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Crosswordz is an easy to use crossword and word search puzzle making utility.


Platform Mac OS X 10.1
Author Sol Robots
License Demo Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
File Size 962 KB
Rating None
Date Added 04/15/2013

Crosswordz is an easy to use crossword and word search puzzle making utility. Easily type clue/answer pairs in the "Puzzle Editor" (shown below). You can customize the title, the backdrop and the size of your puzzle. Press the "Make... more »

Search - Calculator - Maps - Puzzle - Word - Unicode - Russian - Japanese - Crossword - Math - English - French

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Quiz Press for Mac OS Quiz Press for Mac OS 2.5.7
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Japan Crossword Solver Japan Crossword Solver rc
This is programm for automatic solving Japan Crossword (also known as nonogram, griddlers or paint by numbers). ...
PHP Crossword PHP Crossword 0.5.2
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XWICKED: Crossword viewer XWICKED: Crossword viewer rc
Open Source program is designed for easy guessing the classic crossword puzzles. Written on C++(Qt). DsN€DlN?N?DzD»D°N‚N„DlN€DLDµD?D?D°NZ DzN€DlDlN€D°DLDLD° D?D»NZ D»N‘DlDsDlDlDl DlN‚DlD°D?N‹D?D°D?D?NZ DsD»D°N?N?D?N‡DµN ...
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