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SIDekick is a Cocoa based Commodore 64 SID emulator.


Platform Mac
Author Fruitz Of Dojo
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
Rating None
Date Added 07/21/2013

SIDekick is a Cocoa based Commodore 64 SID emulator. It takes full advantage of MacOS X and allows you to playback Commodore 64 SID tunes. Features include:Filter Editor.Mixer panel.Multithreaded export as AIFF and WAV samples.Playlist panel.SID... more »

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Super SIDekick Super SIDekick 1.0.1
Super SIDekick is a music demo featuring eleven audio tracks with a total play length of 41:14 minutes, performed by Ramone and OpenGL visuals by awe. Just lay back and enjoy. A MacOS X version is available upon request. Please read the Read Me for details ...
Quake II X Quake II X 1.1
Quake II is the popular first-person shoot-em-up game that has been ported to MacOS X. The download includes the software and OpenGL renderer plug-ins. The source code is available. .: fRuitz oF doJo :. the WWW-outpost of the Fruitz of Dojo (FOD) crew ...
Plasma Tunnel Saver Plasma Tunnel Saver 1.2.2003
The effect you are about to see was first meant to be the last part of our upcoming demo, but we decided to pull it apart, since it doesn t match the style of the demo anymore. Beside of this it was the result of a boring, rainy sunday here in germany ...
TenebraeQuake TenebraeQuake 1.0.4
TenebraeQuake is an enhanced Quake client with more advanced graphic algorithms like stencil shadows and bump-mapping. It is much more hardware-demanding than the original Quake. .: fRuitz oF doJo :. the WWW-outpost of the Fruitz of Dojo (FOD) crew. Fruitz ...
Special Move Special Move 1.1
Special Move is a drag'n'drop application that let's you enable or disable the auto-extraction feature of disc-images (".dmg" files) that was silently introduced with Mac OS X v10.2. About "auto-extraction": If you enable auto-extraction ...
WoW Status WoW Status 1.5.1
WoW Status is a menubar item that alerts you the status of friends playing World of Warcraft and of all of the World of Warcraft servers. mc hot software. A Mac OS X shareware company dedicated to providing excellent shareware to fill the Mac app landscape ...
Arena Control Arena Control 1.0.7
Arena Control is a Server Management application for the Mac OS X version of the Quake3 game. Arena Control is a Mac OS X native application, developed in Cocoa.Arena Control automates and simplifies several common tasks for the Mac Quake3 Server Administrator:Server ...
Ferazels Wand X Launcher for OSX Ferazels Wand X Launcher for OSX 1.0.1
Ever played a round of Ferazel's Wand in Mac OS X and noticed afterwards that it resized or moved around your Mail, Project Builder and other open windows? This bothered me somewhat, so the "Ferazel's Wand X Launcher" application (aka. "FW ...
DN Map Loader DN Map Loader 1.2.1
DN Map Loader lets you easily use third party maps and total conversions with the OS X version of Duke Nukem 3D, including Duke It Out In DC. Features Include: Multi-player games across your local area network (WAN not tested). Set difficulty level in ...
Neko Project II Neko Project II 0.83
Neko Project II is a an emulator of the NEC PC-9801 series of computers, which enjoyed some popularity in Japan. ...
Sudoku Fun Sudoku Fun 1.2
With the advent of the new Dashboard in the Macintosh operating system OS/X Tiger we thought it would be fun to write a Sudoku Widget for our desktop.The Sudoku Fun Widget is the result. Sudoku Fun - Online Sudoku Puzzle Speed Challenge. ...
Banana Warehouse Banana Warehouse 4.0
Banana Warehouse is a Dashboard widget game where the goal is to push all of the yellow crates of bananas into the yellow area of the warehouse, and all the green crates of bananas to the green area using a forklift within the time limit. Be careful not ...
WolfLink WolfLink 1.0
WolfLink allows you to keep all of your favorite Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers at the tip of your fingers. Just choose a server and hit enter. WolfLink launches the game and automatically connects you to your chosen server. MacUpdate: Download ...
GSC United Offensive GSC United Offensive 1.0
GSC United Offensive (Game server configulator) can set up and run a (dedicated or not) multiplayer server for Call of Duty: United Offensive. Over 40 options can be set, amongst which weapons, kill cam, game type and map rotation. The GSC offers a way ...
GSC Spearhead GSC Spearhead 2.0
GSC Spearhead (Game Server Configulator) can set up and run a server for Medal of Honor:Spearhead. You can use over 30 configurable options that aren't available in the game menu itself. Apart from that, you are enabled to save several different configurations ...
OpenMac OpenMac 2.0.2
OpenMac is an easy to use client for connecting to the OpenMac chat room. OpenMac is a friendly chat room where you can get help with your Mac and chat with fellow Mac users. . ...
DockStock DockStock 1.0.1
DockStock allows you to view stock quotes in your Mac OS X Dock. . ...

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