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Imaja Reminder is a full featured calendar system with easy scheduling, recording and management of appointment events, manually and automatically.


Platform Mac
Author Imaja
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Date Added 05/06/2013

Imaja Reminder is a full featured calendar system with easy scheduling, recording and management of appointment events, manually and automatically. Quick access to common functions, navigation and views is provided in the toolbar. A flexible... more »

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Astral Blossom for Mac OS Astral Blossom for Mac OS 2.2
A visually mesmerizing screen saver for Mac OS X available from Imaja, taking you on a journey through a lotus-like kaleidoscope. Beautiful color themes may now be selected by the user from tranquil earth tones to bright and vibrant visual elixirs. The ...
Bliss Saver Bliss Saver 2.3.6.
Bliss Saver includes over 130 interactive screen saver animations. Animations can be triggered with the keyboard, MIDI or sound input. Dazzling forms and colors are generated by Bliss Saver's sophisticated image and color synthesizers. Standard screen ...
ProtoFont ProtoFont 2.2
ProtoFont is a tool for font browsing and specimen sheet printing. Users can view fonts in various sizes, formats, and contexts. Over a dozen different formats of specimen sheets are easily generated and printed, including Multi-font alphabets, Multi-font ...
Bliss Paint Bliss Paint 2.4
Bliss Paint is a tool for creating interactive color animations with a large library of Scribblers, Distributors, a painting sequencer, color synthesizers, brushes, masks, MIDI and sound input, and video output. Animations can be recorded as QuickTime ...
PicScan PicScan 2.1.1
PicScan is an interactive slideshow generator/controller and a thumbnail image browser. Slideshows are presented with an interactive dissolve speed control. Pace and other effects may be controlled from the keyboard. Imaja: video, graphics, art, animation ...
TaskInsight TaskInsight 3.0.3
TaskInsight provides essential task/todo list management functions for productivity and business, including Timeline, List and Detail views, color-coded priorities, labels, several date/time fields, sorting, drag and drop, copy and paste, undo and redo ...
iCal Aid iCal Aid 1.0
iCal Helper is an example of a rapidly prototyped tool to fulfill a specific task using AppleScript Studio. The problem is the lack of scripting support in Word + Entourage Special Edition, which make easy transfer of calendar events from Entourage to ...
OD4Contact QuickPick Plugin OD4Contact QuickPick Plugin 1.0
The OD4Contact QuickPick Plugin gives you the opportunity to backup your data and preferences with just one checkbox.The plugin is free, the OD4Contact software demo is available here. Organize your professional life | Objective Decision. Contactizer ...
PreMinder PreMinder 0.8
PreMinder is an easy to use calendar program. It features monthly, weekly, yearly and custom week views. You can store styled text and small images in your reminders. Other features include import and export of iCal or vCalendar files, the ability to ...
MiniFonts Base! MiniFonts Base! 1.1
MiniFonts Base! is a small, fast database that can be used to store registration codes, other software serial numbers, passwords and even credit card and bank details - because it is highly secure. It uses state of the art encryption technology to keep ...
MacDate MacDate 2.1
MacDate offers functions such as daily notes and a full featured event calendar.Want to know on which weekday you were born? MacDate can even do that. But wait, there is more! Signature and Calendar files allow you to set up your calendar with the holidays ...
ABDialer ABDialer 2.0
ABDialer is a smart software utility to automate the process of dialing phone numbers stored on the Mac OS X Address Book contacts. With a single click, it can dial the phone, avoiding the user to manually type phone numbers. No more misspelled numbers ...
ActionItems ActionItems 2.6.1
ActionItems is a unique information management software application designed to increase the productivity of the busy professional. ActionItems turns notes into actionable items that can be sent and received across a network. Assign items to people and ...
Thinking Rock Thinking Rock 2.0.1
Thinking Rock is a Java-based software application for collecting and processing your thoughts, following the GTD methodology. Thinking Rock allows you to collect your thoughts and process them into actions, projects, information or future possibilities ...
HanDBase Desktop HanDBase Desktop 2.7.5
HanDBase Desktop converts Macintosh text files in CSV ("Comma-Separated Values") format into HanDBase PDB files. CSV is a standard format used by many applications (databases, spreadsheets, PIMs and organizers, and others) for data interchange in text ...
SpeeDex SpeeDex 1.1.2
SpeeDexcan store contacts with notes, serial numbers for your computers or software, home inventory with descriptions and pictures, recipes, to do lists, or just about anything. ...
Valentina (68K) Valentina (68K) 1.8.9r5
Valentina is a database engine that supports AppleScript. It is designed to make database operations 100 to 1,000 times faster than other database engines available for the MacOS. It allows you to create, modify, search ,sort, and work with multiple databases ...
FindFile OSAX FindFile OSAX 1.3
The FindFile OSAX is a scripting addition offering a collection of functions that allow you to gather lists of files and folders starting at any location on any drive connected to your Macintosh, including items in subfolders, no matter how deep. FindFile ...

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