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Internet Research Toolbar 1.001
IRT connects IE to a database that stores Web pages, Web selections and text.

IEMonitor Icon IEMonitor 2.4
Monitor IE browser windows' status, also can delete history and close popup
IE Guardian Icon IE Guardian 6.4.0
Customize and protect your IE settings against malicious changes, stop pop-ups.
IE Organiser Icon IE Organiser 1
Maximise, minimise, sort and arrange multiple IE windows simultaneously.
Iwash Icon Iwash 2.20
Protect your privacy. It deletes cookies + cache- at any time interval you set.
IE Save Buddy Icon IE Save Buddy 1.0
Save,collect,manage information from Internet in an easy and efficient manner
iSpellit Icon iSpellit 1.0
iSpellit is a spell checking utility that integrates into Internet Explorer
IE Count Keywords Icon IE Count Keywords 1.0
Counts keyword occurences on any page from IE context menus.
IE Count Text Icon IE Count Text 1.0
Counts text in any form field on any page from IE context menu.
IFocus Icon IFocus 1.2
View those vitals pages of the net without have to stop working.
Internet Organizer Deluxe Icon Internet Organizer Deluxe 2.5
Organize urls, emails, passwords, notes, advertising, and all WEB activities.
IE5 Koolbar Icon IE5 Koolbar 1.0
(FREE) IE5 Koolbar lets you change Internet Explorer 5 toolbar backround to any picture you want to display.
IE Privacy Keeper Icon IE Privacy Keeper 2.7
Securely cleans up all traces of your Internet activity
Incredi IE Manager Icon Incredi IE Manager 1.3
Add Many Features to Internet Explorer with this easy to use program.
IElogin Icon IElogin 2.02
IElogin is a login manager for Internet Explorer useful for anybody every day..
InstantBar Icon InstantBar 1.0
InstantBar allows to create toolbar, replace text with links in IE, show popup..
IEHistoryView Icon IEHistoryView 1.31
Displays the list of all Web sites that you recently visited.
IECookiesView Icon IECookiesView 1.70
Displays the cookies that Internet Explorer stores on your computer
iBee Icon iBee 1.5
Save exact content that you selected in web pages
iNetCalc Icon iNetCalc 2.65
Internet connection speed meter and bandwidth monitor with ad-banners filter.
IE AutoFill Icon IE AutoFill 3.41
IE Form Filler for saving and filling web forms. The saved data can be edited.
IntraLaunch Icon IntraLaunch 6.0
A program to allow you to build custom web interfaces that can access local workstation resources. Run applications, documents, associations such as Word/Acrobat PDF docs. Other useful features including listing local files, machine shutdown, etc.
Image Zoom Icon Image Zoom 1.50
Enlarge and explore the web page image with one click.
IE AutoLogin Icon IE AutoLogin 2.12
IE Password Manager. Easy to use and edit saved login profiles. IE AutoComplete.
IEasy Cleaner Icon IEasy Cleaner 1.5
Erases browser cookies, history and history and temporary files.
IE DOM Inspector Icon IE DOM Inspector 1.5.1
A add-in for IE that allows you to inspect and edit the live HTML DOM
IESizer ToolBar SharewareMatrix Edition Icon IESizer ToolBar SharewareMatrix Edition 0.05
View sites in different window size and find software by one click.
IE Lock Icon IE Lock 1.03
IE Lock works with Internet Explorer but locks it only to the sites you allow.
IE Screenshot Pro Icon IE Screenshot Pro
Save an entire webpage as an image file or thumbnail image with a single click.
image quick saver Icon image quick saver 1.0
Image Quick Saver allows you to save web images quickly and easily
IEToggle Icon IEToggle 1.14
Icon or hotkey which pops to front, Internet Explorer with a web page of choice.
Inquiry Professional Edition Icon Inquiry Professional Edition 1.4
Fast and easy way to browse, save and analyze the information on the Internet
Inquiry Standard Edition Icon Inquiry Standard Edition 1.9 SR1
Fast and easy way to browse, save and analyze the information on the Internet
IE WebDeveloper Icon IE WebDeveloper 2.1.1
Web debugging toolset for IE, Webpage Inspector, Script Console, Event Log...
ieSnapshotter Icon ieSnapshotter 1.01
ieSnapshotter is a Plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites and convert html or text files to images. Anything you can view with internet explorer you can take a snapshot using this plugin.
IE Open Selected URL Icon IE Open Selected URL
Open links in Internet Explorer that aren't clickable.
Irish Psychics Icon Irish Psychics 1.0
Irish Psychics toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find Phone Psychics in Ireland and esoteric resources. Easily get information on Irish Psychics and Phone Psychics in Ireland and other relevant information.
IEWatcher Icon IEWatcher 1.30
Are you still suffering from bothering Ad popups, flashes or Gif animations on the web pages? Are you expecting to download your favorite flash movies found in web pages for later use?
ImageWolf Icon ImageWolf 1.04.003
ImageWolf is a tool for finding picture and movie files on the Internet.You use ImageWolf by giving it a starting URL and some keywords.
Italy Vacation Icon Italy Vacation 1.0
Italy vacation toolbar for Internet Explorer.
Internet Marketing Canada Icon Internet Marketing Canada 1.0
Internet Marketing Optimization toolbar for IE and firefox users.
Internet and Web Reviews Icon Internet and Web Reviews 1.0
Get the latest information about Internet and Web News and reviews with this Internet Explorer Toolbar that will get you updated. Find resources about what is happening in the web. Easily reach information about Web 2.
Internet Video Advertising Icon Internet Video Advertising 1.0
Internet video advertising toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find ways to access online video advertising media creation. Low cost opportunities for small businesses to create video ads for their websites.
IE Doctor Icon IE Doctor 3.71
IE Doctor can help you to Repair IE easily, protect IE from all the malicious changes.It can Repair the homepage, context menu, IE toolbar button, startup items, Favorites, typed Urls and the entire Internet Options.
Informatin Search - Health & Fitness Icon Informatin Search - Health & Fitness 1.0
Health and fitness toolbar for FireFox from Information Search. Provides a quick way to access the topics and subjects relating to Health and Fitness located on Information Search dot BIZ.
IENoter Pro Icon IENoter Pro
IENoter is a convenient, easy-to-use, valuable html and website note and management tool.
IENoter Standard Icon IENoter Standard
IENoter is a convenient, easy-to-use, valuable html and website note and management tool.
iComment Icon iComment 1.0.12
The brand new iComment single browser button that lets you read and write comments all over the Web. You can write on any web page, profile page, anywhere! iComment is a free button for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Iguana Care Icon Iguana Care 1.0
A guide to help you care for your pet iguana. Includes tips and strategies to keep your pet healthy and happy. Don't let pet store misinformation harm your pet iguana, find out how to care for them properly.
IVA Debt Solution Icon IVA Debt Solution 1.0
Internet Explorer Toolbar to help UK homeowners and tenants find an IVA Debt Solution to help clear debts of Tu15, 000+.
IE Spell Checker Icon IE Spell Checker 2
Free spell checker for Internet Explorer installs in seconds, no more misspelled words with our completely free spell checker.
IQMS Toolbar Icon IQMS Toolbar 1.0
iQ Management Systems are a UK based management systems training consultancy, offering in house training programmes in areas from Prince2 to health and safety management.
Increase Web Site Traffic Icon Increase Web Site Traffic 2.0
MyInstantTraffic will help you increase web site traffic and get more visitors to your site. Best of all, the increased visitors to your site won't cost you a penny.
InternetOK Icon InternetOK 2.2
This Utility Can Manage Your Internet Explorer Settings. Such as home Page, Search Page,Search Bar, Etc. Also You can Change It's Interface. Adding Bitmap To Ie Toolbar, Internet Explorer Title, Brand Bitmap,Etc.
IntelligentProfile Icon IntelligentProfile 1.0
IntelligentProfile is an ideal software tool for people who have to fill out various webforms.
ITW Toolbar Icon ITW Toolbar 1.1.3
ITW Toolbare becomes a part of your Internet Explorer browser toolbar so you can instantly get our Hot Travel Deals and other travel news no matter where you are on the web. It's easy to install and even easier to use - and best of all it's FREE!
Insurance Buddy Icon Insurance Buddy 2.1
Insurance Buddy 2.
IE Performance Addon Icon IE Performance Addon 1.0
You made request to favorite searching engine and have got a lot of links? How to review this links without troubles?
IPGadget for Mac OS Icon IPGadget for Mac OS 1.7
A small utility for calculating IPv4 addresses and subnet masks.
iPassConnect for Mac OS Icon iPassConnect for Mac OS 3.0
The mobility service enables iPass corporate account holders access to over 100,000 commercial Wi-Fi hotspots in 80 countries with a single username and password with no additional costs to pay the hotspot.
iMacros for Chrome for Mac OS Icon iMacros for Chrome for Mac OS 1.1
If you love the Chrome web browser, but are tired of repetitive tasks like visiting the same sites every days, filling out forms, and remembering passwords, then iMacros for Chrome is the solution you’ve been dreaming of!
iWeb Valet for Mac OS Icon iWeb Valet for Mac OS 2.3.9
As in Apples iWeb 09, this gives you the power to add new interactive widgets to your web pages!
iBrowser for Mac OS Icon iBrowser for Mac OS 1.6b5
Embedded desktop background “Anti-Kiosk/Kiosk” lighting fast multi-process web browser that displayed webpages in fullscreen with a build in bookmark menu.
Image Drop for Mac OS Icon Image Drop for Mac OS 1.0.2
If you find yourself constantly using image hosting services like Image Shack or Twitpic then the chances are big that you’re wasting time by using these sites to upload your images.
iWeb SEO Tool for Mac OS Icon iWeb SEO Tool for Mac OS 1.9.1
Quickly and easily optimize your iWeb based website for search engines then publish directly to your iDisk or FTP server without ever leaving the application.
iGooMap for Mac OS Icon iGooMap for Mac OS 2.0.5
Automatically create XML Sitemaps conforming to the sitemap protocol, upload to your server and notify all search engines supporting sitemaps.
iGetter for Mac OS Icon iGetter for Mac OS 2.8
A powerful, full featured download manager and accelerator.
Internet Cleanup for Mac OS Icon Internet Cleanup for Mac OS 5.0
Hidden surveillance programs can be lurking on your Mac recording what you type, where you browse and even taking snapshots of your screen.
iForgot for Mac OS Icon iForgot for Mac OS 1.4
Control your Mac using chat, email or text messaging with iForgot!
iGet for Mac OS Icon iGet for Mac OS 2.7.1
An inventive file transfer tool designed specifically for the Mac, which allows you to log into your account on any remote Mac and access the files you need.
iRAPP for Mac OS Icon iRAPP for Mac OS 1.7.9
Access one or multiple Mac Computers across your remote or local network seamlessly - by using our iRAPP PC Client or with any RDP Client for all your PC to Mac or Mac to Mac needs.
iPliz for Mac OS Icon iPliz for Mac OS 1.1
Allows users to remotely access their computer via email -  so all you need at the point of access is an email client or a webmail account and a browser at the point of access.
iGet Mobile for Mac OS Icon iGet Mobile for Mac OS 2.0.1
A personal server application that allows you to easily and securely access your Mac’s documents and files from your favorite mobile device.
InterGate Policy Manager for Mac OS Icon InterGate Policy Manager for Mac OS 9.3.6
A comprehensive Internet access management solution, providing fine grained control of web content access, usage of Peer to Peer, Instant Messaging and Skype networks, logging and reporting of user activity, as well a core IP router and firewall to
iVPN for Mac OS Icon iVPN for Mac OS 5.0
An application that makes use of the standards based PPTP or L2TP IPsec VPN server installed with Mac OS X.
IPSentinelStatus for Mac OS Icon IPSentinelStatus for Mac OS 1.1.5
A menu bar item which displays and copies your machines IP addresses and name.
IE Commercial Remover Icon IE Commercial Remover
IE Commercial Remover is a simple small software that can add a wide range of servers to IE's restricted zone sites.
iRider Icon iRider 2.6
iRider lets you browse much faster and work with lots of pages and sites at once, and lets you do it much more easily and naturally than with any other browser.
InPrivate Icon InPrivate 1.0
InPrivate can permanently activate the IE8 InPrivate Filtering capability.
Index.dat Suite Icon Index.dat Suite 2.11.0
IE9 Tweaker Icon IE9 Tweaker 2.0
IE9 Tweaker lets you tweak some select settings of Internet Explorer 9 easily.
IEController Icon IEController
Control certain features of IE with this application.
IMDB Ripper Browser Icon IMDB Ripper Browser 57419
Browser for IMDB Ripper movie information.
IE Cache Sucker Icon IE Cache Sucker 2.0
IE Cache Sucker is a files explorer utility witch let you extract files from the internet explorer temporary (cache explorer) where Internet Explorer save file during navigation.
Irondust QuickSend Icon Irondust QuickSend 2006.10.25
QuickSend is a simple and convenient tool that allows you to select a short text sample from any web page and right-click to send it by email.
InterWARN Icon InterWARN 4.1.11
InterWARN is a state-of-the-art weather information software for Windows 9x/2000/Me/NT/XP.
Internet Explorer Administration Kit Icon Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9.0.8112.16421
Enables the most efficient way to deploy and manage Web-based solutions.
Internet CostGuard Icon Internet CostGuard
Reduce your dialup connections costs with this tool.
Internet Explorer Options Disabler Icon Internet Explorer Options Disabler
Internet Explorer Options Disabler can control access to IE options.
IE Tweaker Icon IE Tweaker 2.0
IE Tweaker is a freebie that will help to fix various issues with Internet Explorer.
IEWatcher Icon IEWatcher 1.30
This pop-up killer provides protection against pop-up ads and forbidden sites.
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