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Aston2 Menu 1.4.2
New feature-rich Windows start menu replacement with enhanced functionality

Actual Title Buttons Icon Actual Title Buttons 6.6
Teach your windows new tricks to keep them well-ordered on your desktop.
AlphaXP Icon AlphaXP 1.1.2
Advanced Transparency Effects for Windows 2000/XP (Windows Enhancement!)
Actual Window Manager Icon Actual Window Manager 7.5
Actual Window Manager is a desktop productivity suite of over 50 tools, letting users change their interaction with windows in many new exciting ways: minimize windows to tray or screen, apply transparency, roll up, pin on top, auto-align windows, resize, etc.
AltSwitch Icon AltSwitch 1.1
Fast and stylish Alt-Tab replacement with task previews and skin support.
Active Tray Icon Active Tray 2.2
Everything the System Tray should have been, but never was - until NOW.
AlfaClock Icon AlfaClock 1.84
AlfaClock is a handy taskbar clock with powerful capabilities and stylish design. It comes with Atomic Clock Synchronization feature, alarm, ISO8601 compliant calendar, and date/time announcer. Download your copy of AlfaClock now
Alarm Notes Icon Alarm Notes 2.0
With Alarm Notes you never have to miss an important appointment again!
Actual Virtual Desktops Icon Actual Virtual Desktops 3.0.2
Create an activity-focused work environment, organize and expand your workspace.
Aligner Icon Aligner 2.73
Aligner lets you move your desktop wallpaper wherever you want.
Actual Title Buttons Lite Icon Actual Title Buttons Lite 2.0
Add new RollupUnroll Window and Stay on Top buttons to any window's title bar next to Minimize/Restore/Close. These useful new buttons are as easy to use as the standard ones. Configure any window to suit your tastes!
Actual Transparent Window Icon Actual Transparent Window 7.2
Actual Transparent Window serves the purpose of facilitating work with several windows at a time. A tool letting you quickly set and vary transparency level of any given window.
Actual Window Rollup Icon Actual Window Rollup 7.2
Actual Window Rollup fills up the functionality gap that users, familiarized with Unix/Linux/MacOS window managers, notice while managing workspace in Windows.
Accessor Pro Icon Accessor Pro 2.0
Accessor Pro gives a quick access to main Windows functions, folders, documents.
Actual Window Minimizer Icon Actual Window Minimizer 7.2
Actual Window Minimizer lets you minimize any window to tray by various means.
Actual Window Menu Icon Actual Window Menu 7.5
Discover new abilities of common system window menu - forget about windows mess!
AppLaunch Icon AppLaunch 1.2.0
Application launcher utility, allows organized groups of shortcuts with hot-keys
Absurd Terminator Icon Absurd Terminator 2.9
Fast Windows Shutdowner and Task Terminator
AutoMate Icon AutoMate
AutoMate anything in Windows without writing code
AllToTray Icon AllToTray 4.6.3
Minimize ANY program as icon in your System Tray.
AceHide Icon AceHide 1.5
Hide any application windows by using a hotkey or via an icon in your tray.
Asia 3Desktop Icon Asia 3Desktop 0.97
Asia is a 3D shell for windows desktop.
Actual Transparent Window Icon Actual Transparent Window 3.8
Awesome semi-transparent desktop will inspire you at work! Learn more.
AtClock Icon AtClock 1.2
AtClock replaces Windows taskbar clock adding skins support in to clock display.
Attache Taskbar Tooltip Icon Attache Taskbar Tooltip 1.3
Time zones, calendar, Zodiac signs, phases of the Moon in the tray icon tooltip.
Aldo's Macro Recorder Icon Aldo's Macro Recorder 4.1
Increase your productivity with this keyboard and mouse macro recorder.
Actual Window Decorations Icon Actual Window Decorations 2.0
Make windows easy and attractive with transparency, rollup and title buttons!
Actual Handy Windows Icon Actual Handy Windows 1.1
Add dozens of new window functions: Minimize To Tray, Stay on Top, Rollup; more!
Asilla Capture screen Icon Asilla Capture screen 1.1.1
Asilla Capture screen is a small program to capture the screen
Active Media Eclipse v.3 Personal Edition Icon Active Media Eclipse v.3 Personal Edition 3.0
Active Media Eclipse v.3 is the best Free Screen Saver Authoring Toolkit
AnotherDesk Icon AnotherDesk 1.22
AnotherDesk is an easy to use tool that can create multiple desktops.
AutoHotkey Icon AutoHotkey 1.0.20
Macros: Automate almost anything. Hotkeys: Keyboard, mouse, and joystick.
Auto Window Manager Icon Auto Window Manager 1.5
Resize programs automatically,transparent windows,minimize to tray,stay on top.
Albion StopNow! Icon Albion StopNow! 3.3
Take regular breaks to help prevent RSI with this easy to use taskbar tool.
Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Lite Icon Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Lite 5.0
It's not just Wallpaper, it's not just Calendar. It's both!
AtomTime Pro Icon AtomTime Pro 3.1d
AtomTime Pro will set your PC clock to the correct time.
Alarmbelle Icon Alarmbelle 1.0
PC alarm clock with stopwatch, timer and metric conversion
Auto Web View Screensaver Icon Auto Web View Screensaver 3.00
View a newscast on your desktop: news, sports, stocks, weather, entertainment.
Amazing clock Icon Amazing clock 1.2
There are a lot of amazing clocks - on your desktop!
AirCompare Yahoo! Widget Icon AirCompare Yahoo! Widget 1.4
Compare air ticket travel prices on thousands of flights with one click.
AltDesk Icon AltDesk 1.9
Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows 9x/XP/Vista, skins supported
Active Virtual Desktop Icon Active Virtual Desktop 2.01
Virtual desktop manager which will create up to 9 desktops.
Aston Icon Aston 2.0
New generation of Windows desktop enhancement, beauty and power at your service.
AuctionSplash Icon AuctionSplash
Advanced selling tools with FREE image hsoting and templates.
ATNSOFT Key Remapper Icon ATNSOFT Key Remapper 1.2
A multi-functional key, mouse button and mouse wheel remapper
Atrise Wakeup Icon Atrise Wakeup 2.2.0
The Atrise Wakeup is an alarm clock with music alarms.
AheadBy Icon AheadBy 1.0
It allows a user to change the output format of the System Tray Clock.
Anuko World Clock Icon Anuko World Clock
Anuko World Clock is a download for Windows that replaces the regular system clock with several time zones of your choosing.
Atomic Alarm Clock Icon Atomic Alarm Clock 5.9
Alert yourself about important events with different alarms and replace your computer tray clock using different skins.
Alarm Clock for Daily Alarms Icon Alarm Clock for Daily Alarms 1.0
Alarm Clock Download for Setting up Daily Alarms On XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Active Alarm Clock Icon Active Alarm Clock 3.5
Say bye to the conventional Windows tray clocks.
aSc TimeTables Icon aSc TimeTables 2012.8.3
aSc TimeTables is built as the only timetabling solution that can generate school timetable up to the last card.
AllTimes Icon AllTimes 1.1.0 Beta
AllTimes lets you run as many as 15 real-time analog clocks at the same time.
Ampare STOF Icon Ampare STOF 1.5b
Ampare STOF is a simple software launcher to help you with your tasks, help you schedule the time when to open a software or go to a webpage.
AlwaysRemember Icon AlwaysRemember 1.0
Manage birthdays of your friends and your important tasks.
Atchoo Icon Atchoo 0.72
Atchoo is a sweet little software meant to provide the Outlook reminder experience(tm) for Google Calendar events.
Alarm Deluxe Icon Alarm Deluxe 1.0
Desktop reminder application.
Alive Event Manager Icon Alive Event Manager
This program is an electronic calendar in which all entries can be executed as separate subject folders.
Aero Enabler Icon Aero Enabler
Easily enable the Aero effect where it's not possible.
Aero Taskbar Color Changer Icon Aero Taskbar Color Changer
Aero Taskbar Color Changer is a nice and simple software for modifying the coloring of the taskbar on Windows 7.
Application LaunchPad XP Icon Application LaunchPad XP 1.3
Application Launchpad XP has a Graphical User Interface that allows the user to quickly launch Applications, reducing the need to use the Windows Start Menu.
Actual Windows Manager Icon Actual Windows Manager 6.5.1
Are you interested in clearing your desktop quickly and simply Want to minimize any programs to your system tray and resume them whenever you need Ok, the tray minimized is an ideal solution just for you!
AutoSizer Icon AutoSizer 1.71
Some details in using PC can be really annoying.
AeroWeather Icon AeroWeather 2
Weather-based Aero Color.
Aniosoft Fast Open Icon Aniosoft Fast Open 1.4.1
Aniosoft FastOpen is a small tool that can quickly launch a software or open a file.
AeroShake Icon AeroShake 2.7
Emulate the AeroShake feature in Microsoft Windows 7.
AKS Desktop Cleaner Icon AKS Desktop Cleaner
Quickly clean your desktop from unnecessary files.
Ardoise Icon Ardoise 1.13
Ardoise (blackboard) allows you to write/draw/erase everything (useful reminder).
Azureus Stats Icon Azureus Stats 3.0
Azureus Stats is a sidebar gadget, show Azureus's current total Download and Upload speed in the sidebar.
Aero Blur Hider Icon Aero Blur Hider
Aero Blur Hider increase visibility for your windows borders.
AppPlus Icon AppPlus 4.1.0
This menu bar and tray launcher docks to your desktop, floats, or sits in your system tray.
AKFAvatar Icon AKFAvatar 0.21.2
AKFAvatar creates an avatar that will appear on the screen and tells things written in a balloon.
AutoLogExp Icon AutoLogExp 2010b
AutoLogin to Web Accounts, Forms Fill, Links, & Shortcuts Manager.
Affirmator Icon Affirmator 1.2
Affirmator lets you display affirmations and quotes on your screen when and where you want them.
ALDI Information Icon ALDI Information 1.0
ALDI Information is a sidebar gadget, set the current special buys from ALDI into your Windows Sidebar and remain constantly up to date.
AltDrag Icon AltDrag 1.0 Beta 1
AltDrag is a simple to use software that can be used by abyone with ease.
Arrange Vista Sidebar Icon Arrange Vista Sidebar 1.2.2 Beta
Arrange Vista Sidebar can arrange the gadgets in your Windows Vista Sidebar.
Adjust Work Area Icon Adjust Work Area
Adjust Work Area is a command line that allows you to Adjust your desktop Work Area with ease.
AnyStart Icon AnyStart 1.4
A user defined favorite start menu.
Amblit Easy Navigator Icon Amblit Easy Navigator 2.0
Organize access to your programs, files, Web sites, individual Web pages and personal notes the way you want.
AutoHideDesktopIcons Icon AutoHideDesktopIcons 1.66
Auto Hide Desktop Icons is a lightweight portable Windows program.
Automatically Switch Between Applications At Certain Times Software Icon Automatically Switch Between Applications At Certain Times Software 7.0
Automatically switch between programs at certain intervals.
Automatically Lock Computer Software Icon Automatically Lock Computer Software 7.0
Automatically lock your computer with a username and password.
Automatically Close Popup Windows By Name Software Icon Automatically Close Popup Windows By Name Software 7.0
Close windows by their name before they appear.
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