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FileStore provides a simple means tobackup data in an easy, regular manner.


Platform Windows 98, Windows, Windows Me, Windows XP
Language English
Author ZeroMassEngine
License Demo Screenshot
Price USD $10.00
File Size 653 KB
Rating None
Date Added 11/11/2012

FileStore provides a simple means tobackup data in an easy, regular manner. This software allows you to schedulebackups to any drive of any information on your system. FileStore handles thebackup and then afterwards, you can view a detailed... more »

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GameOn GameOn v1.00
(FREE) GameOn is an application I developed for use with Neverwinter Nights, though it game be used with any piece of software. It automatically detects when the game starts or ends and posts that a session is available to your webpage (should you have ...
Power Spike - Icewind Dale Power Spike - Icewind Dale 1.25
Icewind Dale character editor. This program was the first in line of programs that I hope to continue as time goes on - the Power Spike game editors. They're intended to be quick and dirty editors that will do most of the things you want to do in a game ...
ListServe Pro ListServe Pro 1.00
ListServe Pro, or LSP was written in order to provide webmasters with an alternate solution to server-based "List-Serve" (Newsletter) facilities. Such services offer website authors the ability to collect and manage email addresses of people ...
Stones of Wisdom Stones of Wisdom 1.00
Gambling oriented casion game; does not require real money! Stones is a simple gambling game derived from a mini-game seen years ago in a Commodore 64 product called Legacy ofthe Ancients! Stones has been revamped and refitted for modern times!Enjoy! ...
LOTA - The Obsidian Disc LOTA - The Obsidian Disc 1.00
LOTA - The Obsidian Disc is what's known as a 'code wheel defeater' for an old C64 computer game, called Legacy of the Ancients ...
The Shredder The Shredder 1.00
BE CAREFUL WITH THIS APPLICATION! It is afile shredder, as the name implies and if used incorrectly, it canpermanently destroy files on your hard drive! I've built in lots of bells andwhistles and warnings, so it should be difficult (to say the least) ...
Power Spike - Baldur's Gate 2 SoA Power Spike - Baldur's Gate 2 SoA 1.00
Baldur's Gate 2 SoA Character Trainer. Power Spike is a quick and dirty editorthat's fairly straight forward to use. While not the best editor for BG2, itsuited my needs nicely ;) (It contains links to other BG2 game edittingresources - just right click ...
ConWave ConWave 1.0
ConWave is a simple wave file player that allows you to listen to hordes of wave files in a convenient manner that the windows Media player does not. As well it provides some simple options such as looping so you can sample an audio file as it's played ...
HeldUp HeldUp 1.0
HeldUp is the easiest way to stop windows from disappearing behind other programs.HWND_TOPMOST is a special Windows setting for positioning a program above all others on your Windows Desktop even when using another program. Every programmer learns about ...
WinDos 1.3 Rev WinDos 1.3 Rev 6
DOS Command Prompt utility for manipulating the DOS environment from Windows.Includes:* Pick-and-point window for setting the current directory.* Open a DOS Command Prompt in the current directory.* Open a Microsoft Explorer window in the current directory ...

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