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This software will make it up to 200% easier To Improve Your Vocabulary!


Platform Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Language English
Author MechanicWords
License Shareware (Free to Try) Screenshot of Word List Expert
Price USD $14.95
File Size 817 KB
Date Added 08/16/2011
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Advanced Tool to create a word list from any given body of text and translate or look for unknow words at on line dictionary. Language learning Tool. Easy software to improve your vocabulary or learn a foreign language faster. Letter frequency and... more »

Vocabulary - English - Language - Word List - Word Frequency - Word Frequency Counter - Characters Counter - Letter Counter

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MSNexperts MSNexperts 1.0.1
Three amazing Tools for MSN experts: .1 Nickname Maker. 2. Tool to test the famous theory of the Cambridge Universidad:"Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are" 3. Da vinci's ...
RankWords RankWords 2.0.4
Handy tool to lists all used words in any text and rank according to frequency. Word frequency counter.Simple but amazing tool.Discover what words you over use.Ideal for writers.Study political discuss. Bible study aid. Indispensable tool to the web designer ...
Word List Maker Word List Maker 1
Create word lists from web sites on the fly. Sort lists by word frequency to immediately discover which words are most common. This is a great tool for making vocabulary lists for children to learn and thereby increase their reading abilities. Use this ...
Word Sorter Word Sorter 1
Choose any size text file, and get a list of each case of every word used in the text. You can choose to get the list alphabetically, or by frequency of how many times each word is used in the text. Word Sorter is a handy little tool that enables the user to extract a word list from any given text. The list can be extracted alphabetically, showing each case of the word found in the text, or by word frequency, beginning with the least, and ending ...
French Word Puzzles French Word Puzzles 1.1
Learn French vocabulary using games and puzzles. French Word Puzzles includes over 2500 French words and expressions, divided into 75 categories and sub-categories for easy learning. Create unlimited fill in tests, crossword puzzles, word search puzzles ...
Concordance Concordance 3.3
Concordance is a flexible text analysis program which lets you gain better insight into e-texts and analyse language objectively and in depth. Its lets you count words, make word lists, word frequency lists, and indexes. It has widespread applications ...
Learn Chinese 2003 Learn Chinese 2003 4.02
Learn Chinese 2003 v4.0 is officially launched, Try it for free !The Number One Multimedia Solution features :- A full-features character writing database : see character writing animation, practice writing hanzi, the program will evaluate the quality ...
Improve Your English Pro Improve Your English Pro 1.9
Improve Your English, reading, listening, rss reader, text to mp3,dictionary,tts News Ticker: aloud news from VOA, Yahoo and BBC with text to speech. RSS news reader: Built your favorites RSS feeds. it has text to speech and podcast player. a real RSS reader. organize your feeds with feeds organizer. Special web browser: Like ...
Word Patterns Word Patterns 1
Word Patterns allows you to search for patterns in text. The following is only a few examples of what you can do. Create word lists from text files. Select the 'Single Words' option and Word Patterns will list each unique word from the text file of your ...
Word Sudoku to Learn Chinese Word Sudoku to Learn Chinese 3.0
Print, play and solve word sudoku to learn Chinese.You can create your own word list and print it to your students.A fun and effective way to reinforce Chinese vocabulary.Available to submit self-defined Chinese characters to the Internet, and share with ...
Russian Word Learning Software Russian Word Learning Software 1.3
Russian Word Learning. You can learn Russian through example sentences. Our aim is to help English speaking people learn Russian, and help Russians learn English. The Russian Word Teaching Program gives you the opportunity to learn Russian in your half-active time while doing your daily routines e.g. certain kinds of trainings ...
Word Worm Word Worm 2.0
A word puzzle where you navigate a maze, forming adjacent letters in words. A challenging word puzzle where you navigate a maze to form words. Mark the tunnel by turning adjacent letters into words. Various word lists for all ages, grades and skill levels. ...
MagicScore School 6 MagicScore School 6 6.133
Specialized notation software for music aficionados, students and schools. MagicScore School 6 is specialized notation software for music aficionados, students, teachers, schools and colleges. The program offers people interested in music a variety of notation options - input, editing, printing, correctness check and much more ...
RadioWORKS: A tool for calculating radio wave propagation & properties. RadioWORKS is a tool for calculating various items related to radio waves and radio wave propagation. Get detailed information about a frequency, such as the free-space wavelength, band classification, propagation methods, common transmitter configurations ...

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