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SDK for creation of copy protected software dongles from USB flash drives.


Platform Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows Vista Ente
Language English
Author Alkonost Software
License Demo Screenshot of AntiDuplicate
Price USD $129.00
File Size 4101 KB
Date Added 02/14/2007
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In today's software distribution, there is an increasing need to protect applications against illegal copying. AntiDuplicate is the fast and easy tool to create hardware keys for your software protection - by your ordinary computer. With... more »

Protection - Software - Key - Security - - C - Delphi - Vb - Drive - Programming - Distribution - C

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Alkonost ContraCopy Alkonost ContraCopy 3.00
Software system, that creates key diskettes for copy protected software Alkonost ContraCopy is a professional software system, that can create diskettes for a copy protected software distribution. It is a tool for programmers for C, C++, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. Alkonost ContraCopy enables you ...
Alkonost MaxFormat Alkonost MaxFormat 3.60
Format floppy disks to maximum capacity, make bootable, copy diskettes. Alkonost MaxFormat enables you to format floppy disks to maximum capacity with maximum efficiency. MaxFormat can format floppies to the current standard formats for 3.5 inch disks of 1.4MB and 720K, 5.25 inch disks of 1.2MB and 360K, plus additional ...
ElecKey Express ElecKey Express 1.0
The secure electronic software distribution system and software copy protection ElecKey is the complete solution for secure electronic software distribution. It includes the software protection capability that allows you to protect your software applications against piracy, illegal use, or being copied. * ElecKey can operate and ...
Logic Protect EXE Creator Logic Protect EXE Creator 2.1
License management, anti-piracy, copy protection and product activation tool. Logic Protect is a reliable license management, anti-piracy, copy protection, and product activation system featuring high level security and protection against illegal software copying and distribution. Logic Protect supports all kinds of product activation ...
Code-Lock Code-Lock 2.35
Code-Lock is an advanced secure software protection system that will create the registered version of your program when the registration code is correct. To date, software protected by Code-Lock have not been cracked by crackers! Are you losing sales to software pirates? Stop using your obsolete software protections. Code-Lock, an advanced, secure software protection system, will stop crackers in their tracks. Code-Lock, featuring CodeSecure Technology for Visual Basic, C#, VB ...
ShareGuard Copy Protection ShareGuard Copy Protection 3.6
Simple to use copy protection fo increasing registrations. ONLY $49.95 ShareGuard: For Shareware developers who want to protect their software. Consists of 4 components: (1) ShareGuard Lock (2) ShareGuard Key (3) ShareGuard Locksmith (4) CRC Check. (1) ShareGuard Lock is the program that protects your software from reverse ...
ElecKey ElecKey 2.0
The Complete Solution for Software Copy Protection and License Management ElecKey protects software applications through a software-based locking system. Key Features: Effortless and No Programming: The wizard style makes it very simple and easy to protect your application. You can create a protected version of your ...
ExeShield ExeShield 4.8
With ExeShield it's easy to turn your applications into "try before you buy" software with very little effort, and maximum protection against piracy, backdating, reverse-engineering or any kind of tampering. No extra hardware is required in order to protect ...
IntelliProtector IntelliProtector 2.23
Software activation and security service for shareware and freeware developers. IntelliProtector is a software activation and management solution offering secure distribution of software products over the Internet, on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. With IntelliProtector, you can increase your profits by protecting against losses from software ...
PC Guard for Win32 PC Guard for Win32 5.02.0400
Professional software protection and licensing system. PC Guard for Win32 (.NET) is a professional software protection and licensing system for Windows 32bit and .NET framework applications. Secure: With 12 years of experience in field of software protection, licensing and activation we are currently ...
LM-X License Manager LM-X License Manager v2.2
LM-X License manager enabling ISVs to control and safely distribute their software. The software supports a wide range of license models including trial licenses, standalone licenses, network licenses, expiring licenses, borrowed licenses and more. Furthermore ...
Crypto Obfuscator For .Net Crypto Obfuscator For .Net 2013 R2
Crypto Obfuscator For .Net provides superior code protection, obfuscation, optimization and automatic exception reporting for your .Net assemblies. Crypto Obfuscator combines powerful obfuscation, encryption and optimization techniques to provide the ...
Voyage of Columbus 3D Screensaver Voyage of Columbus 3D Screensaver 1.0
Immerse into the excitement of the first voyage by Columbus displayed in 3D. Voyage of Columbus 3D Screensaver is the only screensaver that recreates, in stunning details, one of the days of the first voyage made by Christopher Columbus and his marines. They were in search of India, but discovered a new continent, which eventually ...
Brave Dragon Brave Dragon 2.0
You are a dragon. Main aim is to fly as far as the main source and demolish it! There were times when dragons ruled the World. Those were times when a trifle of people coexisted peacefully with dragons. However, people had started to gather in tribes, to be lead by chiefs, thus posing a threat to dragons. Now power and strengths ...

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