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Bliss Paint is a tool for creating interactive color animations with a large library of Scribblers, Distributors, a painting sequencer, color synthesizers, brushes, masks, MIDI and sound input, and video output.


Platform Mac
Author Imaja
License Demo Screenshot
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Rating None
Date Added 06/05/2013

Bliss Paint is a tool for creating interactive color animations with a large library of Scribblers, Distributors, a painting sequencer, color synthesizers, brushes, masks, MIDI and sound input, and video output. Animations can be recorded as... more »

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PixelToy PixelToy 2.6.1
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CoffeeCup Animation Studio CoffeeCup Animation Studio 2.3
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Kids Animation Maker iEdition Kids Animation Maker iEdition 1.0
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Animation Creation Station Animation Creation Station 1.0
Similar to paint, but can have many frames to create an animation. The user can export the animation to a quicktime format. Are many options that a user can choose like, an onion effect which shows the last frame, but in a color that the user determines ...
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