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REALbasic WindowSplitter plugin control to create split view in forms.


Platform Mac
Author Einhugur Software
License Demo Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
Rating None
Date Added 06/06/2013

REALbasic WindowSplitter plugin control to create split view in forms. Has REALbasic style splitters, native MacOS X and Linux splitters, Outlook style splitters and ability to custom render splitters. Can compile for MacOS Classic, MacOS X,... more »

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GammaLib GammaLib 3.1
GammaLib is a REALbasic plugin to control the monitors gamma tables. Einhugur Software. ...
CalendarControl CalendarControl 4.1.2
CalendarControl displays a calendar that can set the date settings under Mac OS X. It is displayed according to control panel date settings. Einhugur Software. ...
CoreClasses CoreClasses 4.8
The CoreClasses plugin consist of data structures that are implemented to support current and future plugins internally. (Those structures can of course also be used directly in REALbasic). The array of classes are highly optimized for speed. They have ...
DateControl DateControl 3.5.5
DateControl is a REALbasic control plugin to create a Date-picker. The Control is displayed according to control panel date settings, or in exclusive mm.dd.yyyy, exclusive or exclusive SQL format mode. "NULL" dates or what some would call no ...
ResourceStream ResourceStream 3.5
The ResourceStream is a REALbasic plugin class to stream file resource forks. Einhugur Software. ...
QuickDrawLib QuickDrawLib 3.8
QuickDrawLib is a REALbasic plugin to make QuickDraw toolbox commands easy to use in REALbasic. Einhugur Software. ...
EngineManager EngineManager 3.0
A REALbasic plugin to dynamically load external encryption engines. Flexible plugin driven crypto engine plugin for REALbasic (REALbasic plugin that launches Cipher and Hash plugins). Multiplatform (PPC, Carbon and x86). Supporting all platforms is very ...
Eventlib Eventlib 4.0
Eventlib is a REALbasic plugin to access some event manager related functions such as for example mouse location set/get, optain double click timing and more.Many functions of this plugin are supported on Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X PPC, Mac OS X x86, Windows ...
iSVN iSVN 0.9.5a4
iSVN is a Subversion client for Mac OS X. (Please note that this is not feature complete software, as it is still in beta.). Einhugur Software. ...
TimeControl TimeControl 4.1
TimeControl, like its sister control (DateControl), is a platform native time control plugin for REALbasic. The control is displayed according to control panel time settings on all target platforms. ...
Monkeybread REALbasic plugin Monkeybread REALbasic plugin 9.0
The MBS plug-in comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the REALbasic development environment with over 1000 classes featuring over 22000 documented functions. If you buy a license, you will get free updates for one year. Rainer Brockerhoff ...
24U SimpleSound Plug-In 24U SimpleSound Plug-In 3.0
24U SimpleSound Plug-In enhances your FileMaker Pro solutions by allowing you to record and play your custom sound effects, spoken instructions, background music and other audio. It doesn't mater which operating system your clients use. You can play any ...
24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In 1.0.1
About 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-InA sample FileMaker Plug-In project based on 24U FM Template. Its purpose is to highlight text and rectangular areas with a user-defined color. 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In was created thanks to the collaboration of 24U ...
WASTEfield Plug-in WASTEfield Plug-in 2.0.7
WASTEfield is an enhanced plug-in replacement for REALbasic's editfield control, using Marco Piovanelli's WASTE 2.0b3 text engine. Now compatible with OS X.The plugin is open source and there are no restrictions on its use. . ...
Troi Encryptor plugin Troi Encryptor plugin 2.0.1
Troi Encryptor Plug-in is the successor to Troi Coding Plug-in. This plug-in adds encryption and encoding functions to FileMaker Pro 7.With Troi Encryptor Plug-in you can make sure information can only be read by the persons you want. With it you can ...
Archive Toolbox Archive Toolbox 2.0.1
About Archive ToolboxA FileMaker Pro plug-in that enables users to create and expand archive files within FileMaker Pro solutions. Archive Toolbox supports the creation and expansion of two popular archive file formats: StuffIt (.sit) and Zip (.zip).Archive ...
24U Commenter 24U Commenter 1.0
24U Commenter is a COM plug-in for Metrowerks CodeWarrior. It allows you to comment out or uncomment the current selections much faster. It adds "Un/Comment Selection" as a new menu item to the Edit Menu. You can also assign a shortcut to this command ...
FFT_Plugin FFT_Plugin 3.2
FFT_Plugin is a REALBasic plugin designed to do direct and inverse Fast Fourier Transform. Windowing included with rectangular, triangular, Haming, Hanning, Welch, Blackman. compatible MacOS Classic (PPC,68k), MacOSX. Include FFT 2D.What's new in this ...
24U SimpleFile 24U SimpleFile 1.0.2
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Make Invisible Make Invisible 2.1
Drop your Mac OS X application (PEF format only) on the application or main window and a new resource file is created with a modified plst resource. Now drop this resource file into your REALbasic project and compile it. The new compiled application is ...
Haxial Calculator Haxial Calculator 1.2
Haxial Calculator is an advanced calculator that can evaluate complex expressions to practically any level of accuracy that you desire. With Haxial Calculator, instead of tediously clicking on little buttons, you can freely type a formula using the keyboard ...
Overset Manager Overset Manager 5.1
Overset Manager for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy gives you complete control over text length and text overset, enabling you to count, display, edit and print overset text.Overset Manager calculates text length by number of characters and number of ...

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