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Kapital 1.0
Professional billing and invoicing system featuring support for recurring invoices, real time credit card processing along with product and customer management. An easy to use interface provides a quick, easy and affordable billing solution.

KingSmart Hotel Software Icon KingSmart Hotel Software 2005
KingSmart Hotel Software 2005, PMS, POS, Full Back Office System
KindDiary Icon KindDiary 2.3
work Logs, some ideas to write and more information to collect.
Kybtec World Clock Icon Kybtec World Clock 2.04.03
See the time all over the world on this attractive desktop world clock.
Kampfstoff PalmOS Icon Kampfstoff PalmOS 1.3
Analysiert schnell Ihre Beobachtungen an der Einsatzstelle und liefert Ihnen...
KBase for Outlook Icon KBase for Outlook 2
KBase, knowledge base that runs completely in an Exchange public folder.
Keyword Maker to create keyword phrases Icon Keyword Maker to create keyword phrases 2.0
This keyword maker will make keyword phrases for you to insert into your HTML pages and your website to make your page rank higher in the search engines based on the keyword phrases.
Kai's Pocket PC Tools Icon Kai's Pocket PC Tools 4.1
Due to the big success over the last months KAISOFT continues to bundle the most wanted programs! Out of a range of more than 120 PocketPC programs KAISOFT has selected more than 40 top-selling products for this box.
Keyword Drag-and-Drop Icon Keyword Drag-and-Drop 1.0
No More Cutting & Pasting Data In Spreadsheets. Easy-to-Use Program! Highlight Your Rows Or Search By Keyword / Number Then Drag Over to a New Table With a Single Click.
Kixzo Document Management System Icon Kixzo Document Management System B.04.19.08
KIXZOOao is a paperless office system that is destined to revolutionize document management.
Keyword Research Tool Icon Keyword Research Tool 2.0
WBPS Free Keyword Research Tool will help you research appropriate words and phrases to include in your webpage's body text to aid in promotion.
KeepEdge Point of Sale Icon KeepEdge Point of Sale 2.0
KeepEdge Point of Sale (POS) offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point-of-sale (POS) solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements.
Kinati 2PDF Converter Icon Kinati 2PDF Converter 1.0
Kinati 2PDF Converter is a FREE online web-based document to PDF converter client utility. It converts .txt, .rtf, .doc, .xls and .ppt document format to PDF with ease.
Kijiji Bot Pro Icon Kijiji Bot Pro 2.3
KJ Bot Pro allows you to automate your personal and business online advertising
KCS Restaurant - Restaurant Software Icon KCS Restaurant - Restaurant Software 3.4.0
POS, Inventory, Restaurant Management
Kitchen Remodeling Miami Icon Kitchen Remodeling Miami 1.0
Kitchen Remodeling Miam CHMOD Calculator by Douglas Orr Plumbing - Download now! Designing a Miami outdoor kitchen may be the fulfillment of a lifelong goal.
KegDraw Icon KegDraw 0.1.11 Beta
Java software for drawing compound and glycan structures.
Koku for Mac OS Icon Koku for Mac OS 1.1.2
A flexible financial manager that can handle it all.
Klinik Suite Icon Klinik Suite 2011
Klinik Suite 2011 is an electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management software created for small and medium sized clinic medical practices with powerful yet simple features to manage clinic activities , with all the facilities to maintain p
KiteModeler Icon KiteModeler 1.1
KiteModeler works in three modes: Design Mode, Trim Mode, or Flight Mode.
KnowHowDB Professional Edition Icon KnowHowDB Professional Edition 4.1
KnowHowDB is a Windows-based program that lets you quickly and easily find both private and company information, at any time.
Kansas City Mortgage Brokers 1 Icon Kansas City Mortgage Brokers 1 2
Kansas City Mortgage Brokers make your life easier and your investments better.
KaVoom! KVM Icon KaVoom! KVM 5.22
Kaizen Software (Super) Icon Kaizen Software (Super) 1.0
Kaizen Software (Strategic Analysis, Management)
Kaseya Sync with Microsoft CRM Icon Kaseya Sync with Microsoft CRM 1
Great little tool that saves you time managing your customer?
Knowledge Base Lite Icon Knowledge Base Lite 1.0
KN-Base Lite keeps all your contacts, passwords, notes and links in one place.
Kontakter for Mac OS Icon Kontakter for Mac OS 0.2
An easy-to-use yet powerful address book with advance search functionality and a very intuitive user interface.
Kaprekars Routine Icon Kaprekars Routine utine
Kaprekars Routine performs Kaprekar's Routine to automating the process.
KaVoom! KM Icon KaVoom! KM 3.35
KnowledgeWorkshop Professional Icon KnowledgeWorkshop Professional 1.06
This software allows you to view information in a tabbed display for Internet, intranet and local files.
KnowHowDB Enterprise Edition Icon KnowHowDB Enterprise Edition 4.1
KnowHowDB is a Windows-based program that lets you quickly and easily find both private and company information, at any time.
KaotiXL Icon KaotiXL 1.1
KaotiXL is an add in use to do a rescaled range analysis with MS Excel.
KaLiBat Icon KaLiBat 1.50
KaLiBat is a graphical toolbox to calculate the linear heat loss coefficient of a 2D thermal bridge, according to the European standards EN10211 and EN13370.
KnowledgeBase Deluxe Icon KnowledgeBase Deluxe 3.2
Knowledge Base management software for Windows users.
Kerio Workspace Icon Kerio Workspace 1.0.0 Beta 5 Build 897
A single place to share files and collaborate on outstanding ideas.
Kingsoft office 2010 professional Icon Kingsoft office 2010 professional
Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional is a complete office productivity suite includes: Kingsoft Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation.
Kalkulon Icon Kalkulon
Kalkulon is a programmable expression calculator.
KN-Base Lite Icon KN-Base Lite 1.0
KN-Base Lite keeps all your contacts, passwords, notes and links in one place.
Knowlege Manager Icon Knowlege Manager 1.01
Store all the little pieces of information you need to know.
Keyworditall Icon Keyworditall 1.0
Keyworditall is an efficient way to add metadata to the EXIF, IPTC and XMP keyword field of files.
Kingsoft Clip Icon Kingsoft Clip 1.0.1
If you are one of the people, who have been bothered for a long time by having to carry a USB cable or other connection kits to transfer between PC and Android devices, Kingsoft Clip is here for you. Kingsoft Clip is a small widget that allows you to share clipboard between PC and Android wirelessly.
KLatexFormula Icon KLatexFormula 3.2.2
Generate images from a LaTeX equations.
Krenoe Presentation Planner Icon Krenoe Presentation Planner 1.1.2000
Krenoe Presentation Planner is a useful application that enables users to effectively plan presentations.
Kernel for PDF to Word Icon Kernel for PDF to Word 11.6.2001
Kernel for PDF to Word is an easy-to-use and output-driven software that is capable to convert PDF to Word with utmost precision.
Kuka Access Change Case to Lower Upper Icon Kuka Access Change Case to Lower Upper 5.0
Change MS Access table field entries Case to Proper, Upper, Lower & Sentence .
KnowledgeWorkshop Personl Edition Icon KnowledgeWorkshop Personl Edition 1.0
This software helps you manage and connect the information on your PC and across the World Wide Web.
kaztrix DataBuilder Icon kaztrix DataBuilder 1.0
KazTrix DataBuilder 1.
KollectAll Icon KollectAll
KollectAll will prove to very easy-to-use even from the first day, while remaining flexible and strong enough to allow users to manage their collection as it grows.
kMeans Icon kMeans 1.0
Genetic marker data clustering made easy.
Knowledgebase 2008 Icon Knowledgebase 2008 1
Add a professional self-serve knowledgebase to your website.
Klick-N-View Business Cards Icon Klick-N-View Business Cards
Klick-N-View Business Cards makes designing and printing your business cards a snap!
Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional 2012 Icon Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional 2012
Kingsoft Spreadsheets Professional 2012 is one of the major elements of Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012, used to make the analysis of data easier than before.
Katsura Icon Katsura 1.0.0
Metabolic Pathway Analysis Tool.
Kill Multiple Processes and Tasks At Once Software Icon Kill Multiple Processes and Tasks At Once Software 7.0
End multiple processes or tasks at once.
Kruti To Mangal Icon Kruti To Mangal 1.0
Kruti to Mangal Converter is the first UNICODE CONVERTER in the market which can Convert Kruti Text into Mangal font directly in MS Word Files for HINDI, MARATHI, NEPALI and Other DEVNAGRI SCRIPTS.
KS-ProjectPlanner 2010 Icon KS-ProjectPlanner 2010 1.3
KS-ProjectPlanner 2010 is an advanced project management solution designed to enable you to easily manage your tasks.
Keyread08 Icon Keyread08 4.0
Mitsubishi,FX2N,FX2NC FX0N and FX PLC Unlock the keyword if you have lost the keyword this program will retrive it.
Kingsoft Office for Android Icon Kingsoft Office for Android 4.0.2
Kingsoft Office for Android is an efficient mobile office solution made exclusively for cell phones and tablet devices running the Android OS (2.
Kentucky Mileage Chart Icon Kentucky Mileage Chart 1.0
Kentucky Mileage Charts for Excel 2007, including times and distances, consists of a Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook containing four mileage charts giving distance and travel time route lengths for all fastest and shortest routes between the listed cit
Kt Calc Icon Kt Calc 1.0
Calculate the kt factor within a cylinder.
Kingsoft Presentation Professional 2012 Icon Kingsoft Presentation Professional 2012
Kingsoft Presentation Professional 2012 is a sophisticated and effective presentation and slide show software.
Kix Wholesale Software Icon Kix Wholesale Software 1.0
Allows you to locate wholesale products and sources online.
KiInvoice Icon KiInvoice 1.3.2000
Powerful, user friendly software to create Invoices, Purchase Orders and Packing Slips.
Data exploration platform to help you with your work.
Kernel for Word to PDF Icon Kernel for Word to PDF 11.2.2001
This Kernel for Word to PDF conversion software is a powerful tool and can always be considered as the most feasible alternative to perform Word to PDF file conversion.
Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012 Icon Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012
Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012 is designed to cater to the office need of users at home, school or company.
KwicKwic Icon KwicKwic 0.3.6
KwicKwic is a fast and easy-to-use tool for investigating text data (documents).
Keplerian Orbit Model Icon Keplerian Orbit Model 1.0
Study Newtonian gravity with the help of this simulation.
Kintecus Icon Kintecus 4.35
Run chemical kinetics of combustion, catalyst reactor and enzyme reactions.
KRYSTAL DMS - Community Edition Icon KRYSTAL DMS - Community Edition 3.0
keyCulator Icon keyCulator 1.2
keyCulator is the simplest calculator software in the world.
Kingsoft Office Free 2012 Icon Kingsoft Office Free 2012 8.1.2000
Kingsoft Office 2012 utilizes over two decades of global award winning experience to bring you the complete user-friendly office suite.
Keyword Tag Generator Icon Keyword Tag Generator 15-10-30
Keyword Tag Generator Software will help you place your tags and keywords in your posts. While using your wordpress, jummla or any other blog style, tags and keywords need to be placed with a comma or space seperation. Comma-Tags will do it for it.
Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac Icon Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac 6.1.2
Convert any videos and rip any DVD movies, download videos from Myspace and other 20+ websites, record your screen option on the desktop, Creat DVDs from SD or HD, Copy and burn DVD
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