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Desktop Concoles Volume 6 (1024 x 768) is a collection of 21 professionally created desktop pictures.


Platform Mac
Author Blue Sky Heart Graphics
License Shareware (Free to Try) Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
File Size 1228 KB
Rating None
Date Added 05/31/2013

Desktop Concoles Volume 6 (1024 x 768) is a collection of 21 professionally created desktop pictures. Five are included in this free download, and the remaining 16 are available when you register for $10. A preview of one of the desktop pictures... more »

Design - Gui - Interface - Screensavers - Desktop - Wallpaper - Backgrounds - Graphics - Website Design - Art - Fantasy - Illustration

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Desktop Consoles 3 Desktop Consoles 3 1.0
Desktop Consoles are the perfect companion to the Desktop Picture application in Mac OS 8. Each Console is designed to "3D-ize" your desktop and render a virtual environment in your environment rich in texture and character. DC's are in ...
Freddie Mercury Wallpaper Freddie Mercury Wallpaper 1.0
Wallpaper featuring Freddie Mercury!. Sign in to BT Yahoo! Online. Sign in to BT Yahoo! Online for email, instant messaging, personalised Internet radio, online protection and your personalised web browser. ...
Keynote MWSF - Desktop Theme Keynote MWSF - Desktop Theme 1.0
Keynote MWSF - Desktop Theme is a desktop theme including wallpapers and screensavers for Apple fans. Optimized for Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard.Use the wallpapers to get a nice background on your desktop,choose between six keynote desktops or the backstage ...
Apple Boot Desktop Theme Apple Boot Desktop Theme 1.1
Apple Boot Desktop Theme is a desktop theme including wallpapers and screensavers. Optimized for Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard.Use the wallpapers to get a nice backround on your desktop,choose between original gray apple, light gray apple and white appleUse ...
SwitchPic X SwitchPic X 2.0.1
SwitchPic is an application that handles changing the desktop picture in Mac OS X 10.1. SwitchPic can also be used to randomly rotate the desktop picture at specified intervals. As an added bonus you can even use SwitchPic to set the desktop picture to ...
Animated Desktops Animated Desktops 2.1
Add some life to your desktop! Animated Desktops 2.1 is a special bundle of three of Animation Bureau's Animated Desktops. This bundle includes our popular "Sisyphus", "Butterfly Border", and "Fish Border" animated backgrounds (animated wallpaper). Our ...
HourWorld Live Deskpicture X HourWorld Live Deskpicture X 3.1
Stop using that static, unchanging picture on your desktop, and put on a dynamic image of the earth that updates as the world turns. High resolution maps and beautiful, specially-generated graphics are individually crafted for 14 different monitor sizes ...
Desktop Gear Desktop Gear 1.0
DesktopGear allows you to set your desktop picture in System 7.0 through Mac OS 9.x. It has special features you won't find in the Appearance control panel. Announcing Screen Gear, the Screen Saver, Image Viewer and Slide Show Software Toolkit for the ...
ALToolbar ALToolbar 1.14
Have a spooky cute Halloween with 6 ALTools Egghead Monster desktop wallpapers. Each of the Vampire, Witch, Frankenstein, Scream, and Pumpkin Egghead wish you a happy Halloween in with their own desktop wallpaper, and together in 1 big scary group.Each ...
Desktopia Desktopia 1.0
Desktopia is a customization concept for Mac OS X. Thanks to itls very simple and unobtrusive interface you will be able to configure desktopia to automatically change your desktop picture based on a specified time of the day.For example a beautiful sunrise ...
HourWorld Live Deskpicture HourWorld Live Deskpicture 3.3.6
HourWorld Live Deskpicture places a dynmaic image of the earth rotating as the day goes by. You can pick high-resolution maps that take more power to run but they look spectacular. HourWorld World Clock - Sun Time at a Glance. Software - Paul Software ...
Script Timer X Script Timer X 2.6.1
Script Timer lets you schedule the execution of AppleScript, perl, and shell scripts, as well as Automator workflows (OS X 10.4 and up only), and applications. Scheduling options include specific times of the day, week, month, or year, regular intervals ...
Mini FontViewer Mini FontViewer 1.3.4
Mini FontViewer is a program made with REALbasic, that gives you the basic features of FontViewer like sizes up to 36 pt and custom text examples. The FontViewer slideshow is also, now available. These features are in a floating window which floats over ...

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