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camSucker loads timelapsed images from a webcams url to a selected folder on your computer.


Platform Mac
Author althaler + oblasser
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
Rating None
Date Added 09/26/2013

camSucker loads timelapsed images from a webcams url to a selected folder on your computer. creates a movie from a folder of images. - althaler + oblasser neue medien oeg - büro für grafik und medien, angela althaler, wolfgang... more »

Design - Cd-rom - Austria - Grafik - Vienna - Wien - Althaler - Oblasser - A O - Neue Medien - Angela Althaler - Wolfgang Oblasser

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renamefromclip renamefromclip 0.1
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Delibar Delibar 0.9
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InstantLinks InstantLinks 2.5.0
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Get-A-Matic Get-A-Matic 1.2.1
Get-A-Matic is an Internet download manager. It allows you to queue up a list of files you want to download, then rapidly download them, using a simple, straight-forward interface. . ...
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desproxy - a TCP tunnel for HTTP proxies desproxy - a TCP tunnel for HTTP proxies 1.0
Bored of having HTTP-only connection to the Internet?Tired of being unable to connect to irc through a HTTP proxy?desproxy (a TCP tunnel for HTTP proxies) just makes you able to tunnel all your TCP traffic through a HTTP proxy!Keywords: HTTP pr ...
Sleep Display Sleep Display 2.1
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