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CodeDogg not only help you synchronize code snippets between Linux, Mac, or Windows, but also can help you synchronize them between your work computers, your home laptops.


Platform Windows 2000, Windows, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS 9.x, Mac, Mac OSX , Windows Vista x64, Unix, Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.2, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
Author CodeDogg
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
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Date Added 04/29/2013

CodeDogg not only help you synchronize code snippets between Linux, Mac, or Windows, but also can help you synchronize them between your work computers, your home laptops. The way the CodeDogg works is that you can upload your snippets to a... more »

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Code Snippets Database Code Snippets Database 0.8beta2
Code Snippets Database (CSD) is a web-based tool which helps you organize your code snippets for different programming languages. It supports both categories and tags for easy browsing and it has a syntax highlighter. ...
Dash (Docs & Snippets) Dash (Docs & Snippets) 1.6.2003
Dash is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. Always one keyboard shortcut away, Dash helps you store snippets of code, as well as instantly search and browse documentation for iOS, Mac, Man Pages, ActionScript, Android, Arduino, C++ ...
Code Vault Code Vault 1.0
Code Vault is a lightweight application all about making it easier for you to manage your code snippets. It includes support for cloud syncing as well as other features like auto-copy, code categories, favorites, tagging, searching and sharing. By clickin ...
CodeBox CodeBox 1.2
If you're looking for a fully-featured code snippet manager then CodeBox is exactly what you need! ? Collect all the code you want to reuse together with related information, ? Manage multiple libraries using Tags, Folders, Groups, Smart Groups, ...
Css-Borders Css-Borders 1.0
Create image frames with CSS3 and HTML5With Css-Borders you can easily create CSS3 code snippets to be inserted into your stylesheet.It generates code fragments for all major browsers (Webkit, Mozilla, Opera).Features:* ...
Java Snippet Search Java Snippet Search 1.0.0
Search Java sources with example code snippets. ...
PHP Code Snippet Library PHP Code Snippet Library 91
PHP Code Snippet Library.PHP-CSL is designed to let you store all your favourite code snippets, functions and classes. Visit for the latest info. ...
Spice for Xcode Spice for Xcode 1.0
Designed for developers, Spice is a Source Component Manager for Xcode enabling easy re-use of code between projects.Spice for Xcode has a simple goal - making it easier and quicker to reuse code between your Xcode projects.Spice for Xcode makes it a ...
Webbed Webbed 1.0
Webbed is a single window web development environment for JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP with built in code completion and Git integration.Webbed’s single window design banishes the jumble of floating windows. The left hand pane is not just a file browser ...
CodeVue CodeVue 1.0.0
** Springtime Sale! **** 50% off! Now only $4.99! **CodeVue is an easy-to-use code snippet manager.CodeVue features include:* Full syntax highlighting for Real Studio and the RealBasic language* Automatically save ...
Banner Rotator Slideshow V move effect Banner Rotator Slideshow V move effect 1
Highly customizable FREE banner rotator, XML driven. You can also use it as a slideshow, it loads images (.jpg, .png, .gif) and flash files (.swf), it has 18 setting in the xml file. The code is OOP in external classes easy to be changed. The download ...
OOo4Kids for Mac OOo4Kids for Mac 1.2
Kids start using computers earlier and earlier these days, and it's a good idea for them to get used to office apps as soon as possible. With OOo4Kids you can make your kids start becoming familiar with word processors, spreadsheets and the likes. This ...

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