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About The MorgueFrom the Dracula s fangs to the old traditional Jack o Lantern, this set of macabre icons will make your Halloween all the more spooky and exciting!


Platform Mac , OS, X, 10.1,
Author Stick Software
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
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Date Added 07/24/2013

About The MorgueFrom the Dracula s fangs to the old traditional Jack o Lantern, this set of macabre icons will make your Halloween all the more spooky and exciting! . widgetwidget - The Best Icons for Mac OS X Aqua + Xp Icons!. The best freeware... more »

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Fracture for Mac OS Fracture for Mac OS 1.5
A screensaver that draws fractal images. These are images created from mathematical formulas, and are often very beautiful. It can draw a variety of types of fractals, and is very configurable. Its multiprocessor- and multimonitor-aware, so its a great ...
Constrictor for Mac OS Constrictor for Mac OS 3.1
A screenshot utility for OS X. A positionable frame lets you grab the right area every time; then apply scaling and border effects, and save in a variety of formats or copy to the clipboard. It can tag its screenshots for easy Spotlight availability, ...
Jiggler for Mac OS Jiggler for Mac OS 1.4
A little freeware utility that jiggles your mouse periodically, preventing sleep and screensavers from interrupting the jobs your computer is doing. No more having to change your sleep and screensaver delays back and forth in System Preferences -  ...
Aquatint Aquatint 1.1
About AquatintAquatint gives you the ability to make glossy, "liquid" icons, buttons and logos more easily than you ever imagined possible. Just make a black and white silhouette, or "stencil", of your desired image, and Aquatint will ...
Measles Measles 2.2
About MeaslesMeasles provides you with little bouncy spheres on your desktop which are fun and colorful. They can be configured to act as CPU monitors, changing color according to how busy your machine is, or they can use a wide variety of color schemes ...
Trisection Trisection 1.2
About TrisectionTrisection is a Tetris-style fast-action puzzle game. It uses a triangular grid and pieces, and you make points by matching the colors of the falling pieces to the triangles already present. It has great soundtrack music, beautiful background ...
PhotoReviewer PhotoReviewer 1.4
About PhotoReviewerA photo management app that helps you to sort through your incoming photos, whether from your digital camera (including raw images!), your scanner, or your internet connection. Quickly view your photos and choose which ones are "keepers" ...
Solarian II Solarian II 1.1
About Solarian IIA classic Mac video game: one of the first color games available for the color Macs that came out in 1988, and the winner of countless awards and accolades. It did not run under Classic on OS X, and so it was no longer possible to play ...
Anodized Anodized 1.0
About AnodizedA smart set of 10 Aqualicious icons, containing the latest 30G iPods, the entire range of PowerBooks, and the super cool iSight! . widgetwidget - The Best Icons for Mac OS X Aqua + Xp Icons!. The best freeware OS X Aqua & Windows Xp icons ...
3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver 3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver 1.5
3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver Watch as your monitor fills with water and real 3D fish begin to swim around the screen you were just working on!Features:Real time 3D fish that don't just swim back and forth, but towards you and away from you, up and ...
Osirus Osirus 1.1.5
Osirus generates hypnotic circular patterns, which randomly forms various disc shaped imagery. Controls are provided for different color schemes, the speed, transparency, refresh rate, line thickness, motion, fade, and full screen options.WHAT'S NEWVersion ...
AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Mac AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Mac 2.2.0
AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a versatile utility for helping users in creating screenshots with flexible capture modes. It also lets you recording screen activity along with the computer sound. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is specially designed for people to capture their screen for sharing with others or preserving on your computer. It has intuitive interface for Mac users, you can quickly go through the screen capture at first glance. There're ...
Rorschach screen saver Rorschach screen saver 2.0
Draws colourful inkblot patterns on your screen. A native Cocoa port of the xscreensaver ( module of the same name, originally by Jamie Zawinski.What's new in this version:Version 2.0 is now a Universal binary for Mac OS ...
Assimilator Assimilator 1.2
Assimilator is a Mac OS X screen saver that runs other screen savers of your choice on the faces of a bouncing and rotating cube. It's a excellent way to keep your G5 busy. Source code included.What's new in this version:- Added support for Quartz Composer ...
SaverDesktop SaverDesktop 1.0
Some, but not all, people know that Mac OS X has the ability to run screen savers on the user's desktop although it's not a publicized or particularly supported behavior. It also has some quirks. I created SaverDesktop as an adjunct to a screen saver ...
Hyperon Hyperon 1.2.1
Hyperon is a very simple but great fun and impressive utility that allows you to animate your desktop by replacing your current desktop picture with a Flash or Qucktime media file, or with your chosen screen saver. Please note that Hyperon IS compatible ...
TimeDiscSaver TimeDiscSaver 0.1.1
This is the screen saver version of the TimeDisc desktop clock. Aside from all those options you already know from TimeDisc, you can select a background picture or display the clock above your desktop. TimeDiscSaver is able to automatically choose clock ...
LifeSavers LifeSavers 1.1
LifeSaver is an OS X screensaver that simulates Conway's game of life on screen. The starting configurations for the cells are randomly selected from predetermined configurations, and from randomly generated configurations.MandelSaver is an OS X screensaver ...
Snowmen Icons Snowmen Icons 1.0
About Snowmen IconsA great set of 12 fun freeware icons for your OSX desktop. Get in the winter mood with snowmen! . Apple .Mac. ...
Big Halloween Icons Big Halloween Icons 1
About Big Halloween IconsThe result of our sketching session and extensive conversations with 5 and 6 yr olds about scary things. Hope you enjoy them. ...

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