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IMAGE2GO 1.2.2006

Quickly convert, resize, crop, watermark image files (with text) or create fav icons and Mac icons.


Platform Mac
Author Tomoyuki Okawa
License Shareware (Free to Try) Screenshot of Image2Go
Price USD $24.99
File Size 4812 KB
Rating None
Date Added 06/24/2013

Quickly convert, resize, crop, watermark image files (with text) or create fav icons and Mac icons.Image2Go is an easy and quick solution to working on multiple image files. Whether you just want to change graphic formats for 1 image file or 1

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ExportF2Q ExportF2Q 1.0.0
ExportF2Q is a simple and quick solution to converting Flash movies (FLV) into QuickTime videos (MOV), one movie at a time. The video will be compressed with MPEG-4, and the audio track will be compressed with AAC. Please note that ExportF2Q may not ...
iVerify iVerify 1.1.2000
iVerify allows the user to check the credibility of two types of Internet addresses: e-mail addresses and URLs. Although it is impossible for any application to find out whether or not a given e-mail address exists or is in use with certainty, iVerify ...
Shrinkables Shrinkables 1.0.0
Shrinkables is a simple application that will allow the user to shrink (not to enlarge) any number of images to 20 different sizes (or less) of your choice at a time. Simply, drag and drop one or more picture files directly onto the listbox, which serves ...
Audio2Split Audio2Split 1.2.2002
Split various types of audio clips into 2 independent segments.Audio2Split offers an easy and quick solution to splitting audio files into two independent media segments. It supports such audio formats as AC3, AIF, FLAC, MP3, MP4 (.m4a), Ogg V ...
Color2Code Color2Code 1.3.2000
*** 33% off till August 31, 2011...Color2Code gives the user immediate access to information on the color you select. For any applications, it could just be the matter of creating a new document and then selecting a color to see its hexadecima ...
CopyReady CopyReady 2.2.2007
Get easy and quick access to clipboard items.CopyReady offers easy and quick access to information that you need. Whether it's text or graphics, you can access it with just one click of Mouse and copy it into the clipboard. CopyReady is especi ...
CST2Manage CST2Manage 1.3.2005
50% off till May 1, 2011...Manage and organize online customer records.When we first started selling software products online last June, we didn't know a crucial mistake we were making. We had no software application to manage cust ...
DeskPics DeskPics 1.2.2004
DeskPics is a quick and easy solution to taking screenshots on your Mac. Folder shot lets you take snapshots of selected windows. Use Partial shot to take snapshots of partially defined areas on the desktop. Moreover, Quick shot is designed such that ...
Discs2Go Discs2Go 1.2.2008
Create disc images, attach software license, lay a background picture.Discs2Go is a software application that specializes in Mac disc images. Though it's a light-weight application, there are many things you can do with Discs2Go. You can easil ...
ExportW2Q ExportW2Q 1.0.0
ExportW2Q is a simple and quick solution to converting Window Media Video (WMV) movies into QuickTime movies (MOV), one at a time. It's very simple to use. After configuring export settings, simply drag and drop a WMV movie onto the drop box. And ExportW2 ...
Image2Base64 Image2Base64 1.2
Convert images to base64 strings for HTML/CSS embedding.Converts any image into a base64 string with ready-to-use HTML and XML and CSS output.Enjoy it! ...
ImageDiff ImageDiff 1.0.3
This app helps you to find the difference between two images in several ways.- Side by Side: Puts two images horizontally, compare them- Clicker: Shows two images alternately by clicking them- Wipe: Piles two images. By sliding the ...

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