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Beautiful logical game. Discover the picture, coded by numbers.


Platform Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Language English, Russian
Author Art of Game Software
License Shareware (Free to Try) Screenshot of Art of Japan Crossword
Price USD $19.90
File Size 762 KB
Rating None
Date Added 09/20/2004

One of the most comfortable and easy-to-use program for solving Japan Crosswords (puzzles also known as nonograms, griddlers, paint-by-numbers). Aim of game is to discover beautiful pictures, coded by numbers. Program do all dirty calculation... more »

Game - Puzzle - Logic - Picture - Art - Logic Game - Logical - Griddler - Griddlers - Nonogram - Paint-by-numbers - Crosspix

Elite Japan Crossword Elite Japan Crossword 1.2.
Awesome Japanese puzzles program that is both tough and exciting. If you like to exercise your brain by solving puzzles and riddles, you've just found a perfect program. Elite Japan Crossword features several thousand puzzles known as Japanese crosswords, nonograms, griddlers and point-by-numbers. This type of puzzles ...
Japan Crossword Editor Japan Crossword Editor
User-friendly and powerful editor of Japan crosswords enables to draw and come out crosswords by own means, import files-pictures into crossword as well as export into pictures, protect saved files with crosswords by a password. To open files of many ...
Japan Riddles Japan Riddles 1.54
Draw a picture logically discovering what cells to paint. Japan Riddles is a logical puzzle game. It is a computer variant of popular puzzles known as Nonograms, Griddlers, Paint by Numbers or Japan Crossword Puzzles. While playing you need to paint squares on grid with color. There are numbers on the top ...
CrossWorld CrossWorld 1.0
Get best collection of word and puzzle games at once and improve your erudition. Attractive offer!!! Get the best crossword and puzzle games in one game collection. Become a professional in solving puzzles and crosswords. Improve your logic and solving skills. Train your brain and erudition. Check how educative you are. Solve these ...
World of CryptoPics World of CryptoPics 1.4
The most comprehensive Nonograms/Griddlers software available! CryptoPics (also known as Nonograms or Griddlers) are logic puzzles originating in Japan, in which the aim is to reveal a hidden picture by looking at the number clues. With this fully-featured software you can play pre-made picture puzzles, randomly ...
Clickris Clickris 2.21
Clickris is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows.The goal of game is to get as much points as you can by removing stones from game field. You would click on groups of stones with the same picture, but not on isolated stones. If you click on such a group ...
Japanolle Java Applet Japanolle Java Applet 1.1
Japanolle Java Applet is an online game to be put on any site. Want to attract more visitors to your web-site and impress them by fun and quality feature? Japanolle Java Applet is a fancy addition to your site. Your visitors will come back soon and invite their friends and relatives to visit your site and to play ...
Griddlers Deluxe Griddlers Deluxe 5.1
Griddlers Deluxe provides hours of mentally stimulating entertainment for you Griddlers Deluxe is one more way to give your brains a good rest and develop quick wit simultaneously. No matter what language you speak: it's a language independent logic game. To play this puzzle is simple as black and white, yet the game play is ...
Cresotech MUGS GAME Cresotech MUGS GAME 2.3
Challenge yourself, this game will stimulate you! It's puzzle games with friendly user interface, help system, sounds, 2 language support and 2 modes of game: best time and player vs computer. 2 gamefields. Hidden own&opponent Mugs. Make your move, do ...
Aha! Game Aha! Game 1.0
Aha! Game is an easy-to-learn, but hard-to-master logic game for the whole family.You have to remove similar shaped objects from the game area, while the near-by items fill the vacant space and form new groupings. When you've removed all groups of two ...
Casino On Net $200 Free! Casino On Net $200 Free! 2006 V
Get $200 Bonus at your first deposit! Casino On Net is one of the leading on-line casinos on the Internet, with well over 9 Million downloads since its official 1996 launch on the world wide web. Casino On Net's games offer a virtual reality sensation with audio and image technology with ...
SplitBill (For PocketPC) SplitBill (For PocketPC) 1.0
Easily calculate the tip (before/after tax), total and amount per person. Enter the total bill amount via the on-screen keypad, select the tax % from the list (or allow SplitBill to calculate it for you based on the $ amount) and assign the tip %. The Tip calculation may be made either before or after tax. SplitBill takes the ...

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