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Magic Words Genius 2.20
Magic Words Genius is a funny words game. The goal of Magic Words Genius is to make more valid words and get more higher score, then you will have more powerful magic to attack the green-eye monster.

Mumbo Jumbo Icon Mumbo Jumbo
A twist on the popular Scrabble(TM) game.
Monkeys' Tower Icon Monkeys' Tower 1.0
Over the centuries there were harmony and piece in virgin jungles of Monkenya.
Magic Crystals Icon Magic Crystals 1.0
Drag a chain of 3 or more crystals of the same color.
Mysteries of Persia Icon Mysteries of Persia 1.0
Great sequel of addictive puzzle match 3 game from AncientJewelsGames.
Mathjong Icon Mathjong 1.0
Mathjong is a great game that helps kids hone their math skills while having fun at the same time!
Mechanicus Icon Mechanicus 1.0
Protect the Earth by solving perplexing puzzles and solving tricky problems in Mechanicus, a fun and challenging Brain Teaser game.
Mah Jongg Diamond Icon Mah Jongg Diamond 1.0
The Mah Jongg Diamond is sparkling with matches just waiting for you to click on them!
Magic Submitter Icon Magic Submitter 1.1
Magic Submitter puzzle game 49 pieces right click pieces to rotate pieces.
Magic Square Icon Magic Square 1.0
A cool application which lets you play Magic Square right on your computer.
Motamo Icon Motamo 5.1
A powerful word-search utility created specifically for online Scrabble players and crossword lovers.
Memorize Famous Quotes Icon Memorize Famous Quotes 1.0
Guess the quote made by a genius.
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