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LoginWallet keeps track of your user name and passwords for all those websites and applications you use.


Platform Mac
Author Christopher Foster
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
Rating None
Date Added 07/22/2013

LoginWallet keeps track of your user name and passwords for all those websites and applications you use. It conveniently sits up in your menu bar for quick access when its needed. A simple pull down to select what information you want and in... more »

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iChatAnalyzer iChatAnalyzer 0.3.7b
iChatAnalyzer is a MacOS X application for iChat users. What iChatAnalzyer does is analyze your chatting trends with all your buddies. It allows you to graphically see how often to talk to a certain buddy (or buddies). By doing so you can tell who isn't ...
DisApPeAr DisApPeAr 0.2
DisApPeAr has been totally remade in Cocoa. It now features things such as multiple accounts so you can have multiple lists of file, supports drag and drop so you can just drag a file right onto the list it is much more reliable and includes a recover ...
MacMaid MacMaid 2.1.1
Not all of us clean up after ourselves, sometimes we leave downloaded files laying on our desktop for weeks and never get around to moving them. MacMaid lets you easily clean your desktop by specifying what you want it to do with certain files. With miniature ...
Daktari Daktari 1.3
Daktari brings the library metaphor to browsing and editing files for web sites. Folders of web pages become projects when added to Daktari's library. Daktari's library browser opens web pages for source viewing and editing. Text is colorized to simplify ...
IndexFinger IndexFinger 1.1.5
IndexFinger is a bare-bones program with one simple function: creating an index of every web page in a folder on your hard drive. It takes the amazingly boring task of finding every html page in every folder and sub-folder and creating one page which ...
Montage Librarian Pro Montage Librarian Pro 1.0
Montage Librarian Pro combines powerful text indexing and searching together with quick document viewing in one easy-to-use package. You simply tell it what documents you want to search and where you want to search for them - be it locally or on a network ...
Filename Corrector Filename Corrector 1.0.3
Filename Corrector helps auto rename files on your Mac so that you can use them on the Windows operating system. It removes all illegal characters and file extensionsEven if your files are already on a Windows Server, switching from AFP to SMP protocol ...
x-friend x-friend 0.2.1
x-friend is your search engine for desktop searches at no charge.x-friend's search functionality includes full text search and meta data search. Search results will be displayed within seconds and can be categorized by file type, date, size etc.Additionally ...
FolderLister FolderLister 1.01
FolderLister - Ever wanted to print or email a directory listing of a certain folder in plain text format in Mac OS X? Yeah you can do it from the terminal but that's not what an ordinary Aqua user wants.With FolderLister for Mac OSX you can drag any ...
phpPackageScan phpPackageScan 1.2
phpPackageScan should be very useful for almost any PHP developer out there that works on a plugin, module, extension or addon of a large PHP web application or anyone that wants to document a php project.Now what is it exactly? Basically the app scans ...
WinShortcutter WinShortcutter 2.2
WinShortcutter is a collection of small and usefull utilities that are primarily focused at people working in a windows dominant office environment with a weak Mac support.Windows Domain Passwords can be switched using the WinShortcutter System Preferences ...
Economix Economix 2.5
Economix is a personal finance management application inspired by the Gestion Hypercard Pile written a few years ago. It is created with two things in mind: to know the progressive balance of the account, and to define my own categories of expenditures ...
Album Daemon Album Daemon 1.0
Album Daemon is a small little daemon that runs in the background and updates your iChat buddy icon to the current album artwork in iTunes. Currently it requires the album artwork to already be in iTunes. If you want to add artwork to iTunes without having ...

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