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eliminates all unwanted annoying pop-up ads and windows automatically!

Address URL Edit Icon Address URL Edit 5.1
A little tool that helps user to clear the history in Internet Explorer.
AM-DeadLink Icon AM-DeadLink 3.1
checks Browser-Bookmarks for dead links and duplicates
AdPurger Icon AdPurger 2.51
Eliminate pop-up windows and ad banners with this software
Advanced URLs filter for Internet Explorer Icon Advanced URLs filter for Internet Explorer
Softly cleans advertising (Banners, Popups), flexible Web Zones management, control of access to the Web Zones and scheduling accessing time.
AiS AliveProxy server Icon AiS AliveProxy server 4
Protect is 100% guaranteed your privacy.
AimAtSite IE Toolbar Icon AimAtSite IE Toolbar 3.0
AimAtSite is a smart search toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Advanced Link Catalog Icon Advanced Link Catalog 1.07xp
Utility to catalog, organize, annotate and back up your Internet bookmarks
AAA TrioneX Web Finder Icon AAA TrioneX Web Finder 2.0.50
You enter a keyword and it will search web pages all over the world!
AcqURL Icon AcqURL 7.2
Very easy to use, powerful, bookmark manager including an FTP client & file mgr.
Avral URLchopper Icon Avral URLchopper 1.0
Accelerates site navigation in Internet Explorer. Save time, reduce stress.
ActiveURLs Check&Get Free Icon ActiveURLs Check&Get Free 1.14
(FREE) Smart explorer-like bookmark manager and web monitoring program.
ATS MultiPage Control Center Icon ATS MultiPage Control Center 1.0.0
Open, control, hide simultaneous web pages, administer your links and much more
AWS Toolbar Icon AWS Toolbar 1.1
Give Your Browser a Boost with the AWS Toolbar!
The FREE AWS Toolbar installs in seconds and includes:
-Web ..
Advanced Popup Killer Icon Advanced Popup Killer 4.0
Get rid of all those annoying windows that pop up when you surf the Internet!
AdsCleaner Icon AdsCleaner 4.3.16
AdsCleaner is a perfect ad stopper, pop up blocker and online privacy tool
AbcShortcuts IE Toolbar Icon AbcShortcuts IE Toolbar 1.0
Lists the websites you visited in 26 menus (a-z) for quick access. Free.
Ad Muncher Icon Ad Muncher 4.7
Powerful advert and popup blocking system for all browsers.
Anonymous Browsing Toolbar Icon Anonymous Browsing Toolbar 3.3
Hide IP address, by selecting a proxy from a specify country.
Asiloque Icon Asiloque 1.00
The URL manager (Internet bookmark organizer). Easy to use.
AEVITA Save Flash Icon AEVITA Save Flash 1.5
AEVITA Save Flash lets you easily save flash movies right from Internet Explorer
Auto URL Refresher Icon Auto URL Refresher 2.0
Refresh your url automatically.
AddPreview Icon AddPreview 1.0
Enhances Google, Yahoo and MSN search results with preview pictures.
Advanced URLs filter  for Internet Explorer Icon Advanced URLs filter for Internet Explorer
Softly cleans advertising (Banners, Popups), flexible Web Zones management
Auscomp Smart Login Icon Auscomp Smart Login 5.0.2
Quick & easy auto-login with 448 bit security for MS IE 5+.
Ad-Rage 2003 Icon Ad-Rage 2003 1.1
Ad Rage 2003 is a popup window killer like no other and requires no configuring.
Albion CrossLinks Icon Albion CrossLinks 1.5
Ever wished a web site had the links you needed, rather than the links the web site designer needed? A simple right-click lets you add search, translation, unit conversion, currency
conversion, email and other links to any web page you are browsing.
Auction Explorer for eBay Icon Auction Explorer for eBay 1.1.10
Auction Explorer is the first and only Internet Explorer Add-on for eBay
abylon READER Icon abylon READER 5.5
Freeware for Decrypting and verifying of files
Auction Informant Icon Auction Informant 2.2.5
Receive an email message whenever an item you're selling on eBay receives a bid.
AI RoboForm Icon AI RoboForm 6.5.3
Saves your(online&offline) passwords, automatically logs you in, fills web forms
ABC Amber Internet Explorer Converter Icon ABC Amber Internet Explorer Converter 1.03
Useful Internet Explorer's bookmarks converter to CHM, PDF and HTML formats
Anonymous Friend Icon Anonymous Friend 2.7
Anonymous Friend masks IP address by routing traffic through anonymous proxies
APNOTI - Amazon Price Notification Icon APNOTI - Amazon Price Notification 0.0.8
Apnoti Browser Extension alerts you when Amazon product prices change
About Parenting Icon About Parenting 1.0
About Parenting Resources Toolbar, with Live Updates, Links to Communities and Blogs, and all the tips and advice a parent could want. Whether you want parenting help tips or parenting advice you'll want to have these quick resources.
ActiveBoard Perl CGI Script Icon ActiveBoard Perl CGI Script 2.01
The ActiveBoard is a powerful, multi-threaded, easy to use, easy to navigate and fully customizable message board system. It will provide you with the most flexible, selectible, and reliable discussion area for a reasonable fee.
AccountLogon Icon AccountLogon 2.5
Wouldn't it be great if you could remember just ONE password that gave you access to ALL your web accounts without compromising security?
AddaButton Icon AddaButton 4.1
Add custom buttons directly to Internet Explorers own toolbar which can be used to launch any program or document on your computer.
AuctionBrowser Icon AuctionBrowser 1.0
Quickly search 4 auction sites for items that you are looking for. All you have to do is type in the item that you are looking for and it searches ebay, yahoo, bidbay and amazon's auctions for it.
ABF Internet Explorer Tools on CD-ROM Icon ABF Internet Explorer Tools on CD-ROM
ABF Internet Explorer Tools is a very useful add-on for Internet Explorer.
Automated External Defibrillator Icon Automated External Defibrillator 1.0
Automated External Defibrillator toolbar for Internet Explorer. Get more informateion on automated external defibrillators, also known as AED's. Contains RSS feed and is constantly updated with lates on defibrillator news from around the world.
Act History & PopUp Killer Icon Act History & PopUp Killer 3.252
If protecting your Internet privacy is a priority, Act History & Pop-Up Killer & Web Content Filter does an outstanding job of wiping surfing history from your PC.
AidMaker Icon AidMaker 1.0
Make the world better for FREE. Do you want to make the world a better place? Fight climate change? Improve animal welfare? Combat diseases? Now you can for FREE. Through your shopping!
Alaska Fishing Lodge Icon Alaska Fishing Lodge 1.0
Alaska Fishing Lodge toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find more information on Alaska fishing, Alaska fishing lodges, Alaska salmon fishing and Alaska salmon fishing lodges.
Alaska Sportfishing Lodges Icon Alaska Sportfishing Lodges 1.0
Alaska Sportfishing Lodges toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find Alaska Sportfishing Lodges sites, blogs and information. Easy way to reach and research Alaska Sportfishing Lodges. Everything you will need to find the best Alaska Sportfishing Lodges.
Anxiety Cure Icon Anxiety Cure 1.0
Anxiety Cure toolbar for Firefox. Panic and anxiety help information in a toolbar format. Find all your panic and anxiety info in one place. Symptoms, Treatments and cures.
Anxiety Relief Icon Anxiety Relief 1.0
Anxiety Relief toolbar for Internet Explorer. Panic and anxiety help information in a toolbar format. Find all your panic and anxiety info in one place. Symptoms, Treatments and cures.
Anxiety Therapy Icon Anxiety Therapy 1.0
Anxiety therapy toolbar for Firefox. Panic and anxiety help information in a toolbar format. Find all your panic and anxiety info in one place. Symptoms, Treatments and cures.
ameriplan Icon ameriplan 1.0
Ameriplan toolbar for internet explorer.
Advertise In Europe Icon Advertise In Europe 1.0
Advertise In Europe toolbar for Internet Explorer. Explore buy and sell marketing leads. Reach buyers and sellers from Europe and around the World.
Acne Treatment Browser Icon Acne Treatment Browser 1.0
Acne treatment toolbar for internet explorer. Read all the latest acne treatment news, articles, and reviews while you surf the internet.
Ace Hardware Icon Ace Hardware 1.0
Ace hardware toolbar for Internet Explorer. Buy Computers, Laptops and Hardware. Buy computers from the website and access site from toolbar.
APNOTI - Amazon Price Notification - Firefox Edition Icon APNOTI - Amazon Price Notification - Firefox Edition 1.1.7
Are you a frequent Amazon shopper? Then Apnoti is THE solution to find good deals and make use of the Amazon 30-day refund program.
Auktionator im A-Deal Business Office Icon Auktionator im A-Deal Business Office 8.3.6.
Professioneller Handel im Internet, auf eBay und per Telefon.Die komplette Abwicklung offline fr eBay, provisionsfreien Web-Shop, Corporate Design, Lagerhaltung, eMail, kostenfreie Hotline, uvm.
Amazing IE Extension Icon Amazing IE Extension 1
The Amazing IE Extension is an add-in for the standard Internet explorer.
Auction-Typos Misspelled Auctions Toolbar Icon Auction-Typos Misspelled Auctions Toolbar 1.1
Searches eBay for misspelt items and provides useful eBay shortcuts and links for buying, selling and more. Every day 1000's of items are listed on eBay with misspelled or badly written titles.
Affordable Web Hosting Icon Affordable Web Hosting 2.0
Our editors have made it incredibly simple for you to locate the ideal webhost for you with our reviews comparing the top 5 webhosts voted on by analysing their price and performance.Do not choose another webhost without first reading our reviews.
Aliendownload Toolbar Icon Aliendownload Toolbar 1.1
Integrates with Internet Explorer's toolbar. Features include software search, Online Games, Weather, Ringtones.
Active Worlds browser Icon Active Worlds browser 4.1
The ActiveWorlds program is a combination of 3D instant chat, virtual world browser and real-time 3D construction using the latest technology as seen in RPG games.
Atomic Toolbar Icon Atomic Toolbar 0.05
Easy to use toolbar for Internet Explore with good features for Atomic Toolbar. There is cleaner for cookies. There is search engines. The search engines are Google, Yahoo. You can stop annoying pop-ups.
Advanced Control (Add-on MSIE) Icon Advanced Control (Add-on MSIE) 2.1
The program installs as a new button in the IE toolbar (as well as a new menu item under "Tools").Just hit the "Advanced Control" button and it pops up a dialog (you must select the script *.vbs/*.js file from {app}\scripts directory).
A_AutoSurfer Icon A_AutoSurfer 1.2.1
Set the time you want the program to pause between sites. Relax and let the program open and expose new pages from your site for google site map creation. Or increnent those counters that never get visitors to increment them.
AuntyJean - Family Filter for Internet Explorer Icon AuntyJean - Family Filter for Internet Explorer 1.00
The AuntyJean internet explorer toolbar, monitors web surfing with internet explorer and blocks and logs sites it detects to have unacceptable content.You can set various tolerance levels and set up several users to have different access levels.
Alambik Viewer Icon Alambik Viewer 1.50
Enjoy Alambik's multi-content audiovisual productions within a native standalone window or audiovisual productions embedded within an HTML browser. With Alambik, you can view and interact with 3D, 2D and sound on the Web.
Ad-Sweeper Icon Ad-Sweeper 1.2
Ad-Sweeper can prevents any annoying pop-up ad windows before its generation.You will never see the pop-up ad windows, so that your band width will be saved.Unlike other similar software,Ad-Sweeper will never block the normal pop-up windows.
AT Kids Browser Icon AT Kids Browser 3.2
The Internet, though revolutionary, has never really been designed for kids. In addition to the technological barriers, it's hard for our young web surfers to avoid all of the junk floating around cyberspace.
AdDelete Icon AdDelete 2.0
AdDelete is a comprehensive filter technology so that you can focus on your internet browsing without the clutter and block unwanted advertising and popup windows.
Active Favorites Icon Active Favorites 1.0
Active Favorites (AFAVOR) - simple and easy to use tool that allows you to very quickly access Internet Explorer Favorites (bookmarks). When AFAVOR is running, an accurate miniature icon appears on the taskbar on the end opposite the Start button.
Auction Central Icon Auction Central 1.802
Auction Central allows you to simultaneously search over 200 auction sites.
AtomNet Icon AtomNet 1.2
There are many Internet and off-line browsers today, but AtomNet has some special characteristics that make it different: Smallness. Zip support: AtomNet browses HTML pages and images and plays WAV files, compressed into zip files,.
Advanced URL Catalog Icon Advanced URL Catalog 2.29
Advanced URL Catalog is a complete bookmark management solution that will allow you to manage, organize, synchronize, remove duplicates and validate your favorite internet pages.
Antamedia DHCP Server Software Icon Antamedia DHCP Server Software 3.0
Antamedia DHCP Server software is feature rich free DHCP software for Windows from developers of worldwide leading Internet Cafe and HotSpot software.
Auto Traffic Xploit Review Icon Auto Traffic Xploit Review 1.0
Auto Traffic Xploit Review Site
Adikit Icon Adikit 1 is a collection of web resources aimed at internet programmers.
Aurigma Up iPhone Uploader Icon Aurigma Up iPhone Uploader 1.0.1
Add an iPhone uploader to your website for visitors to upload photos.
ASPS Secure Web Browser Icon ASPS Secure Web Browser 2.0
The ASPS Secure Web Browser provides the most secure copy protection for web pages and is the only solution recommended where the prevention of copy and unauthorized redistribution is mission critical.
Amnesty Hypercube for Mac OS Icon Amnesty Hypercube for Mac OS 0.5
Move web widgets, flash games and video out of your browser and onto your desktop.
Adobe Digital Editions for Mac OS Icon Adobe Digital Editions for Mac OS 1.7.2
An engaging new way to read and manage eBooks and other digital publications.
AddressBookSync for Mac OS Icon AddressBookSync for Mac OS 1.5
An application to download Facebook profile pictures to Address Book cards.
Adobe Media Player for Mac OS Icon Adobe Media Player for Mac OS 1.6
Provides control and flexibility to view what you want, when you want -  whether online or offline.
Analytics to Earth for Mac OS Icon Analytics to Earth for Mac OS 1.0
View your Analytics Georeports on a 3D Google Earth Globe in the integrated browser (which utilises the Google Earth Internet-Plugin) or export your data to a .
Advanced Web Ranking for Mac OS Icon Advanced Web Ranking for Mac OS 7.1
Checking your web site position is a very time consuming task.
Amigo for Mac OS Icon Amigo for Mac OS 1.2
Lives discretely in your menu bar, giving you quick and easy access to all your friends on Facebook.
Agent Craig for Mac OS Icon Agent Craig for Mac OS 1.0
An intelligent search agent that monitorsA publicly available sources of information, (like Craig’s List), for the items or ads you want to find.
Advanced Link Manager for Mac OS Icon Advanced Link Manager for Mac OS 7.1
Almost all major search engines that exist today, rank a web page based on the number and the quality of links that point to that web page.
AP Grapher for Mac OS Icon AP Grapher for Mac OS 1.2.1
A freeware program for Mac OS X which searches for and displays nearby wireless (AirPort/WiFi) access points along with information about their percent availability, maximum signal strength, and last contact time.
Aristo for Mac OS Icon Aristo for Mac OS 1.0
Aristo with it’s simple and user-friendly interface provides convenient and fast downloads.
AirRadar for Mac OS Icon AirRadar for Mac OS 2.0.5
Scanning for wireless networks is now easier and more personalized!
AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer for Mac OS Icon AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer for Mac OS 0.9
A professional network analyzer (also known as protocol analyzer and packet sniffer), AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer performs real-time packet capturing, network monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing, in-depth packet decoding.
AutoScan-Network for Mac OS Icon AutoScan-Network for Mac OS 1.42
An application designed to explore and to manage your network.
AutoKrypt for Mac OS Icon AutoKrypt for Mac OS 8.34
Encryption software designed for automation.
AutomountMaker for Mac OS Icon AutomountMaker for Mac OS 1.3.4
AutomountMaker is a tool for mounting filesystems of type SMB, AFP, FTP and others.
AllSecure for Mac OS Icon AllSecure for Mac OS 1.2.2
Far more than just a password manager, AllSecure is the safest place to store all of your valuable information on your Mac.
Airlock for Mac OS Icon Airlock for Mac OS 1.0
Allows your Mac to lock itself, plain and simple.
AirPort Flow for Mac OS Icon AirPort Flow for Mac OS 1.0
A small utility to monitor the transfer rates on an AirPort Extreme.
addRouting for Mac OS Icon addRouting for Mac OS 1.0
A little tool that helps to manage a list of individual routings, differing from the default gateway.
Amigabit Privacy Cleaner Icon Amigabit Privacy Cleaner
Erase computer and Internet history, cookies, cache and traces.
AdThwart Icon AdThwart 0.9.3
AdThwart prevents many advertisements from appearing on web pages you view with Google Chrome.
Autoradio 2 din Icon Autoradio 2 din 1.0
If you are looking for excellent quality dual sim phones or autoradio 2 din at discounted prices, please come and visit our site that offers some of the top autoradio con navigatore you will love to have.
Absolute Internet Explorer Log Eraser Icon Absolute Internet Explorer Log Eraser
Internet Log Cleaner completely and permanently remove all traces of internet activity.
AnalogX CookieWall Icon AnalogX CookieWall 1.2
AnalogX CookieWall allows you to quickly and easily decide which cookies can stay on your computer, and which should be deleted.
asp template builder Icon asp template builder 2.0
Build your ASP website faster than ever.
Adguard for Opera Icon Adguard for Opera
Adguard is unique internet filter that removes ads, ad-trackers and pop-ups.
AOL Desktop Icon AOL Desktop 10.1
AOL Desktop Search is one of many value-added features shoring up America Online's upcoming alternative Web browser, currently code-named AOL Browser.
Alert+ Weather Icon Alert+ Weather
Alert+ Weather allows you to add weather alerts, current conditions, and forecast weather to your desktop.
Autofill Forms Icon Autofill Forms
Autofill Forms is a Firefox extension, it will automatically fill out web forms automatically based on the profiles you create, enables you to fill out web forms with one click or a keyboard shortcut.
AI RoboForm2Go Icon AI RoboForm2Go 7.1.7
RoboForm2Go - Take your passwords wherever you go!
Absolute Deluxe Icon Absolute Deluxe 2.0
Stop wasting your time on first searching for quality web sites, then waiting for the main pages to come up and then retyping your search strings in each site's search boxes before finding the information you are looking for.
AllegroSurf Network Icon AllegroSurf Network
Control and understand how your Internet connection is being used.
AutoWikiCite Icon AutoWikiCite 0.9 Alpha
AutoWikiCite is a citation tool to help you with your work.
Adblock Plus for Firefox Icon Adblock Plus for Firefox 2.1.2
Adblock Plus picks up where Adblock left off.
AdSubtract Icon AdSubtract 3.06
This software blocks popups and pop-unders.
AbsoluteShield IE Popup Blocker Icon AbsoluteShield IE Popup Blocker 1.40
This program is a configurable pop-up ad killer.
AdIEFiltr Icon AdIEFiltr
AdIEFiltr allows you to disable pop-up windows and advertising banners in Internet Explorer.
Anti-Popup Pro Icon Anti-Popup Pro 1.43
This pop-up blocker enables you to browse Web pages without disturbance of pop-up ads.
ADBeGone PopUp Killer Icon ADBeGone PopUp Killer 1.20
This software prevents pop-ups from opening as you surf the Internet.
AdAshman Icon AdAshman 1.1
This software directly analyzes network IP traffic and Web page source codes, filtering out ad information.
AntiPopUp for IE Icon AntiPopUp for IE 1.7
This software will automatically close certain pop-up windows.
Armada Browser Icon Armada Browser 1.11
Armada Browser is a small application that was especially designed to help you navigate the Internet and open your favorite websites with no effort.
Access Password Get Icon Access Password Get 5.0
APG can easily use to recover the password for all version of MSAccess DB files.
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