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We made Disctop to bring a bit of fun in working with your brand new iMac G5, although it can be of use as well, and not only for owners of an iMac.


Platform Mac
Author Mekentosj
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
Rating None
Date Added 04/25/2013

We made Disctop to bring a bit of fun in working with your brand new iMac G5, although it can be of use as well, and not only for owners of an iMac. Normally when you insert a CD in your Mac it disappears, but where does it go? They simply pop up... more »

Science - Research - Dna - Experiments - Papers - Phd - MacOS X - Mek Amp - Tosj - Mekentosj - Tom Groothuis - Alexander Griekspoor

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LabAssistant LabAssistant 1.1u
LabAssistant is a scientific program, developed to help you organize your (scientific) experiments instead of using multiple timers, stickies, and a labjournal.Key features of LabAssistant are: Create and manage incubation step for multiple experiments ...
iRNAi iRNAi 2.1
Nowadays, the use of so-called RNA interference is a common technique applied by molecular biologists to determine the function of the many genes in our genome.Unfortunately, the design of oligonucleotides, the building blocks for this technique, is a ...
4Peaks 4Peaks 1.7.1
4Peaks is a program that helps molecular biologists to visualize and edit their DNA sequence files. At last there is a decent solution for analyzing trace files on the Mac OS X platform, taking another step away from slow and non-native programs from ...
4Peaks Plugin SDK 4Peaks Plugin SDK 1.2
Have you ever gotten frustrated with your DNA sequence analysis program because it didn't do a few things that you needed it to? Now, if you can code (or convince someone else to code for you), you can make 4Peaks go that extra distance for you. By making ...
Xgrid@Stanford widget Xgrid@Stanford widget 3.0
Many Mac users help to solve important scientific questions through Xgrid but few have a clue as to what actually happens with their donated CPU cycles. Now that's over, the Xgrid@Stanford widget gives realtime status information about the world's largest ...
DisctopPro DisctopPro 2.6
We made Disctop to bring a bit of fun in working with your brand new iMac, although it can be of use as well, and not only for owners of an iMac. Normally when you insert a CD in your Mac it disappears, but where does it go? They simply pop up on your ...
Hard Gothic Normal Hard Gothic Normal 1.0.2
Hard Gothic Normal is a Gothic( Hei) style Chinese font in Big5 encoding. Contained 94 Englisg Lettering, 441 symbol and 5401 Chinese characters. pocket pc software acrobat reader at flyers posters brochures amp; more find our cheapest ...
Achims PointerNeedle Achims PointerNeedle 1.0
Achim's PointerNeedle is a system extension that enlightens and sharpens Apple's off-the-shelf, blunt system cursor to a more precise, cool Pointer Needle. Included are versions for both left-handers and right-handers, in English (international) and German ...
ScrapIt Pro ScrapIt Pro 5.52
ScrapIt Pro is an editable, searchable, multimedia scrapbook and simple word processor. It provides a place to store, sort, display, and search all of your text notes, sounds, GIF files, JPEG files, and QuickDraw 3D files. John V. Holder, Software. Quality ...
ClipDragon ClipDragon 1.2
ClipDragon enhances the power of the drag and drop clipping ability built into the Mac OS. It allows you to quickly convert a clipping fileinto its associated file type. For example, if you have a clipping that is a picture, ClipDragon will let you instantly ...
DoubleScroll DoubleScroll 2.1.2
DoubleScroll is a control panel which gives your Macintosh double arrows at both ends of your scroll bars, allowing you toscroll in both directions from one location. Requires MacOS 8. ...
Drop Drawers Drop Drawers 1.6.6
Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store text, URLs, aliases, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.Information in a drawer can be worked with ...
NameCleaner NameCleaner 2.5.5
NameCleaner is an industrial strength utility for Macintosh to manipulate file names and types. It is specially designed to help move files to and from Windows and Unix, including Boot Camp on Intel Macs. It is very fast, focused on cross platform needs ...
Classic? X Classic? X 2.1
Xgadgets provides a simple visual way to know when and if Classic is running. Stop wasting system resources having classic running in the background when you really don't need it. This handy little utility also provides a fast convenient way to Startup ...
8Tuner 8Tuner 3.5.2
8Tuner is an application that modifies certain resources in your System and Finder to change the appearances and functionality of your Mac OS 8. Since all changes are modified directly in your system software, the changes do not require extra system memory ...
clik'X clik'X 4.0
clik'X is a shortcuts palette that adds unique functionalities and that gathers in-depthinformation on texts, images and documents.The palette also contains the following tools:Show / Hide: grids, guides, invisibles, page layout palette, colors palette ...
PassGenerator PassGenerator 1.1
Generate your passwords in no time with this nice looking password generator. You can decide how many characters you want, and if it should be numbers or letters or why not both? If you want seperators you just have to choose how it should looks like ...
Htdig Package Installer Htdig Package Installer 3.2.0b6.
Package installer for htdig 3.2.0b6. Htdig is a search engine spider/indexer/crawler. It's been around for years and is still one of the best open source search systems available. This package will install htdig onto your Mac OS X system with a default ...

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