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FileStrip gives you a colorful toolbar that lets you launch selected applications, documents, folders, or MP3s from anywhere on your computer.


Platform Mac
Author Split Software
License Shareware (Free to Try) Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
File Size 400 KB
Rating None
Date Added 07/03/2013

FileStrip gives you a colorful toolbar that lets you launch selected applications, documents, folders, or MP3s from anywhere on your computer. This toolbar will float in front of all other applications and provides you with menus to access your... more »

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AJoiner AJoiner 2.1.6
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Fidget Menu Fidget Menu 1.5.9
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Duplicate Catcher Duplicate Catcher 1.3.2
Duplicate Catcher is an application to identify & remove files which may be duplicated within a given directory structure. Files can be matched based on name, size, contents, date created, date modified, extension, type or creator and ID3 tags for music ...
X-Namer X X-Namer X 1.0
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Droffett Droffett 1.0.4
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NetBackup NetBackup 2.0
NetBackup can mount and backup from up to (13) networked volumessimultaneously, while keeping an extensive log file. (One within the applicationand one located on the desktop). The desktop log can be commented using any standard text editor. The ability ...
Thunder Dome: Shock Therapy Thunder Dome: Shock Therapy 1.0
Thunder Dome: Shock Therapy is a memory game where you play different memory sequences themes, similar to Simon Says. You have to repeat the specific sequence that is given during each level. ...

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