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JOE ERGO 1.0.0

Why not feel better and increase your productivity at the same time?


Platform Mac
Author True Blue Apps
License Shareware (Free to Try) Screenshot
Price USD $1.99
File Size 2969 KB
Rating None
Date Added 07/10/2013

Why not feel better and increase your productivity at the same time? Sitting at a computer focusing on the work you are doing can take a toll on your body.It is amazing how much better you will feel and clearly you will think if you take a bre

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Behind You Behind You 1.0.0
Want to see who is coming up behind you? Have a web cam and need to monitor an area you can't quite see from your desk? Behind You is the app for you.This simple and easy to use app uses your built in camera or an external web cam. The image w ...
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EE Tool Kit EE Tool Kit 1.4
EE Tool Kit contains circuit solvers, references and tutorials, and example schematics all in one easy to use app. All solutions are found using standard component values (ones you can buy) and optimized to provide the best solution for the standard value ...
Home Watch Home Watch 1.0.0
Need to keep an eye on whats going on? Want to know if the kids made it home or what the babysitter is up to? Would you like to snap a picture of the intruder that is stealing you computer? Home Watch is for you.Home Watch works in two ways. I ...
Kitchen Sidekick Kitchen Sidekick 1.0
This handy cook’s helper works in two ways. It will either size recipes (say you have a recipe for 6 but need to serve two) or convert measures from one set of units to another. It will work across different sets of units converting from and to US, ...
Pakhus Pakhus 1.0
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Who's Looking Who's Looking 1.1.2000
Would you like to know who was on your Mac when you were not looking? Who's Looking can help. Unlike other apps that only snap a picture when your computer wakes up, Who's looking works in two ways.First, Who's Looking continuously snaps and s ...
ClickPlot ClickPlot 1.0.0
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JMovies JMovies 1.0
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Joe Versus Joe Versus 1.0
Joe Versus is a unique 3D action puzzler! Joe and his crew have been taken hostage by a highly intelligent alien. The alien challenges the crew to a game of wits to save the galaxy from total destruction! Navigate your character through a fast ...

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