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Puzzlic Advanced 1.0
Puzzlic Advanced is completely new generation of puzzle games.

PipeFun Icon PipeFun 2.3
PipeFun is an incredible puzzle game similar to PipeDream and Tetris!
Picture Puzzle Wizard Icon Picture Puzzle Wizard 1.2
(FREE) Picture Puzzle 1.2 This is Just a basic Game where you have to move around the pieces of the puzzle and try to put them in order..
Pocket MasterMind Icon Pocket MasterMind 1.1
The goal is to deduce a hidden magic code consisting of five mysterious symbols.
PilesOTiles Mahjongg For PocketPC Icon PilesOTiles Mahjongg For PocketPC 2.4
Piles'O'Tiles is a PDA game based on the classic Mahjongg series of games, in which you must pair off groups of colourful tiles in order to succeed. Using large playing tiles which are easy to distinguish, the game is playable by all ages.
Puzzle RailRoad Icon Puzzle RailRoad 1.0
A brand new fun game for those who enjoy train puzzles!
Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder 1.00
Challenge your logical skills with this space themed puzzle game.
Puzzle Inlay Icon Puzzle Inlay 1.45
Inlay pictures with gems in this arcade-puzzle game. Over 100 picture puzzles.
Piece Revert Icon Piece Revert 1.0
Piece Revert is a puzzle game in which the objective is to shift all shuffled pieces to original state..
Puzzle Mania Icon Puzzle Mania 2.2
Create jigsaw puzzles from any image files, play them on your PC or print them.
PROcessu Memory Game Icon PROcessu Memory Game 2.0
The PROcessu Memory Game 2.0 is more than a memory game.
Puzzle Champion Icon Puzzle Champion 1.20.0234
Flexible puzzle game for one to four players
Pick the Flowers Icon Pick the Flowers 1.0.0
(FREE) Single Player Puzzle game. Try to clear all the tiles off the board and advance thru the levels.
Paraben's 5 in-a-line Icon Paraben's 5 in-a-line 1.00
Line up 5 or more balls in a row to keep the board clear and to stay alive.
Puzzle Balls Icon Puzzle Balls 1.0
Puzzle Balls is a word logic and puzzle game combo!
PilesOTiles Mahjongg Icon PilesOTiles Mahjongg
PilesOTiles is a game based on Mahjongg, in which you must pair off tiles.
Pumpkin Mania Icon Pumpkin Mania 1.003
This is a brand new puzzle game with a halloween theme. The aim of this game is to put the pumpkins together and destroy them..
PuzzleBox Icon PuzzleBox 1.1
PuzzleBox is the cognitive- entertainment childish learning game.
Poem reminder Icon Poem reminder 1
Free poem reminder online training
Pharaohs Curse Gold Icon Pharaohs Curse Gold 1.6
A platform game mixed with cool puzzles, immerse yourself in this great game.
Panic Icon Panic 1
Panic is a uniquely simple puzzle game. The aim of the game is get the combinations of fruit requested but also avoid triggering unrequested combinations.
Puzzle Myth Icon Puzzle Myth 1.09
A totally new twist on classic puzzle game, Puzzle Myth is a really addictive game for the whole family..
PilesOTiles Mahjongg Icon PilesOTiles Mahjongg
PilesOTiles is a game based on Mahjongg, in which you must pair off tiles.
PipeFun 2 Icon PipeFun 2 1.0
PipeFun2 is an addictive crossbreed between Tetris and PipeDream. Free download.
Pinao Icon Pinao 1.11
Pinao is an extremely addictive variation of the famous Lines game.
Pharaohs Treasure Icon Pharaohs Treasure 1.0
A very fast and addictive puzzle game with great music, graphics and gameplay
Puzzle Pack 6 Icon Puzzle Pack 6 1.0
Puzzle Pack 6 features photo's of animals in a zoo environment
PathPix Icon PathPix 1.0
PathPix - picture logic puzzle fun. Addictive - you've been warned!
Puzzle Player Icon Puzzle Player 1.0b
Puzzle Player allows users to solve puzzles created with Crossword Construction Kit or Word Search Construction Kit on their computer..
Pocket Aargon Palm Icon Pocket Aargon Palm 1.02
The essential laser light and color logic puzzle game.
Pocket Aargon PPC Icon Pocket Aargon PPC 1.02
The essential Laser Light and Color puzzle game.
Puzzle Pack 7 Icon Puzzle Pack 7 1.0
Puzzle Pack 7 features beautiful photo's of Lake Michigan
Pixie Power Swapper Icon Pixie Power Swapper 1.02
Destroy blocks by arranging lines or using powers of flying Pixies.
Psychoballs Icon Psychoballs 1.1
Psychoballs - THE addictive puzzle game!
Piles'O'Tiles Mahjongg Icon Piles'O'Tiles Mahjongg 2.15
Piles'O'Tiles is a PC game based on the classic Mahjong series of games, in which you must pair off groups of colourful tiles in order to succeed. Using large playing tiles which are easy to distinguish, the game is playable by all ages.
Penpen the Penguin Icon Penpen the Penguin 1.00
Another not-so-normal fun logic puzzle game by MagicSeven Studio.
Photoscramble Icon Photoscramble 2.0
Photoscramble 2.0 a shuffle puzzle with any bmp or jpg picture any grid size etc
Peter's Jigsaws Icon Peter's Jigsaws 1.18
Free fullscreen jigsaws for Windows PCs. A new jigsaw is e-mailed each week.
Pix-Fit Icon Pix-Fit 1.0
Intresting game for all ages. Combines tetris and picture puzzles.
Puzzletron Icon Puzzletron 2.0
Puzzletr├│n is a game to generate your own jigsaw puzzles screen from any picture
Picture Jumble Icon Picture Jumble 1.5
Picture Jumble is a memory jigsaw puzzle game. Fun for all ages.
PuzzleJig Icon PuzzleJig 1.5
PuzzleJig is the jigsaw puzzle game for Windows. You can choose any number of pieces, with or without rotation and create puzzle from bitmap and jpeg files.Features include load and save the game, resizable window of puzzles and help with solving.
Pharaoh`s Arrows Icon Pharaoh`s Arrows 1.0
Pharaoh's Arrows. Solve the mysteries of ancient temples!
Professor Fizzwizzle Icon Professor Fizzwizzle 1.0
Help Professor Fizzwizzle puzzle his way back to his lab!
Pipeline Icon Pipeline 1.260-0
Build elaborate pipelines on 85 fun levels and stay one step ahead of the water.
Ping Ball Icon Ping Ball 1.1
Ping Ball is a fun new arcade puzzler for all the family, with bonus mini-games.
Pegs logic game Icon Pegs logic game 1
Click and drag the pegs to jump each other. Try to leave only one peg.
Puzzle. UA Icon Puzzle. UA 1.0
Puzzles.UA - Classical puzzles. Tumbling drawing
Puzzles 3 in 1 Icon Puzzles 3 in 1 1.0
Puzzles 3 in 1 - Classical puzzles.Three games of one.
PuzzLex Icon PuzzLex 6.02
Crossword, Anagram and Word Puzzle Solver
puzzelate Icon puzzelate 1.1
puzzelate :: a mind-bending new twist on the age-old jigsaw puzzle
Puz Icon Puz 1.0
Puz is a puzzle game that isn't Tetris!!
polyomino Icon polyomino 5.2
Polyomino is a fun logical and reflexion puzzle game in which the objective is to fill entierly the grid with the adequate pieces (pentaminoes)
Pocket Bubble Bomb Icon Pocket Bubble Bomb 1.6
A highly addictive puzzle game, done in the spirit of Bubblet!
PegSweeper Icon PegSweeper 1.3.02
A classic board game, challenging and fun! Remove all the pieces from the board!
Papara Tata Icon Papara Tata 1.0
2D puzzle game
Photo Puzzle Icon Photo Puzzle 1.0
"Photo Puzzle" presents a classical 9-digits puzzle game.
Pocket Pyrism Icon Pocket Pyrism 1.03
Capture the most circles as you can, using strategic moves
Pyrism Icon Pyrism 1.25
Pyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game, Linux Version, .tgz
Pyrism Windows Icon Pyrism Windows 1.25
Pyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game, Windows version
Peepers Icon Peepers 1.0
Save the frogs! An original puzzle game designed to relax you.
"PLUTO PUZZLE" including "Drop Game" and "CROSS GAME" two parts of contents.
Phraze Daze Icon Phraze Daze 2.0
Unscramble famous historical quotes while absorbing the wisdom of the ages in this fun new word puzzle game. Over 600 puzzles are included plus a custom level editor, and hints and full solutions are provided free at Fun and addictive!
Photo to Puzzle Icon Photo to Puzzle 1.0.0
You can load a photo as a new funny puzzle game.
Pop-A-Holic Icon Pop-A-Holic 1.01
Challenge your mind and reflexes in this fast-paced action/puzzle game.
Pac man online Icon Pac man online 2
Pack man
phentermine Icon phentermine 3
Eat the food and use phentermine.
Planets Icon Planets 3
Destroy all planets. If you do not then it crash you.
Pirate Memory Audio Game Icon Pirate Memory Audio Game 1.02
Simple Accessible PIRATE MEMORY Audio GAME for the blind, classical puzzle game
Pirates of Caribbean and World Puzzle 2 Icon Pirates of Caribbean and World Puzzle 2 1.0
Enjoy jigsaw puzzles with famous pirates of of the Caribbean. Its free!
Pirates of Caribbean and World Puzzle 1 Icon Pirates of Caribbean and World Puzzle 1 1.0
Enjoy jigsaw puzzles with famous pirates of of the Caribbean. Its free!
Pet Set Icon Pet Set 1.0
Enjoy a cute and fascinating pet-filled puzzle game for all the family.
Pentix Icon Pentix 1.3
Pentix is advanced version of popular falling blocks game Classic Tetris.
Puzznic Icon Puzznic 1.0
Originally developed and produced by Taito, the game was a top-seller in the late 1980s. Move elements with the same symbol together, watch out for gravity. Challenge the best of puzzlemania classics.
Pathstorm Icon Pathstorm 1.2
Roll a ball through covered pathways to find hidden objects.
Pattern Panics! Icon Pattern Panics! 1.02
Build and solve over 250 fun levels in this unique puzzle game
Pyramid Icon Pyramid 1.29
Puzzle tile match game using logic and math, with a bit of chance for added fun!
Peg Solitaire Icon Peg Solitaire 1.1.0
The classic peg solitaire game. Can you move until the last piece?
Puzzle Chest Icon Puzzle Chest 1.31
A classical jigsaw puzzle game with animated puzzles and soundeffects.
PyraCubes Icon PyraCubes 1.07.4
Move PyraCubes around the catacomb-like levels forming groups of the same type.
Picture Shifter Icon Picture Shifter 2.1.0
Start your adventure today and rescue all animals of the Funny Islands.
Path Of Least Resistance (POL-R) Icon Path Of Least Resistance (POL-R) 1.02
POL-R (Path Of Least Resistanace) You must prevent as many drips from successfully completing their natural trip down the game board. You've got to think fast, predict where the drips will go and block them all as the game evolves.
PegIt Icon PegIt 1.1.8
PegIt is a unique and challenging level-based logic puzzle game. Originally inspired by the classic board game 'Peg Solitaire'. The object of the Peg Solitaire game is to remove all the Pegs by jumping one peg over another.
Printable Samurai Sudoku Icon Printable Samurai Sudoku 2.01
Print unlimited samurai sudoku puzzle to PDF file, Create your printable samurai sudoku ebook.You can select very easy, easy, standard, hard, expert, extreme level to print.
PIQE: Chain of Puzzles Icon PIQE: Chain of Puzzles 1.1.
PIQE: Chain of Puzzles is a real breakthrough in mind teaser games for the whole family developed by Albymedia.
Paradoxion Icon Paradoxion 1.1
Paradoxion is a true gem for those who like to solve challenging logic puzzles!
Puzzle Mania Pro Icon Puzzle Mania Pro 2.2c
The old slider puzzler is back with a few new twists. This flavour encorporates AI technology to provide hints or may even solve the puzzle before your eyes. In essence training the user to understand the logic by which they can solve.
ppcShisen Icon ppcShisen 1.5
Tired of playing Mah Jongg, now try Shisen! The object of the game is to remove the similar pieces. You can only remove tiles that no other tiles are between, or that can be connected with a line of no more than 3 segments.
Paradox Standard Edition Icon Paradox Standard Edition 1.0
This book is a collection by Carel van der Westhuizen that contains logic puzzles, brainteasers and riddles accumulated over the years from books, via the Internet and from friends and strangers.
PLUS600 Icon PLUS600 6.28
Draughts game for Windows. The game PLUS600 realizes full rules of standard (or Russian) draughts. PLUS600 is self-training game! You play and play against PLUS600, and PLUS600 play more and more strongly!
PLUS700 Icon PLUS700 6.28
PLUS700 is a Checkers game for Windows. It uses the Standard Laws of American Checkers. Plus700 is a self-teaching checkersplayer. That is, the more you play against Plus700, the more difficult it becomes to beat.
PLUS500 Icon PLUS500 6.28
PLUS500 is a Checkers game for Windows. It uses the Standard Laws of International Checkers(10x10). Plus500 is a self-teaching checkersplayer. That is, the more you play against Plus500, the more difficult it becomes to beat.
PLUS800 Icon PLUS800 6.28
PLUS800 is a Brazilian Checkers game for Windows. It uses the Standard Laws of Intenational Checkers but 8x8. Plus800 is a self-teaching checkersplayer. That is,the more you play against Plus800, the more difficultit becomes to beat.
PLUS600 professional Icon PLUS600 professional 6.28
Proffesional edition of PLUS600 draughts game
PLUS500 professional Icon PLUS500 professional 6.28
Proffesional edition of PLUS500 game
PLUS700 professional Icon PLUS700 professional 6.28
Proffesional edition of PLUS700 game
PLUS800 professional Icon PLUS800 professional 6.28
Proffesional edition of PLUS800 game
Petal Palace (for Windows) Icon Petal Palace (for Windows) 1.2.0
This game takes you to an enchanted palace, surrounded by beautiful scenery where flowers grow in great abundance.
Pill Puzzle Icon Pill Puzzle 2.0
The Pill Puzzle game is the interesting adventures of Doctor Andrews who is trying to collect medicine to cure malicious virus. Unknown virus has emeged in small town in the west.
Planet Klicker Icon Planet Klicker 1.00
With Planet Klicker it is the purpose to travel possibly far back in the space. Every galaxy is between 200 Mil. and 750 Mil. kilometres . It is begun in the Milky Way.
Play Mahjong Forever Icon Play Mahjong Forever 2.1
Play Mahjong Forever is an ancient puzzle-game. The essence of the game is in disassembling of various pyramids composed of different hierogliphic chips. It is an excellent game for training attentiveness and memory, having a rest and good leisure.
Pearl Puzzle Icon Pearl Puzzle 2.1
Super Collapse is simply a blast! Find rows and columns of three or more like-colored blocks; click them and they disappear, collapsing the rows and columns above. Easy, right?
Pestering Birds Icon Pestering Birds 2.0
Pestering Birds is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a wonderful adventure across the world of cute Birds.
Puzzle Poker Icon Puzzle Poker 1.0.216
Puzzle Poker is a very easy new puzzle game based upon poker. Cards are dealt and you form as many poker hands as you can before the clock runs down. The better the poker hands you create, the more chips you win.
Pure Sudoku Deluxe Icon Pure Sudoku Deluxe 1.52
Pure Sudoku is the visually and intellectually stimulating sudoku puzzle game for your Windows XP PC.
Paul's TicTacToe Icon Paul's TicTacToe 1.1
The most complete Tic Tac Toe game ever made! The only TTT game with True AI (computer opponent has the ability to learn)! Play against the best AI ever made for a game like this!
Pizza Puzzle Icon Pizza Puzzle 1
Mama mia! Match the proper ingredients to make the perfect pizza pie!
Pushy and the Magic Blocks Icon Pushy and the Magic Blocks 1
Pushy and the Magic Blocks is a brain taxing, puzzling, cutesy game where you help Pushy to reunite with his sister by rescuing her from the Mystery Mazes! Full version includes 100 full levels and a level editor so the fun never has to stop!
Powerful Memory Icon Powerful Memory 1.0
The Game Powerful Memory contains pairs of hidden pictures, all mixed up. Your task is to find all the pairs. Click on the tiles, pair by pair, to open the images. If you find a correct pair, the images will stay uncovered.
Poppers Icon Poppers 1.6
Simple to play, but hard to master. This addictive puzzler has elements of many of your favorite puzzle and solitaire games. Your goal is to remove all of the colored balls from the pyramid.
Poff - Christmas Edition Icon Poff - Christmas Edition 1.4
Poff is a fun logic game where you should match the falling objects into lines of three. The goal is to complete the unique objective of each level.The goal of Poff is to arrange the falling blocks in a line of similar blocks.
Poltrix Icon Poltrix 1.0
Poltrix is a Windows PC computer game which offers you a tetris-like experience. However, Poltrix's gameplay and overall feel vastly differs from that of the tetris-style games, and in a nice way.
Picture Cubes Icon Picture Cubes 1.0
A Picture Cubes game. A Picture is divided into blocks. In the beginning all blocks are scrambled. User has to bring then into correct order, to complete the whole picture. Cube can move in left-right and up-down directions.
Pogo Dave Icon Pogo Dave 1.0
You are Dave, all you worry about is changing the color of the cylinders to blue by hoping on them with your pogo stick. If that wasn't enough you also have to make sure you don't get hit by your enemy, the monsters. What a life!
Penguin Puzzle Icon Penguin Puzzle 1.0
Penguin Puzzle is a lovingly crafted puzzle game with great gameplay and a unique look and sound. The game is set on the North Pole, where a freezing blizzard has caused lots of creatures to be frozen in ice cubes. Your goal is to release them.
Paraben's Falling Columns Icon Paraben's Falling Columns 2.0
Play a fun version of the classic falling blocks computer game. Control everything from the backgrounds, to the music, to the blocks. Keep track of high scores and more. If you like tetris, you'll love this version.
Pentagon glidis Icon Pentagon glidis 1.1
New puzzle game: Pentagon glidis.The simplest game, the simplest interface, the old good tetris ancestry!The playground is pentagon, the program window is pentagon.
Phrazzled Icon Phrazzled 1.0
Easy to learn, fun to play, hard to put down!In this word puzzle game, the letters of 2- to 7-line quotes are dropped directly below the game board. Place the letters in their correct row to complete the famous quotation.
Puzzle Magic Icon Puzzle Magic 1.0
Puzzle Magic lets you quickly and easily create puzzles from your favorite JPG, GIF and BMP images and then place them on any Web page, play them on your local PC or email them to a friend. Make puzzles of your family photos, vacation photos etc.
Pick The Flowers Icon Pick The Flowers
Clear the board puzzle game.
Puzzle RailWay Deluxe Icon Puzzle RailWay Deluxe 3.0
Puzzle Railway is a fun puzzle game. You should build track by moving and turning Puzzle Blocks. Building the track is a puzzle because the game field is made of blocks with rails, traffic lights, tunnels, and coal. You must pick up all the workers.
Pumpkin Remover Icon Pumpkin Remover 1.7
Pumpkin Remover is an interesting puzzle game for free.
Pairs memory game Icon Pairs memory game 2.3
Pairs memory game for mobile Java enabled devices let's you play the popular card game for free on your mobile phone.
Pet Connect Lines Icon Pet Connect Lines 2.6
Pet Connect Lines is a time based challenging puzzle game where you need to concentrate hard to find pairs of matching pets to make them disappear.
Pile & Pop for MacOS X Icon Pile & Pop for MacOS X 1.00
Pile & Pop is the perfect game for a fun break, whether it's fifteen minutes or several hours!
Petal Palace (for Mac OS X) Icon Petal Palace (for Mac OS X) 1.2.0
This game takes you to an enchanted palace, surrounded by beautiful scenery where flowers grow in great abundance.
Pyramid Mahjong Icon Pyramid Mahjong 4.0
Experience the wonders of the world with Pyramid Mahjong.
Pile & Pop for Windows Icon Pile & Pop for Windows 1.00
Pile & Pop is the perfect game for a fun break, whether it's fifteen minutes or several hours!
Party Down Icon Party Down 1.4
Inspired by the Starz ® TV series, take over a Party Down catering team as you help the Hollywood elite celebrate in style!
Piramidka Icon Piramidka 1.00
Piramidka is a logical game with rules similar to many solitaire-like games, but in this game you won't be playing using cards but using domino blocks.
Phase Eight Dresses Game Icon Phase Eight Dresses Game 1.3
Phase Eight Dress Game fix the picture up
Pool Renovations Icon Pool Renovations 1
With over 20 years experience in the swimming pool industry,Pool Renovation | Coopers Pools has been building and renovating quality in ground pools across Sydney.
ppia Icon ppia 1
Pensacola Personal Injury Attorney Stand Behind You 100%.
pesawat Icon pesawat 1
solved the puzzle and win the game
PJS Super Jet Icon PJS Super Jet 1
Play a fun and challenging puzzle game.
Phone Number Reverse Lookup Icon Phone Number Reverse Lookup 1.1
Play this Free PNRL MotorBike jigsaw puzzle games of motorbike.
PB Singapore Skyline Icon PB Singapore Skyline 1.0
Challenge yourself with a fun and exciting puzzle.
PRChorse Icon PRChorse 1
Assemble the pieces, and see the nice picture of the horse grazing.
PS3 Water Leaf Icon PS3 Water Leaf 1.0
Play a fun filled and challenging picture puzzle.
penquins Icon penquins 1.0
Try your luck with building a simple puzzle of penquins
pats Icon pats 1
This is a fine looking bird.
PregnancyMiracleBook Icon PregnancyMiracleBook 1
Enjoy the Jigsaw Puzzle
Porsche Carrera 2011 Icon Porsche Carrera 2011 2.0
Play this sliding puzzles game of the drifting Porsche Carrera 2011
PED Super Tune School Bus Icon PED Super Tune School Bus 1
Solve a fun and challenging Tune School Bus Puzzle.
Phen375 Icon Phen375 1.0
Put the Phen375 Puzzle together to see how it looks
PESSuperCarP Icon PESSuperCarP 1
The supercar can take many forms including limited production specials from an elite automaker.
pokaSudoku Icon pokaSudoku 1.0
One of the most popular board-games ever: sudoku.
Perfect Detonation: Level Pack Icon Perfect Detonation: Level Pack 1.0
This is Box2d physics puzzle game.
Popularity Of Slots On The Internet Quiz Icon Popularity Of Slots On The Internet Quiz 1.0
See if you can solve the elaborate quiz in this exciting trivia game.
Professional Crossword Generator preview Icon Professional Crossword Generator preview 1.
Professional Crossword Generator preview version with English dictionary plug in.
Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters Icon Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters 1.0
Pat Sajak invites you to be a contestant on his exciting new computer game show!
Plutonium Icon Plutonium 1.0
Plutonium I is a beautifully designed puzzle game that requires logical thinking, skill and strategy.
Puzzlegeddon Icon Puzzlegeddon 1.0.1
Puzzlegeddon features an inventive mix of puzzle, action and strategy.
Puzzle Hero Icon Puzzle Hero 1.8.1
Embark on a thrilling and amazing journey in this unique puzzle-RPG (role playing game).
Pixelmania Icon Pixelmania 1
This game is like Minesweeper, except that in Pixelmania there are no randomly placed mines, but you have to find the picture underneath the playfield.
Popatronic Icon Popatronic 1.39
Pop-A-Tronic electrifies the gaming world with a super addictive, popping frenzy!
PipeWalker Icon PipeWalker 0.8.3
PipeWalker - is a clone of the NetWalk game.
PuzzlePrint Icon PuzzlePrint 1.0.2 Build 8
Puzzle Print batch prints crossword puzzles in AcrossLite format on paper so that they can be solved with pencil or pen.
Puzzle Land Icon Puzzle Land 1.0
Puzzle Land is a remake of the gameboy game Daedalian opus also known as puzzle road in japan.
PCSudoku Icon PCSudoku 1.01
PCSudoku is a new Sudoku game for the PC.
Passion To Cheese Icon Passion To Cheese 2.8
Passion to Cheese is a game with great music, in which you have to help the..
Puzzle Rail Rush Icon Puzzle Rail Rush 1.0
You should build track by moving and turning puzzle blocks. Building the track i
People on My Lawn Icon People on My Lawn 1.0
People on My Lawn is an interesting puzzle game for free.
Puzzle Rail Rush for Android Icon Puzzle Rail Rush for Android 1.5
Enthralling game Puzzle Rail Rush will make you use your wits!
Puzzle Rail Rush Lite for Mac Icon Puzzle Rail Rush Lite for Mac 1.6
The railroad is in a complete mess, and you have to fix it, but believe, it's very exciting! You need to think and focus only on moves which lead to the most effective solution (most levels have more the one solution).
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