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File Buddy is a popular and powerful file utility for getting info, finding files, making aliases, freeing your disk of unused files and much more.


Platform Mac
Author SkyTag Software, Inc.
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Date Added 08/02/2013

File Buddy is a popular and powerful file utility for getting info, finding files, making aliases, freeing your disk of unused files and much more. SkyTag Software, makers of File Buddy. SkyTag Software, Inc., is the Software - File Buddy, the... more »

File Utility - Macintosh - File Buddy - SkyTag Software

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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Mac Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Mac 8.0
Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery Software is a quick, simple and secure utility to recover photos, songs, movies, and other multimedia files which are lost due to deletion or formatting of the storage media Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery Software recovers lost, deleted, or formatted photos, videos and audios from Mac hard drives. The software has a new glossy & enhanced user interface which does not require any assistance of an expert or prior training ...
Tri-CATALOG analyzes and catalogues an unlimited number of volumes (external and internal hard disks, remote disks, CDs, DVDs, cartridges, etc.) and folders, and saves the collected information in its data base (list of files and folders, thumbnail for ...
Palantir X Palantir X 1.0
Palantir tries to guess the kind of file you drag and drop on it. Since it doesn't use the name or the HFS attributes of the files to do its job, it is particularly useful to guess the type of a file which have not been correctly named or typed. Palantir ...
Skooby Renamer Skooby Renamer 1.2.5
Skooby Renamer is a utility for renaming files and folders. Because it has its own Finder-style file browser, it can be used independently of the Finder. No need to drag files into the application for renaming - they're in there already.Skooby Renamer ...
TrashMagic TrashMagic 1.1.0
TrashMagic is a protection tool for the Trash contents that allows you to recover data in your Trash can that you emptied. Just launch it and recover your data even days or weeks after emptying the Trash. Protection engine running in background. Automatically ...
FIleNamer FIleNamer 1.6
FileNamer is a very feature rich renamer and more than that, it organizes your files too. Here's some of the features: 16 different filters for selecting files, among them: content, date, file type and creator, length, IPTC, mp3 tags and so on. Unlimited ...
File RoundUp File RoundUp 2.6b12
File RoundUp combines the fastest cataloger and the most powerful search function available, and batch file capabilities to provide the ultimate file utility. File RoundUp is over twice as fast as CDFinder and DiskTrackeron Jaquar, and even faster than ...
File Stitcher MP3 Edition File Stitcher MP3 Edition 2.0.2
File Stitcher is the easiest file merging utility there is. Hands down. Simply drag and drop the files you wish to merge on the application icon and click the "Stitch" button.Don't re-encode your MP3s, File Stitch them together!. iPhone and REALbasic ...
Search File Contents Search File Contents 1.0.1
This software searches through the contents of a file by matching a string. The strings can be a variety of encodings, including ASCII, UTF8 and Unicode. The results are displayed in tabular form showing the paths to the files where a match occured. Search ...
File Sheriff File Sheriff 1.2.1
File Sheriff (formerly known as File Sleuth) allows you to easily generate icon previews, rename your MP3 files based on their ID3 tags, batch-apply file attributes, edit hidden file options, and more.Long past are the days of having to fiddle with type ...
MacDraft Updater MacDraft Updater 5.0.5
MacDraft 5.0.5 Updater fixes the following:Fixed crash when attempting to read a certain corrupted file.Fixed bug which made polygons/polylines cut/copied to the external clipboard lose their dashed attribute and polylines become closed.Fixed crash when ...
Master The Facts Multiplication X Master The Facts Multiplication X 5.0.4
Master the Facts Multiplication is a no-nonsense drill and practice program to aide students in learning multiplication facts. This program was created in response to teachers requesting a "non-game" software tool to use in their classrooms to teach multiplication ...

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