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Time Organizer V 1.0 1.0
A powerful scheduler, diary, alarm/chime, calendar and picture viewing software

Topmost Clock Icon Topmost Clock 2.1
Fully customizable transparent analog/digital desktop clock with skins
Time Sync Pro Icon Time Sync Pro 1.2
Time Sync Pro is clock and time synchronizer.
TimeLeft Icon TimeLeft 3.25
Skinnable clock, tray clock, countdown, reminder, stopwatch, timer, sticker
TrayDay Icon TrayDay 7.10
TrayDay: today's date at a glance, in the Windows tray, with handy popup calendar. Can show week numbers to ISO (or your own) standard. A double-click types the date in the format of your choice. Julian Day and Internet Time features.
T-Minus Countdown Clock Icon T-Minus Countdown Clock 5.0
This software sits on your PC so you can see the time until your special event.
Talking Reminder Icon Talking Reminder 1.6.2
Get Pop-up, Email, Sound and Speech reminders with Talking Reminder
Talking Time Keeper Icon Talking Time Keeper 7
Talking Time Keeper (TTK) is a program encompassing a wide range of useful
time and date related ..
Tempo Icon Tempo 2.12
A simple and smart reminder with some more.
The StarMessage Diary Icon The StarMessage Diary 1.3
The StarMessage diary is an excellent way to keep a private journal of day to day thoughts, goals, ..
TimeZone Expert  world time zone clock Icon TimeZone Expert world time zone clock 2005
Show multiple time zone clocks in Windows taskbar.
TaskbarCalendar Icon TaskbarCalendar 1.0.0
Pocket Calendar with Outlook integration, accessible via taskbar or key shortcut
To-do List Icon To-do List 2.4.0
Simple yet effective task list management software for Windows
TimeRecorder Icon TimeRecorder 4.20.9
keep track of how long you engaged in an activity
TClocker Icon TClocker 1.4
TClocker displays the date, time and lots of other information in any format.
The StarMessage Diary Software Icon The StarMessage Diary Software 2.0
An excellent way to keep a private journal of day to day thoughts, and memories.
Talking Alarm Clock Icon Talking Alarm Clock 1.4
Uses Microsoft® Agent to remind you of events and appointments.
Tray Weather Forecast Icon Tray Weather Forecast 1.1
Personal weather forecast desktop informer with tray icon
The Time Machine Icon The Time Machine 1.32.1
Professional looking clocks, skinable calendar, atomic synchronizer, organizer.
TimeLeft Icon TimeLeft 3.61
TimeLeft - tons of features in just one small application: reminder, skinnable clock, countdown timer, Windows tray clock, timer, eBay auction watch, stopwatch and more!
TeamCalendar Icon TeamCalendar 1.125
View colleagues' calendars and plan meetings from your mobile device!
TimePunch Icon TimePunch 1.91.1417.0
Time recording: Work time and vacation. For enterprises and private people.
ToDo Reminder Icon ToDo Reminder
Make a list of all the tasks you have To Do and remember.
TimeOrg Icon TimeOrg 2.6.5
TimeOrg is a time organizer with many features
TimePanic for USB drives Icon TimePanic for USB drives 4.4
TimePanic for USB drives is a time tracking application for anyone who works on a computer.
Taskwise Icon Taskwise 3.0.74
Taskwise is a revolutionary new application that helps you to take control of your digital life by giving you tools you need to manage your tasks and to do lists!
Time & Chaos Icon Time & Chaos
Use this contact manager crm to organize your telephone book, appointment schedule, and to do task list for better time management, all on one screen!
Time Utility Icon Time Utility 1
Time utility is the most practical,most usefull,most easiest to use software device of it's kind.
Titlebar Date Icon Titlebar Date 2
Displays the day of the week and the date in the titlebar of the active window.
Time TaskMaster Icon Time TaskMaster V1.00
Time TaskMaster provides Stylish Countdowns, Alarms, Timers and Stopwatches
Titlebar Time Icon Titlebar Time 2
Displays the day of the week, the date, and the time in the titlebar of the active window.
Timers Icon Timers 2.0
Up to 8 timers simultanously.
Tray Date Icon Tray Date 2
Tray Date is a very small program that displays the current date in an attractive tray icon.
Task Job Organizer Deluxe Icon Task Job Organizer Deluxe 3.6
Task Job Organizer Deluxe is a useful application that was designed in order to help you easily manage your tasks and projects.
Tailwag Calendar Builder Icon Tailwag Calendar Builder 3.74
Use Calendar Builder to quickly and easily make your own custom calendars.
TreePad X Enterprise 12 Gb single-user Icon TreePad X Enterprise 12 Gb single-user 7.15
TreePad X Enterprise is a next generation Personal Database, Word Processor and Organizer with the unique ability to access, edit, store and search databases of up to 12 Gigabytes.
Taskline Icon Taskline 3.0.26
Taskline is an innovative approach to managing your personal schedule, work, and goals in Microsoft Outlook.
Total Organizer Icon Total Organizer 2.43
Total Organizer is a Personal Information Manager software that allows you to store all of your contacts, tasks, notes, and to-do lists divided into tree-structured categories.
TopNotes Icon TopNotes
TopNotes manages any kind of information like projects, addresses, phone numbers, recipes, pictures, videos and so on in a tree structure easy to organize.
TSC Free Address Book Icon TSC Free Address Book 2.10.01
TSC Free Address Book allows you to create an unlimited number of letters using the built-in letter writer that includes spell checking and mail merge.
Total Organizer Pro Icon Total Organizer Pro 2.43
Total Organizer is a Personal Information Manager software that allows you to store all of your contacts, tasks, notes, and to-do lists divided into tree-structured categories.
TimeCard Single Icon TimeCard Single 4.3
Report Time and Expenses from your Outlook Calendar.
Task Counter Icon Task Counter 1.0
Task Counter is a simple tool that counts your work time spent on particular tasks.
ToDo Organizer Deluxe Icon ToDo Organizer Deluxe 3.2
ToDo Organizer Deluxe is a flexible database management software with ready to use database solutions.
TimeWorkX Organiser Refill Templates A4 Icon TimeWorkX Organiser Refill Templates A4 A4-UK-AU-2012
The Wonder of Organisation.
Todomoo Icon Todomoo 0.8
Todomoo is a todo manager specially designed to help you manage paid projects without advanced scheduling.
TaskRecall Icon TaskRecall 1.0.1
Task scheduler with timeline of events (tasks), one-touch log journal for each task and time tracking.
Task Minder Icon Task Minder
Task Minder was specially developed as an accessible and user-friendly application that can help the user manage and organize daily, weekly or monthly tasks.
TimeBubbles Icon TimeBubbles 20111211 Beta
TimeBubbles will help you save you time planning while making sure you focus on the most important work.
TKBirthday Icon TKBirthday New
TKBirthday is designed as a simple and accessible software that is supposed to remind you the birthdays of your Outlook contacts.
Timer-7 Icon Timer-7 2.0
Timer-7 is count down or up timer for any purposes: busyness, cooking, learning, working, etc.
Timekeeper Icon Timekeeper 1.44.0
This Windows deskband tool displays the date and time in any format or color you wish.
The Lost Watch Animated Wallpaper Icon The Lost Watch Animated Wallpaper 1.0.0
What time is it?
Timetranslator Icon Timetranslator 1.0
Timetranslator is a time telling software for Window CE 5.
Talking Desktop Clock Icon Talking Desktop Clock 1.2
Shows a clock on the desktop and/or in the system tray.
Time Zones Clock Icon Time Zones Clock 2.1
Running on your PC Time Zone Clock will show you the local time of over 300 cities around the world.
TimeAxon Icon TimeAxon 1.9
SNTP client used to synchronize the PC clock over a network.
TimeLegal Icon TimeLegal 5.1
Automate the time clock management of employee hours, attendance, scheduling, jobs and projects with this software.
Time Tracker My Edition Icon Time Tracker My Edition 2010 6.1.0
Time Management Software.
The Business OpsCenter Icon The Business OpsCenter 3.5.0
This includes an in-out board, text and phone messages, vacation and sick day calendar and management system with optional vacation requests, bulletin board system, event calendar, and out-of-office and work schedule manager.
TimeClockFree Icon TimeClockFree 1.5
TimeClockFree is a web based time clock system.
TimeSheet Calculator Icon TimeSheet Calculator 3.51
This software consists of two utilities that calculate time.
TimeCard Manager Icon TimeCard Manager 5.3.8
This program replaces your mechanical time clock.
Time is Money Freeware Icon Time is Money Freeware 1.1.3891.2956
Time Management Rate Calculator.
Timelot Power Icon Timelot Power 1.0
This easy to use time-clock program works for any size business.
Time Commander Icon Time Commander 1.10
Time Commander is a productivity tool that has no equal.
Turbo Attendance Icon Turbo Attendance 2.6.3
This software lets you keep track of employees' accumulated sick and personal days.
TimeThis! Icon TimeThis! 1.0.7
Terminal Services AppLauncher Icon Terminal Services AppLauncher 2.1
This software lets you enhance terminal services by offering as many applications as you would like without having a second desktop.
Time Tracker Freeware Icon Time Tracker Freeware 1.00a
Track percentage of time spent of tasks.
Tas/cker Icon Tas/cker 1.0.0
Tas/cker Task Tracker is a time-tracking tool to record the time spent for each defined task for each day.
TimeCalendar LE Icon TimeCalendar LE 2.0
Organize and visualize your life with Yagoon Time calendar.
Taurus CalendarMaker Icon Taurus CalendarMaker 1.1.0
Taurus CalendarMaker is a software for making calendars using your pictures, create your own calendars using your own photographs and images.
Thinc Time Icon Thinc Time 3.2
Thinc-Time was designed to facilitate collaboration amongst employees who need joint access to diaries for planning, scheduling and productivity purposes.
Talking Headlines Alarm Clock Icon Talking Headlines Alarm Clock 1.0b
The Talking Headline News Alarm Clock (THAC) is an intelligent productivity aid for MS/Windows that will wake you up by actually speaking the current news headlines and local weather with your computer's voice.
The Royal Wedding Countdown Clock Icon The Royal Wedding Countdown Clock 1.00
The Royal Wedding Countdown Clock is a FREE desktop countdown clock software.
TClock Light Icon TClock Light 040702-3
TClock allows you to modify the clock on the taskbar in Windows.
TimeChaser Icon TimeChaser
Yet another time tracking application.
Timer Wizard Icon Timer Wizard 1.06
This program is a personal assistant to remind you about such things as important meetings.
TimeZoneConverter Icon TimeZoneConverter 1.0.1
TimeZoneConverter is a software to convert date and times between different time zones.
Tiny Time Tracker Icon Tiny Time Tracker 1.3
Tiny Time Tracker is an inobtrusive personal time tracker that fits nicely at the bottom of your screen.
TimeCaster Up/Down Timer Icon TimeCaster Up/Down Timer 1.1
If you are looking for Up/Down Timer with remote displays, this is a modern and low cost solution.
TwentyFourClock Icon TwentyFourClock 0.1
TwentyFourClock is a sidebar gadget, this clock tells time, Jack Bauer style.
Timer Uppercut Icon Timer Uppercut
Set extensive countdown timers.
The Klingon Clock Icon The Klingon Clock 1.0
The Klingon Clock is a neat desktop tool that allows you to see the local time displayed in Klingon.
Tic-Button Icon Tic-Button 1.0
Make sure the time displayed by your clock is accurate.
TomatoDoer Icon TomatoDoer 0.4.1 Beta
TomatoDoer is a Pomodoro Technique timer.
Timeqx Icon Timeqx 0.2.0
Timeqx helps you keep tracking of time spent on activities during the day, aiming for consultants and others that has to report time on many accounts.
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