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Perfect Pitch is a powerful and diverse tuner application.


Platform Mac
Author Line of Sight Software
License Freeware Screenshot
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Date Added 04/27/2013

Perfect Pitch is a powerful and diverse tuner application. It is simple enough for the casual instrumentalist to use, yet contains advanced features for tuning based on harmonic series, quarter tones, and any other even division of the octave.... more »

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Perfect Tone Perfect Tone 1.0.1
Perfect Tone is an advanced tone generator, allowing the creation and simultaneous sounding of up to 64 waveforms. Created specifically for OS X using Objective-C and Cocoa, in order to provide an interface that is comfortable for any Mac user. Line of ...
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Piano Tuner is a 12-note chromatic scale strobe tuner and partial analyzer application that utilizes sound input devices such as built-in microphone, line in, and iSight.Strobe tuners are extremely accurate compare to regular tuners with a needle or LEDs ...
ScalePhobia ScalePhobia 1.5
ScalePhobia is designed to help you learn to recognize scales/modes when you hear them.In ScalePhobia, you will see/hear most of the scales/modes from the major scale to the Locrian mode.Scale/Mode Tonic: C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, ...
InversionPhobia InversionPhobia 1.5
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IntervalPhobia IntervalPhobia 1.5
IntervalPhobia helps you learn to recognize intervals by ear.In IntervalPhobia, you will see/hear most of the intervals from pefect unison to perfect fifteenth.Interval Roots: C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb, and BIntervals: PU, m2 ...
RadioRemora is a helper application to do some clean-up and enhance audio files created with the RadioSHARK by Griffin Technologies, using the features of iTunes on Macintosh OS X. RadioRemora deletes files as part of its operation (it cleans up after ...
Griffin iTrip Griffin iTrip 2.0
Software for installing all available radio frequencies into iTunes for Mac OS X. This install is not necessary if your iTrip is installed and currently working properly. Griffin Technology: Your Leader in iPod Essentials. Connect to play. Griffin Technology ...
iCDc iCDc 5.1b4
iCDc is an Audio CD cataloguing tool for Mac OS X. With iCDc you can view and edit the title and artist information about Audio CDs that is stored by iTunes in the CD Info.cidb file in the Preferences folder. It is also possible to export the list to ...
FastPitch FastPitch 1.0
FastPitch is an auto tuner for Mac OS X. Play or sing a tone and FastPitch will tell you what musical note it is and whether that note is in tune or not. FastPitch is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3 (Jaguar and Panther). bulk flower seeds lee hotels ...
HiRate HiRate 1.0
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M-Audio FireWire 410 M-Audio FireWire 410 1.8.2
Replaces earlier drivers for the M-Audio Firewire 410 Recording Interface...This driver supports Pro Tools M-Powered 7.1.1 for Mac Intel Computers running Mac OS 10.4.6. M-AUDIO. M-Audio (formerly Midiman) is a leading provider of digital audio and MIDI ...
SimCity 4 Landmarks SimCity 4 Landmarks 1.0
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