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Protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access.


Platform Windows 98
Language English, French, German
Author Paragon Software Group
License Shareware (Free to Try) Screenshot of Paragon Encrypted Disk Personal
Price USD $29.95
File Size 1526 KB
Rating None
Date Added 02/10/2005
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Protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access. No matter what is your particular needs, protecting your data on computer, sharing one computer between several persons or secured transfer of data to friend, co-worker or... more »

Security - Save - Reliability - File Management - Disk Encription - Triple Pass

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Paragon Drive Backup 6.0 Personal Version Paragon Drive Backup 6.0 Personal Version 6.0
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Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 6.5
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Works with many CD-apps and allows CD image access for many users simultaneously CD-ROM Emulator is a very helpful utility designed for creating and managing virtual CD drives and CD/DVD discs. These virtual CD drives are much quicker, more reliable and convenient than physical ones. They work with hard disk performance that is ten ...
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2008
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JustBoot Disk Backuper JustBoot Disk Backuper 7.0
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File Encryption - AthTek File Master File Encryption - AthTek File Master 2.0
AthTek File Master is both file management and file encryption software rather than a simple file manager. After installation, press F1 to read the Help File to learn how to use it. AthTek File Master resaves your important files in a protected database ...
Cryptainer PE Encryption Software Cryptainer PE Encryption Software 7.2.3
Encrypt Any Data, Any PC, Any Media using Cypherix Cryptainer PE File, Folder and Disk Encryption Software. Simple, easy to use encryption application that creates encrypted "vaults". One can store any kind of data in them. Cryptainer PE allows you to ...
Secret Data Manager Secret Data Manager 3.1.10
Secret Data Manager is a great tool for computer users to keep their private files in encrypted status. Anyone who is looking for a powerful and convenient software to protect data from being read, or even stole should try this Windows Explorer style ...
R-Crypto Disk Security R-Crypto Disk Security 1.4
Disk encryption software for data security, privacy and protection. R-Crypto is an easy-to-use disk encryption software to protect confidential information and personal data on a desktop, notebook, or a removable data storage device against unauthorized access. R-Crypto creates virtual disks (virtual data storage devices) ...
Advanced File Security Basic Advanced File Security Basic 3.1.2007
Advanced File Security Basic (AFS) securely and reliably protects any type of data against unauthorized access. Therefore it's using the world-wide standardized, fast and very safe encryption algorithm - AES. Easy and simple user interface with context ...
Mutilate File Wiper Mutilate File Wiper 2.92
Permanently delete sensitive files / Shred disk free space Normal File Deletion is NOT secure. Deleting files merely removes the file system's pointer to the file, ALL THE DATA REMAINS ON YOUR HARD DRIVE. The remaining data can be easily recovered with data recovery or forensic software. Your sensitive files ...
EASEUS Data Security Wizard EASEUS Data Security Wizard 2.0
Powerful data encryption/decryption and data wipe software for hard disk. Data Security Wizard is an easy to use data security program, which is able to encrypt your personal files and sensitive data quickly, easily and securely. In addition to encryption, Data Security Wizard still is a reliable and ultra-fast shredders that ...
File Shredder 2000 File Shredder 2000 4.1
Completely remove sensitive files from your disk drives. File Shredder is a small utility that will completely erase the contents of sensitive files and folders that you specify. Normal file deletion only removes a file's directory entry, but leaves the data contained in the file on your disk drive. File Shredder ...
Folder Security Software Folder Security Software 1.5
Download Free Folder Security Software. Get Folder Security software and your files and folders in Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98, NT, ME. Here you can download the one of the advanced Folder Security software that protects your data from unwanted and unauthorised ...
File Lock File Lock 7.1
Lock and hide your files, folders and drives to deny access, remove, deletion. File Lock is a secure software that can lock and/or hide your files, folders and drives. It can prevent access to any of your files, folders or drives. File Lock also supports to hide files and folders, to make them complete invisible. The locked items ...
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Calculates debt repayment period and interest assuming weekly interest ...
JiveLint JiveLint 1.22
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