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Killer App Launcher gives you a fast and elegant alternative to the Dock or the Finder for launching your everyday applications.


Platform Mac , OS, X, 10.5,
Author PressureMedia
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
File Size 895 KB
Rating None
Date Added 08/19/2013

Killer App Launcher gives you a fast and elegant alternative to the Dock or the Finder for launching your everyday applications. Just choose the apps you use the most, and then put them in any order you want. What you get are huge icons to click... more »

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JCola JCola 01.beta
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Time Map Time Map 1.0
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Active Page Item Runtime Active Page Item Runtime 1.0.44
Most of Rorohiko's plug-ins rely on this runtime plug-in to be installed.What's new in this version:- Beg window can bow be dismissed with the Return key- New opcodes added to app.callExtension(0x90B6C,opcode,...): kOpCode_RunScriptInEngine = 10007, kOpCode_GetDocGUID ...

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