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Ecards to insert in your email, blogs, etc.


Platform Windows 95, Windows, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000 , Win 3.1x, WinNT 3.x
Author Luella Caudill
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
Rating None
Date Added 05/16/2013

Ecards to insert in your email, blogs, etc. to celebrate friends birthdays, aniversaries, etc. Also emoticons for in your emails, blogs etc.

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AcreSoft Calendar 2004 AcreSoft Calendar 2004 1
Simple calendar. Write in birthdays, to-dos etc on any day. Print any month. ...
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AcreSoft Phonics AcreSoft Phonics 1
AcreSoft Phonics is a phonics program for studying phonics. This progam comes with practice pages to practice, on your computer, what you are learning. Also comes with a sounds page. ...
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AcreSoft Music For Me is a music program for studing treble notes, bass notes, chords, beats, and scale. This progam comes with practice pages to practice, on your computer, what you are learning. ...
24U Email OSAX 24U Email OSAX 3
About 24U Email OSAX24U Email OSAX is a Scripting Addition. It extends AppleScript by an ability to send electronic mails directly from your scripts (e.g. CGI, Folder Action, database), without need of any additional helper aplication.E-mail messages ...
MPP for Email Servers MPP for Email Servers 4.3
MPP for Email Servers (Message Processing Platform for Email Servers) provides a centralized feature, configuration point, and deployment point for virus, spam and content filtering, including both commercial and popular open source tools including Clam ...
LiSA, the speaking email assistant LiSA, the speaking email assistant 3.2
About LiSA, the speaking email assistantLiSA, the Liquid Information Speaking Assistant tells you who your incoming messages are from and announces them as-&-when-they-arrive, not just when you log on to check your messages.For example: "You ve ...
Email PDF Email PDF 0.5.6
About Email PDFThis program is a common request from publishing houses. The main request was for a program to be separate from the default mail programs. It's an easy way to send a document with out touching personal mail accounts. Also when you use ...
Gimme Email Gimme Email 1.5.2001
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Oi! Email Marketing System Oi! Email Marketing System 2
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Advanced Mac Mailer for Leopard Advanced Mac Mailer for Leopard 4.25
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Odysseus Odysseus 1.0b9
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Enkoder Enkoder 4.0.1
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Postbox Express Postbox Express 1.0.0
Postbox Express is a simple, yet powerful, new email application. It's based on the same platform as our premium version of Postbox, but contains a lighter-weight feature set that's perfect for home use. ...
PostNewsletter Mac PostNewsletter Mac 1.4.2006
PostNewsletter is mass e-mail tool. It sends personalized html-based E-Mails to a huge amount of recipients. This is done via smtp with authentication. Personalisation is done with a recipient data file containing the recipient addresses and persona replacement ...
aMac Island Stains (Free) aMac Island Stains (Free) 1.0
aMac Island offers many themes for Apple's Mail software. Thanks to this pack, you can download all aMac Island themes in one click and so give your e-mails look more friendly.This pack contains 2 Free themes for Apple Mail software. ...

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