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Want wireless surf more Quickly? no problem,just download Surf Speeduper 200%! It can real speed up you browser download speed 200% or higher.Surf Speeduper 200% is a easy software,Just install it ,you will real experience speed up 200%!


Platform Windows 98, Windows, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Author Wireless Speed Up Research Room
License Demo Screenshot
Price USD $48.20
File Size 140 KB
Rating None
Date Added 01/30/2009

Want wireless surf more Quickly? no problem,just download Surf Speeduper 200%! It can real speed up you browser download speed 200% or higher.Surf Speeduper 200% is a easy software,Just install it ,you will real experience speed up 200%!The way we... more »

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Speednet Speednet 4.0
Traditional Speed Up - SpeedNet 4.0 still offers superb connection speed increases. By fine-tuning your system settings, SpeedNet can increase your connection speed by up to 600%. Using the traditional speed up is fast, and easy. Simply select your operating ...
TweakDUN TweakDUN 2.23.131
TweakDUN helps you speed up your Web browsing by implementing the MaxMTU Registry Fix, Windows Hosts file utility, and other speed tweaks.TweakDUN helps to improve your dial-up connection throughput by letting you easily adjust the Windows 95 MTU, or ...
EasyMTU EasyMTU 3.0
EasyMTU helps speed up your Internet connection by optimizing your TCP/IP settings.Windows has default settings for TCP/IP that may be optimal for a networked PC, but not for a standalone one connected to the Internet with a modem. EasyMTU lets you quickly ...
Firefox Booster Firefox Booster 1.1.2
Speed up your Firefox browser easily. Firefox Booster will accelerate your Mozilla Firefox browser. How to use pretty easy, you simply select one of three types of connections you use (Fast, Medium, Slow), which is symbolized by the image the car, and ...
AdsCleaner AdsCleaner 4.3.16
AdsCleaner is a perfect ad stopper, pop up blocker and online privacy tool AdsCleaner a perfect ad stopper and pop up blocker. Block ads and clear all tracks of your online activities. In addition to the possibility of blocking ads by URL-masks included into black list AdsCleaner has obtained the ability to block banners, which ...
DNTools DNTools 2.0
DNTools is an excellent set of connection tune-up tools for anyone who uses a modem to access the Internet.DNTools helps you improve your transfer rate by optimizing several Windows Registry settings that can have an impact on connection speed. These ...
Hitware Companion Hitware Companion 3
Hitware Companion is robust all in one privacy software solution. Providing tracks eraser, popup blocker, and windows hotkey. Hitware Companion helps protect your privacy by totally erasing your browser, windows and applications traces from your computer ...
SpeedConnect SpeedConnect 4.0
SpeedConnect is an Internet accelerator utility designed to optimize your dial-up Internet connection by changing certain settings in your Windows Registry.To increase your modem's throughput, SpeedConnect strives to reduce data transfer fragmentation ...
Protection Toolbar Protection Toolbar 1.2
Popup Blocker, Privacy Protection, Translation, Magnification, Search Bar, more Popup Blocker: Blocks almost any type of popup advertisement before it pops up. Also has the ability to add and remove sites to and from an "OK" list. The sites listed in the "OK" list will be allowed to display popups when the Popup Blocker is turned ...
PopStumbler PopStumbler 1.0
StumbleUpon Stumbler's Timesaver Floating Toolbar. Just Click. It's Stumbled! Quickly browse, review, and share great StumbleUpon sites with this floating toolbar making tiresome & lengthy cursor movements unnecessary. Speed up your exciting StumbleUpon exploring with this Popup-at-Pointer toolbar. Essential functions - Stumble ...
Kaina Digger Kaina Digger 1.0
A full featured web browser with some networking tools, excellent popup blocker, connection booster, accelerator and memory optimizer that will not let you miss any important links. ...
ThereIWas - Intelligent Favorites Toolbar ThereIWas - Intelligent Favorites Toolbar 1.2
Intelligent automatic short term favorites/history toolbat for internet explorer. ThereIWas will give you a list of the web site and pages you are currently visiting frequently, allowing you to quickly return to forum threads for example, without needing ...

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