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AUTOption Graphic 4.3.0
Customizable Autorun/Autoplay menuing application to create professional CD/CDR

AppLauncher Icon AppLauncher
Simplify redistribution of updated applications across multiple machines
Announce It! Icon Announce It! 3.5
Software program announcement helper for developers.
AWinstall Icon AWinstall 4.6
Professional installation development system for creating installers
ActiveX Windows NT/2000 group and account UserManager Icon ActiveX Windows NT/2000 group and account UserManager 2.03
Complette COM interface to Windows NT/2000/XP local or domain account database
Advanced Email2RSS Professional Icon Advanced Email2RSS Professional 3.59.84
Advanced Email2RSS converts incoming emails into custom RSS feeds. Statistics shows that over 55% of all email gets undelivered or filtered by AntiSPAM software and therefore unread by your clients.
AGInstaller Icon AGInstaller 1.9.4
Creates installations from script file. Only 46k overhead.
ALink Icon ALink 1.01
Reciprocal Link Manager and Page Generator.
AGUTA PAD Submitter Icon AGUTA PAD Submitter 1.0
A tool for automatic registration of PAD files in shareware catalogues.
AutoUpdate+ Icon AutoUpdate+
Get software updates to your clients Latest Version ====>> Client Computer
AutoUpdate+ Icon AutoUpdate+ 2.7
Get software updates to your clients Latest Version ====>> Client Computer
Agentix Installer Icon Agentix Installer 1.9.10
Creates single-exe setups. Small size overhead. Multilingual and .net support.
Advanced RSS2Email Enterprise Icon Advanced RSS2Email Enterprise 3.28.89
Advanced RSS2Email allows you to automatically create electronic newsletters from RSS feeds.
AntiDuplicate Icon AntiDuplicate 2.08
SDK for creation of copy protected software dongles from USB flash drives.
Advanced Email2RSS Personal Icon Advanced Email2RSS Personal 3.63.84
Converts incoming emails into custom RSS feed.
AffiliateEXE Icon AffiliateEXE 1.0 b31
pack your affiliate id named custom build to a new exe file
Autorun Action Splash Icon Autorun Action Splash 9.0
Autorun Action Splash is software for making striking Autorun / Autoplay CDs. This program is specifically designed to, after CD-ROM insertion, splash an image of your choice while launching a file.
AutoPlay Menu Studio Icon AutoPlay Menu Studio 2.05
AutoPlay Menu Studio is a tool for creating AutoPlay menus for CD-ROMs.AutoPlay Menu Studio has a visual development environment that makes it easy to create custom CD-ROM AutoPlay menus.
AtomPack Icon AtomPack 3.00 beta
AtomPack is a front end program that allows you to install or copy files from a CD-ROM to your computer.AtomPack allows you to perform tasks such as: copying files, installing applications, viewing documents, launching programs and more.
Active Pad Submit Icon Active Pad Submit 3.1
Submits your pad file to 700+ sites
Actual Installer Free Icon Actual Installer Free 4.5
Freeware tool for creating software installers for Windows applications. Actual Installer Free packages application files and creates a single EXE file ready for distribution.
ASProtect Icon ASProtect 1.58 Build 11.1
ASProtect is the system of software protection of applications, designed for quick implementation of application protection functions, especially targeted for software developers.
ASPack Icon ASPack 2.24
ASPack is an advanced Win32 executable file compressor, capable of reducing the file size of 32-bit Windows programs by as much as 70%.
AppLife Update Limited Icon AppLife Update Limited
AppLife Update is a comprehensive updating solution for .
Abeona Icon Abeona 2011.01
Abeona is simple software for creating licenses.
AppPackager Icon AppPackager 1.3
AppPackager compresses and encrypts an EXE file, then inserts all the DLLs, ActiveX controls and other files it uses into the EXE.
Altova SchemaAgent Icon Altova SchemaAgent 2017r3sp1
Altova SchemaAgent 2017 is a graphical tool for analyzing and managing XML Schema, XML instance, XSLT, and WSDL file relationships across a project or an enterprise. Visualize and easily manage file associations via its graphical design interface.
A1 Website Scraper Icon A1 Website Scraper 7.7.0
Scrape websites and extract data into CSV files ready to be imported anywhere. Mix and mash scraped website data to create new mashup website services such as weather, travel and hotel portals. Crawler supports filtering of URLs to scrape data from.
Agile Commander Icon Agile Commander 1.0.0
Agile Commander is a simple project management program. Its goal is to be extremely powerful for single programmers (indie developers, freelancers, start-ups) and small teams. Agile Commander is consistent with the software agile principles.
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