline" source code. FreeShare's underlying architecture follows the original Hotline protocol. As such, it functions ...
McNucle Server/Nucle Browser McNucle Server/Nucle Browser 1.0pb
McNucle Server/Nucle Browser software turns a Macintosh into a remotely accessible metadata based file server.The McNucle Server works closely together with the Nucle Browser. With a McNucle Server on your Mac you can connect to it with the Nucle Browser ...
Wowza Media Server Wowza Media Server 1.6.0
Wowza Media Server Pro is a powerful and extensible pure Java alternative to Adobe Flash Media Server that delivers a dramatic improvement of Flash streaming economics. With up to 80% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Wowza Media Server makes Flash ...
Illustrix: Cat Dream Illustrix: Cat Dream 1.0
You can never know the new picture that will come! Oh !!! Cats!!! Absolutist introduces the new genre mix! This game takes the best of logic and action - arcade-style gameplay is combined here with the mystique of the puzzle. Your goal is to prevent the ...
IconLab IconLab 1.1
IconLab is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in, that adds support for Mac OS X's native icon format to Adobe Photoshop.IconLab allows icons to be constructed with the full power of Photoshop, automatically flattening layers and resizing images to produce professional ...

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