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Ad Management System 2.0
PlpAd – Ad management system. Simple to install, understand and use.

AddandSubmit Icon AddandSubmit 1.09
AddandSubmit is a profession..
ActiveXperts Network Server Monitor Freeware Edition Icon ActiveXperts Network Server Monitor Freeware Edition 5.42
Freeware Edition of ActiveXperts Network Monitor monitors computers and devices. Supports Windows, Linux, UNIX and Novell. Monitors ICMP ping, web servers (http and https/SSL) and temperature using Sensatronics Temptrax IT Thermometer.
Auction-Look-Out.X-mas Edition Icon Auction-Look-Out.X-mas Edition 2.0.XE
Auction-Look-Out will easily find you unique Christmas gifts, with the help of which you want to show your mom, kids, or boyfriend that they are really special! Working for you 24/7, Auction-Look-Out searches the best auctions in the net.
AcuteSearch Icon AcuteSearch 1.0
AcuteSearch is a small freeware tool that will enable search prefixes for Internet Explorer. After setup, you can search Google and other sites of your choice directly from the address bar.
Active Download Accelerator Icon Active Download Accelerator 5.7
Active Download Accelerator is a very fast download manager. It will accelerate your downloads from the Internet and resume broken connections.
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery Icon Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery
A program to recover login and password information (stored locally) for most populat email clients: Microsoft Internet Mail And News, Eudora, TheBat!, Netscape Navigator/Communicator Mail, Pegasus mail, Calypso mail, FoxMail, Phoenix Mail etc.
Answers On-line Icon Answers On-line 5.1
Answers On-line is a Windows-based, fully automated search and intelligence gathering tool
Ad Killer Icon Ad Killer 7.0
It can auto KILL ad windows before them pop-up when you browse web sites.
Auction Watchdog Pro Icon Auction Watchdog Pro 1.2
Track unlimited Ebay users and their auctions! Try it FREE for 30 days!
AutoClip Icon AutoClip 1.0
A self regulating, crash proof clipboard utility
Ad Rage 2003 Icon Ad Rage 2003 1.105
Password your programs, files and web pages all in one easy to use program..
A.S.C. Protect your privacy Icon A.S.C. Protect your privacy 3.0
Using A.S.C, you can remove popup windows, clear history, control window properties of your browser, and more..
ATAF-Picture-WEB Gallery Icon ATAF-Picture-WEB Gallery 2004.0.2
ATAF-Web gallery is a easy to install online picture gallery,easy upload, browse
AD Popup Killer Icon AD Popup Killer 2.1
Close ADs popped and protect your privacy when surfing the Internet.
Ad Master Icon Ad Master 2.5
Ad Master is a banner advertisement package. Helps you to optimize your banners
All Popup Killer Icon All Popup Killer 1.0
Popup Killer - Pop Up stopper - Stop Pop Up
AWStats Icon AWStats 6.5
AWStats - Free log file analyzer for advanced web statistics (GNU GPL)
AdRem NetCrunch Icon AdRem NetCrunch 3.1
Network management, network monitoring, diagnosing and reporting tool
AdRem Server Manager Icon AdRem Server Manager 5.0
Novell OES/NetWare server monitoring, management and maintenance solution
ATAF-Support Icon ATAF-Support 1.5
The ATAF-Support Online tool to handles your users support questions online
AtomSync Icon AtomSync 2.06
AtomSync is a utility that works in the background and checks your system time.
Atom Time Synchronizer Icon Atom Time Synchronizer 3.7.8
Atom Time Synchronizer - Keep your PC clock accurately synchronized
Arrow Search Icon Arrow Search 2.0
Search the top search engines simultaneously. Fast, easy-to-use and free!
The ATAF-CON converts your MS-Access database design to a mySQL server
Ace Ping Icon Ace Ping 1.2
Ace Ping provides constant control over the status of your network.
Admin Report Kit for Windows Server (ARK) Icon Admin Report Kit for Windows Server (ARK) 5.0
ARK is a Reporting tool for the Microsoft Enterprise Network
AimingClick Instant Search Icon AimingClick Instant Search 4.0
Gives you an instant reference for any word selected in any Windows program.
AAA Picture Image Search Icon AAA Picture Image Search 1.20
search images, pictures and photos from the Internet
Active ZDelete Icon Active ZDelete 4.0
Internet Privacy. File Eraser. PopUp Stopper
Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer Icon Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer 2.32
Log data sent and received to the Internet by your software
Atelier Web Security Port Scanner Icon Atelier Web Security Port Scanner 4.61
Comprehensive set of tools for in-depth assessment of Network security
AlarmWiz Icon AlarmWiz 2.10
Powerful reminder and task scheduling program.
Authentication Icon Authentication 1.02
Convert any login and password to Base64
A WebShare Meta Finder Icon A WebShare Meta Finder 1.0
WebShare Meta Finder,powerful search toolbar from the web and the p2p network.
ATAF-Picture-WEB Gallery Icon ATAF-Picture-WEB Gallery 2004.0.2
ATAF-Web gallery is a easy to install online picture gallery,easy upload, browse
ATAF-Picture-eShop Icon ATAF-Picture-eShop 2004.0.2
ATAF-picture-eShop a online shop where you can sell your pictures
Affiliate Network Solution Icon Affiliate Network Solution 1.9.58
The most effective marketing tool to earn money on-line
AlertPingPro Icon AlertPingPro 2.7.6
While your hosts are hanging-up,your income is falling. St it with "AlertPing".
Advanced URL Catalog Icon Advanced URL Catalog 1.20
Powerful Bookmark manager and Web monitoring program.
AdventNet Simulation Toolkit Icon AdventNet Simulation Toolkit 5.1
Simulate Agents/Network with 50,000+ SNMP/TL1/TFTP/Telnet/IOS devices on one PC.
As-U-Read Icon As-U-Read 1.2
The OS-level quick and easy one-click English dictionary for online reading
Auction Sentry Deluxe Icon Auction Sentry Deluxe 1.5.6
Track eBay auctions and automate bids (snipe) with this auction management tool.
ATS Warning! The Boss! Icon ATS Warning! The Boss! 1.6
Hides windows, applications, icons in the systray, and silences sound.
Affiliate Network Solution Icon Affiliate Network Solution 1.9.57
The most effective marketing tool to earn money on-line
Able Submitter Icon Able Submitter 2.2
Free URL submitter to Search Engines.
AllWebMenus Javascript Menu Dreamweaver Extension Icon AllWebMenus Javascript Menu Dreamweaver Extension 1.0.1
DHTML menu / javascript menu builder that requires no programming at all!
Agent Aware Icon Agent Aware 1.0
Agent Aware lets you view html and details about web pages by user agent string.
AB HTML Compressor Icon AB HTML Compressor 2.34
It allows you to reduce the size of the HTML (HTM) files.
Abee CHM Maker freeware Icon Abee CHM Maker freeware 1.6
Program for making chm-files.Program has a simple and comprehensible interface.
A Note Icon A Note 4.0.1
A Note lets you put Post it-like notes on your desktop. It has many features.
ArtistScope CD Icon ArtistScope CD 2.0
For copy protection of content distributed by email, download or on CD
A32 WipeErase Professional 2005 Icon A32 WipeErase Professional 2005 2.0.0
A32 WipeErase Professional is secure file deletion for your privacy.
AWBot Icon AWBot 1.1
AWBot - Advanced Web Bot (GPL)
awLinkMgr Icon awLinkMgr 1.0
Search and manage information about links to the web with a browser
Auction Chief Icon Auction Chief 1.1
Makes eBay buyers more efficient by allowing them to concentrate on new auctions
AbleGet Icon AbleGet 6.4.1
Find, download, upload files and MP3 EASIER and FASTER. Accelerate Internet
AccuBell Talking Caller ID Icon AccuBell Talking Caller ID 3.2
Announces caller number. Popup shows Name,Number,Date,Time. Block unwanted calls
Active Auction Icon Active Auction 3.3
Active Auction is web based auction software. It has many features similar to la
Active Photo Gallery Icon Active Photo Gallery 6.1
web-based photo gallery and search engine software. It uploads JPG images to the
Active Web Helpdesk Icon Active Web Helpdesk 2
Web-based Helpdesk Manager. It works by routing the Customer Question to the pro
Active Progress Bar Icon Active Progress Bar 2
add a progress bar in your asp scripts without installing DLLs
ActiveTable Icon ActiveTable 3.1
Active Table is web-based database manager. It allows you to add, edit, and dele
Active Map Icon Active Map 2
Add a searchable web-based map to you site. Visitors type in a location and he i
Active Auction House Icon Active Auction House 3
Web based auction software designed for auction house business (ex.
Active Test Icon Active Test 2.1
Add a test/assessment software to your web site. Each answer has a corresponding
ActiveVotes Icon ActiveVotes 2.2
Add a web vote/poll management software to your site. Features include create un
Active Membership Icon Active Membership 2
Active Membership is a software designed to provide security for pay-to-view or
Active Trade Icon Active Trade 2
Allows sellers to list their items for sale and for buyers to place bids. The w
Active Web Mail Icon Active Web Mail 2.2
Active Web Mail is a web-based e-mail software (such as Hotmail). Allows you to
Active Newsletter Icon Active Newsletter 4.1
web-based newsletter/mailing list manager. It converts any HTML file to e-mail f
Active Price Comparison Icon Active Price Comparison 3
Price Comparison website. Allows site vistors to compare prices of a product fr
Active Time Billing Icon Active Time Billing 3.2
web-based time billing software designed for companies who charge clients on a p
Active Websurvey Icon Active Websurvey 8.4
web-based survey software designed to easily create customize surveys, polls, or
Active Link Engine Icon Active Link Engine 7
directory/search engine software. Features: categorizes links similar to Yahoo.c
ActiveBuyandSell Icon ActiveBuyandSell 6.2
Web-based application that connects people selling products and services with pe
AffiliateHQ Meta Tag Wizard Icon AffiliateHQ Meta Tag Wizard 1.1.17
This robust free program will create all your Meta Tags in seconds.
AimingClick Instant Search Icon AimingClick Instant Search 4.0
Gives you an instant reference for any word selected in any Windows program.
A+ File Protection Icon A+ File Protection 2.6
A+ File Protection will hide/embed a file by encrypting it within another file
Aioob Helper Icon Aioob Helper 1.0.0
Aioob Helper is a tool for creating Web based help materials.
Abacuth Search the Web Icon Abacuth Search the Web 2.00
Direct access to your favorites search engine
Acid Scanner Icon Acid Scanner 1.0
Advanced scanning tool to audit your network. Many ip utilities in one program.
Active Whois Browser Icon Active Whois Browser 2.6
Browse all information for an IP address or domain name with a single click!
Adsense timer Icon Adsense timer 1.1
Logs Time/Date logged into AdSense and shows running total since last log-in.
AdRem iTools Icon AdRem iTools 4.0
Enterprise-class administrative toolset for essential network diagnosis
AdRem Free Remote Console Icon AdRem Free Remote Console 5.0
Free remote access to NetWare server console
AdventNet EventLog Analyzer Free Edition Icon AdventNet EventLog Analyzer Free Edition 4.0
Event management tool that reports on Windows and Unix event logs
AdventNet Firewall Analyzer Icon AdventNet Firewall Analyzer 4.0
Web based Firewall,VPN and Proxy Server Log Analysis and reporting tool
Alchemy Remote Executor Icon Alchemy Remote Executor 1.1
Execute programs on remote network computers without leaving your own workplace
Ace FREE Domain Name Tool - Mozzle Std Icon Ace FREE Domain Name Tool - Mozzle Std 2.30
Find the ultimate domain name using advanced search features and more!
Any@Web Icon Any@Web 2.70.1212
Any@web monitors and records Internet and Email activity in the network.
Advanced Internet Eraser Icon Advanced Internet Eraser 4.0
Protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your activities.
Arkalys WebSite Whois Icon Arkalys WebSite Whois 2.0
Find available domain name and keep information on your computer
ActiveEmail SMTP E-mail Toolkit Icon ActiveEmail SMTP E-mail Toolkit 2.1
SMTP E-mail Toolkit to send mail to a SMTP mail server
Alleycode HTML Editor Icon Alleycode HTML Editor 2.16
Alleycode HTML Fast, intuitive code generation. Smart wizard support. Tutorials.
Anonymity 4 Proxy - A4Proxy Icon Anonymity 4 Proxy - A4Proxy 2.80
Web Anonymizer Anonymously Surf and Download with Anonymous Public Proxy Servers
AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite Icon AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite 2.49
Remove all tracks of your Internet and computer activities
AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro Icon AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro 3.36
Remove all tracks of your Internet and computer activities
a-TimeSync Icon a-TimeSync 3.3
a-TimeSync - Keeps your PC clock accurately synchronized
AimingClick Instant Search Icon AimingClick Instant Search 4.0
Gives you an instant reference for any word selected in any Windows program.
Active Web Reader Icon Active Web Reader 2.42
Active Web Reader is the best FREE RSS feed reader.
a-Wall Icon a-Wall 3.1
Personal Internet Content Security, Antivirus, Firewall
Archetype Icon Archetype
Personal Website Content Mangagement System
All Job Center Job Search Robot Icon All Job Center Job Search Robot 3.0
Automate job search, support 14 sites,dispatch job,send resume,highlight job
AuctionSleuth Icon AuctionSleuth 2.5.4
AuctionSleuth helps you find auction buys and spend little time monitoring them.
A+ PopUp Blocker Icon A+ PopUp Blocker 2.1
A+ Pop Up Blocker offers Advanced Pop Up and Pop Under Control.
Auction Watcher Icon Auction Watcher 3.0
Ebay Auction Software - FREE FULL DEMO
AdsEliminator Icon AdsEliminator 1.00
AdsEliminator increase your Internet browsing speed by reducing unsolicited ads.
ASP Job Site Creator Icon ASP Job Site Creator 2.5
Created for organizations engaged in recruiting and job seeking
Axl Traffic Icon Axl Traffic 8.0
Want to increase traffic to your website? Submit to over 700,000 search engines
AbcShortcuts IE Toolbar Icon AbcShortcuts IE Toolbar 1.0
Lists the websites you visited in 26 menus (a-z) for quick access. Free.
AntiTracer Icon AntiTracer 1.0
Stop all unwanted pop-ups to surf the Internet effectively and erase PC traces
ApplyIt Network Tools Icon ApplyIt Network Tools 1.0
Visual Network Tools to replace standard console utilities
ASP Report Wizard Icon ASP Report Wizard 2.0
Get your database online with just 1 line of code and generate professional repo
The ATAF-shop is a free e-shop that is created in ASP and handes online trading
Atory Password Generator Icon Atory Password Generator 1.2
Atory Password Generator is a tool for random password generation.
AVANTRIX SafeCheck Icon AVANTRIX SafeCheck 1.0
Check your email safely & securely before downloading it.
Aware Icon Aware 1.2.15x
Aware is an online research tool that learns and retrieves info you need.
AuctionIntelligence Icon AuctionIntelligence 1.5.1965
AuctionIntelligence - analyze eBay auctions; determine price trends; make money.
AdBeGone Icon AdBeGone 1.2.0
Eliminates pop-up ads from cluttering your desktop as you surf the internet.
Advanced Popup Killer 2003 Icon Advanced Popup Killer 2003 3.5
Get rid of all those annoying windows that pop up when you surf the Internet!
Advanced Internet Explorer Password Recovery Icon Advanced Internet Explorer Password Recovery 1.20
Recover passwords and AutoComplete strings saved in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
AIM Sniffer Icon AIM Sniffer 1.1
Monitor AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) conversations on network!
Archive Search Icon Archive Search 1.11
Nice utility you can use to easily search for files inside compressed archives.
Axl Seo Icon Axl Seo
Want to increase traffic to your website? Submit 1.2 Million Search Engine
ArpCacheWatch Icon ArpCacheWatch 1.3
ArpCacheWatch monitors Windows ARP cache and allows to send an ARP request.
AutomatePC Icon AutomatePC 1.0
- Automate Your IT - Automate Your Network - Automate Your PC -
AdventNet Firewall Analyzer Icon AdventNet Firewall Analyzer 4.0
Web based Firewall,VPN and Proxy Server Log Analysis and reporting tool
Alarm Reminder eBay Edition Icon Alarm Reminder eBay Edition 2.0
Never miss another eBay auction with this reminder tool.
All-In-One WebSearch Icon All-In-One WebSearch 1.0
Use search engines, encyclopedias, dictionary, bit torrent sites with one click
AssociativeLogview Icon AssociativeLogview 2.0
See the coherences in your logfile shown in a matrix.
Axessh Windows SSH Client Icon Axessh Windows SSH Client 3.2
SSH Client for Windows, secure the connections to your remote systems
American Techpushers Blog Monkey Icon American Techpushers Blog Monkey 1.0
A simple Blog management program designed for everyone else on the planet.
Arm Map Explorer Icon Arm Map Explorer 1.0
It lets you locate and view any object on the planet using interactive maps
Available Domains Professional Edition Icon Available Domains Professional Edition 4.0.1
Easily finds the right domains for web site. Just enter your keywords and themes
Ares Galaxy Manager Icon Ares Galaxy Manager 1.1
Ares Galaxy Manager is and excellent application for Ares users.
Anti-AD Guard Icon Anti-AD Guard 2.1
Powerful user-friendly program that filters and blocks commercial banners.
AD File Transmitter Icon AD File Transmitter 1.5
Automate frequent file transfer operations between different offices.
Adwords & Keywords Icon Adwords & Keywords 2.00
AdWords and Keywords Analyzer for Affiliate Marketers or AdWords Advertisers.
AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils Icon AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils 4
Comprehensive,Web-based and Quick Network Monitoring Toolset for Administrators
Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing Icon Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 1.0
Easily query up to 20 different anti-spam blacklists
Account Lockout Examiner Icon Account Lockout Examiner 2.2
Account Lockout Examiner: quickly identify account lockout reason.
ADMLink ESD Icon ADMLink ESD 1.81
Automation for Installation and Upgrade for desktop software across LAN or WAN
ADMLink NI Icon ADMLink NI 1.81
Automation for Hardware and Software Inventory, Management and Compliance
Ares Galaxy Super Speed Icon Ares Galaxy Super Speed 1.6
AGSS is a unique download-acceleration program that will make your life easier.
Atomic Clock Service Icon Atomic Clock Service 3.1
PC atomic clock synchronizer with useful features (time offset, periods, etc.)
Ascendant NFM - Network File Monitor Icon Ascendant NFM - Network File Monitor 1.10
Ascendant NFM monitors and logs all network file usage, protecting your assets
Account Lockout Examiner Icon Account Lockout Examiner 2.6.016
Quickly identify account lockout reason without doing routine work.
Advanced Network Monitor Icon Advanced Network Monitor 2.0
Advanced Network Monitor 2.0 is a LAN and Internet server monitoring tool.
Ad Hunter Icon Ad Hunter 1.0
Looking for cheap AdWords clicks? You'll find them with Ad Hunter!
Advanced Network Search Icon Advanced Network Search 3.5
Find any files on your local area network in just seconds!
AceaXe Plus Windows XServer Icon AceaXe Plus Windows XServer 1.5
SSH XServer for Windows, Secure way to run Linux and Unix on Windows Desktop.
Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server Icon Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server 4.0
SSH Client for Windows, secure the connections to your remote systems
Anti-AD Guard PRO Icon Anti-AD Guard PRO
Universal user-friendly program that filters and blocks ads in any application.
Azureus Download Booster Icon Azureus Download Booster 1.0
Azureus Download Booster is a Free plugin for a popular BitTorrent client Azureu
AbsoluteTelnet Telnet / SSH Client Icon AbsoluteTelnet Telnet / SSH Client 6.12
Telnet with SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, dialup, serial. Port forwarding, X11 forwarding.
Alchemy Help Desk Icon Alchemy Help Desk 1.0
Manage and faster react to the support requests from your users
Alt Clock Synchronizer Icon Alt Clock Synchronizer
ACS - atomic clock synchronization utility.
Advanced Host Monitor Icon Advanced Host Monitor 7.18
Award-winning network monitoring software
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 Icon Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 2.10
With Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 you can optimize your internet connection.
Ads Filter Icon Ads Filter 1.2.72
Powerful advert/banner removal add-on for Internet Explorer
ACFile Server Icon ACFile Server 0.4
Share your documents and files easily. Control access with a friendly interface.
AMC Personal Web Search Icon AMC Personal Web Search 2.0a.14
Search the net with facilities not offered by commercial search engines.
Auction Decorator -Auction Maker Wizard Icon Auction Decorator -Auction Maker Wizard 2.1.10
Write-Decorate-Publish Auction listings with this WYSIWYG application. No HTML
ActivMan Icon ActivMan 2.0
Powerful Active Directory user manager with mass manipulation and templates.
Atomic Time Synchronizer Icon Atomic Time Synchronizer 4.0
Atomic Time Synchronizer- Keeps your PC clock accurately synchronized
Active Share Monitor Icon Active Share Monitor 1.05
Active Share Monitor is the application to watch your shared files.
Adivo TechWriter 2007 for Web Services Icon Adivo TechWriter 2007 for Web Services 5.0
Automatic Documentation of Web Service Definitions (WSDLs) - Adivo Techwriter
Aunsoft FLV Converter Icon Aunsoft FLV Converter 1.2
Aunsoft FLV Converter can convert FLV to AVI, MPEG, WMV and H.264 Video
ASP Ecommerce Shop /Store Builder Icon ASP Ecommerce Shop /Store Builder v 2.0
A complete ecommerce software with which you can run your online store or sell your products in no time. Supports lots of payment gateways.
ASP photo gallery System Icon ASP photo gallery System v 2.0
Create your personal photo gallery, you can add category, subcategory and upload photo in that category. The back end is developed in both access and ms sql. Easy to setup. Just setup one page and you are ready to use the system.
ASP Online Directory System Icon ASP Online Directory System v 2.0
Yahoo style listing and search features. You can use this software just to add links or to add software or products links . User can also add review to particular links and also can rate the links / software / websites .
Azureus Installer Icon Azureus Installer 2.0
Free Azureus Installer is a free software that allows you launch the setup of the famous software azureus which allows to: Multiple torrent downloads, Upload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent, Advanced seeding rules, Adjustab
This new version benefits of a totally new interface, allowing Drag & Drop of any objects directly in the Pages, enhanced capabilities, and much more.ARGENA is the First Web Tool.
AI Tree Icon AI Tree 1.0.3
AI tree is a software that allows you to create dynamic web menus and hierarchical trees for your pages. The produced flash menus and trees are fully cross browser and can be customized according to your web page needs.
AAA PDF to HTML Batch Converter Icon AAA PDF to HTML Batch Converter 2.0
AAA PDF to HTML Batch Converter is the fast, affordable way to convert PDF document to the popular HTML file format, Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create HTML files from PDF documents by simply few clicks.
Aluminium Menu Icon Aluminium Menu 1.0.5
Flash menu for Dreamweaver MX 2004 (or 8). Integrate power of Dreamweaver and beauty of Flash. If you want easy and fast build navigation on your site we suggest to try this flash menu extensions. The flash menu is Dreamweaver version.
All Website Visitors Icon All Website Visitors 1.3
It is great to know all possible information about your website visitors: where your internet visitors are coming from, which files and pages do they visit.
ActiveUp.RTF Icon ActiveUp.RTF 3.0
Enables any developer to convert documents from HTML to RTF and RTF to HTML or XHTML. It's easy to create customizable HTML templates using merge fields, and then convert the resulting document to its RTF version for later delivery.
Acquire HTML Icon Acquire HTML 1.2
Acquire HTML is a simple and easy to use program to create web pages. It includes many features found in major software. There is the ability to clean and compress your pages to a legible state.
Adsense Plus Icon Adsense Plus 6.1
Profitable Adsense Plus search portal, with CTR over 20%!Tired of the same old Adsense Plus sites that were copied hundreds of times? Looking for something unique? This script is for you!
Aluminium DropDown Menu Icon Aluminium DropDown Menu 1.0.5
Flash menu for Dreamweaver MX 2004 (or 8). Integrate power of Dreamweaver and beauty of Flash. If you want easy and fast build navigation on your site we suggest to try this flash menu extensions. The flash menu is Dreamweaver version.
Advanced metatags/wordlists generator Icon Advanced metatags/wordlists generator 1.1
An advanced utility that can help you boost your site in search engines and learn new foreign language. As well as recover your data from hard to decrypt archives.
ASPEdit 2001 - HTML Editor Icon ASPEdit 2001 - HTML Editor 2001- Build 29
ASPEdit is Tashcom's award-winning WYSIWYG HTML Editor and Web page authoring tool that provides full VBScript support and ASPEdit's exclusive Code Highlighter enabling developers of all experience levels to make syntax code edits utilizing a coloriz
ASCII Catalog (ASCIIcat) Icon ASCII Catalog (ASCIIcat) 6.3
ASCII Catalog (ASCIIcat) is an excellent collection of character charts, conversion tables, and reference guides designed for HTML writers, programmers, writers, and graphics designers.
Auction Timer Icon Auction Timer 5.24
Keep track of all your online auction item end times without being online. Easily cut and paste links from eBay to add items to the watch list. A large digital display shows when the next item ends.
Advanced History Supervisor 2007 Icon Advanced History Supervisor 2007 1.1
Advanced History Supervisor v.1.1 - is an utility that manages history files. Whenever you use your computer, you leave traces of your activities.
AdmWin Personal license Icon AdmWin Personal license 6
AdmWin is a toolkit for Windows and Novell networks. Batch manage SAM, AD, NDS, eDirectory, Exchange, Terminal server and IIS. Handle user accounts, passwords, mailboxes, directories, quotas, webshares and the registry.
AC.log Pro Icon AC.log Pro 1.0
AC.log Pro helps you to get to know your web size users. It accomplishesthat by analysing web server usage, providing you with highly valuable informationat a low cost on how visitors make use of your web site.
Anonymity Gateway Icon Anonymity Gateway 2.9
Anonymity Gateway masks your IP address preventing websites or ISPs from monitoring your surfing habits and your internet activity.
Avarice Icon Avarice 1.7
Avarice is a free program that allows you to download just about anything. Based on Bottler, Avarice is a fully-skinnable multi-server IRC client that allows for simplified XDCC access.
Auction Defender Icon Auction Defender
Auction Defender is an intuitive program that tracks eBay auctions and bids seconds before they close, to give you the best chance of winning at the lowest possible price.
Adwords Ready Icon Adwords Ready 2.0.18
I develop this tool because i have some frustated when i need to upload thousands of keyword to adwords editor. Before develop this tool, i use excel to make the keywords ready for upload.
Auktionator 2006 Icon Auktionator 2006 1.8.0.x
Sparen Sie bis zu 2, 35 EUR eBay Geb+-hren pro Auktion und erh+Ahen Sie gleichzeitig Ihren Umsatz durch ein gepflegtes Corporate Design.Jetzt sparen Sie nicht nur Zeit sondern auch viel Geld!
Ajax Simple ASP chat Software website Icon Ajax Simple ASP chat Software website v 2.0
This chat is fast and uses less resources best for the people using less bandwidth. We tried to make it more simple so that you can simply setup and your visitors can come back to your site just to use simple chat.
Auktionator 2006 Freeware Icon Auktionator 2006 Freeware 1.3.7.x
Sparen Sie bis zu 2, 35 EUR eBay GebRhren pro Auktion und erh?hen Sie gleichzeitig Ihren Umsatz um bis zu 20 Prozent durch die Anzeige Ihrer Angebote weit vorne in der Suche auf eBay.Jetzt sparen Sie nicht nur Zeit sondern auch viel Geld!
Auction module for Esvon Classifieds Icon Auction module for Esvon Classifieds 1.0
Auction Module allows to start your own professional online auction web site based on Esvon Classifieds engine. This is real time auction software package designed to be easy to operate allowing for flexibility and growth as your business expands.
Alto Block All Icon Alto Block All 5.5.1
Alto Block All removes all advertisements - either text or images - while you are surfing. It not only hides the annoying and offensive content from your sight but also prevents downloading undesired junk kilobytes to your machine.
Alding Webshop Maker Icon Alding Webshop Maker 1.4
Put your company's products on the Internet!Have you thought about putting your products on the Internet? We can supply you with a unique product.
Advanced TCP Logger Icon Advanced TCP Logger 3.90
This program is a simple proxy server(port-mapper). It is an ideal tool for monitoring any network software or for researching network protocols.
Award Site Submitter Icon Award Site Submitter 1.0
Submit your website to more than 50 award sites! Use award sites as a strategy to draw more visitors to your website. Send your website out to be reviewed by more than 50 award sites. Awards sites can offer you visitors that no other can.
Active Bulletin Screen Saver Icon Active Bulletin Screen Saver 1.10
The Active Bulletin Custom Screen Saver is an Internet-based screen saver that is ideal for providing promotional and advertizing information to your target market - in real-time!Control the images your customers see.
ActiveCash Icon ActiveCash 1.2.1
ActiveCash allows you to get paid while you are online.
Ares P2P Icon Ares P2P 2.0
Ares P2P is a free peer to peer file sharing program that allows users to share any digital file including pictures, mp3's, videos, software programs, etc. Search for, download, and share, unlimited files. Ares Lite also has chat rooms.
Ares Music Icon Ares Music 2.0
Ares Music is a free peer to peer file sharing program that allows users to share any digital file including pictures, mp3's, videos, software programs, etc. Search for, download, and share, unlimited files. Ares Lite also has chat rooms.
Ares Lite Icon Ares Lite 2.0
Ares Lite is a free peer to peer file sharing program that allows users to share any digital file including pictures, mp3's, videos, software programs, etc. Search for, download, and share, unlimited files. Ares Lite also has chat rooms.
auctionsearchrobot - eBay search Icon auctionsearchrobot - eBay search 1.1.6
Advanced eBay auction search software tool. Set-up and store an unlimited number of searches. Automatically re- run searches. Automatically display new and changed items. Warn before watched items are due to end.
Ah-Chu Toolbar Icon Ah-Chu Toolbar 1.00
Enhance your surfing experience with the Ah-Ch toolbar which provides fast easy searching without having to visit a website.
A.I. Friend Lite Icon A.I. Friend Lite 1.0
Boost Your Research Through Artificial Intelligence. A.I. Friend process natural language (English) and will talk to you. Your research on internet will be fast, standardized and productive with A.I. Friend. A.I.
Anonymous FTP Search Icon Anonymous FTP Search 1.3
Anonymous FTP Search finds new anonymous ftp sites on the net. By using custom search criteria it possible to find web pages and to see FTP content of corresponding sites.
AS Search Engines Submitter Icon AS Search Engines Submitter 1.0 WE
You can submit yours html page to general search engines fast and easy. This page was created as online part of AS Keywords Generator Submit tab. The forms on this page was collected by AS HTML Tag Source Viewer. Tested with MS Internet Explorer 5.
Active Traffic Pro Icon Active Traffic Pro 3.64
Active Traffic Pro is a Web promotion utility which lets you automatically submit your Web site to over 9000 domestic and international search engines and directories.
AnalogX Keyword Live Icon AnalogX Keyword Live 2.01
AnalogX Keyword Live displays the top 100 keywords or phrases used on several popular search engines in real-time.The recommended minimum running time should be around 20 minutes in order to get a stable result.
Add to Search Engine Icon Add to Search Engine 1.2
Add to Search Engine helps you manually add your site information to the most popular Web search engines.The program comes with links to the submission pages for the top nine search engines on the Web.
Aesop Award Submitter Icon Aesop Award Submitter 1.38
Aesop Award Submitter submits your Web site to 100 'award' sites.There are approximately one hundred Web sites that provide 'best site' awards.
Auktionatrix Icon Auktionatrix 4.0
Auktionatrix wurde konzipiert mit der Vorgabe, nach wenigen Sekunden Installation ein funktionsfhiges und leistungsfhiges Werkzeug zur Verfgung zu haben.
Active Ports Icon Active Ports 1.4
Active Ports - easy to use tool that enables you to monitor all open TCP/IP and UDP ports on the local computer. Active Ports maps ports to the owning application so you can watch which process has opened which port.
AmazingDown Icon AmazingDown 1.83
AmazingDown is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 500 percent, resume, schedule downloads and management of downloaded files.Even you can rate every download role from 1 star to 5 star. supports many kinds of Proxy, Such as socks4, socks5...
Allenchow POP3 Checker Icon Allenchow POP3 Checker 1.5
An POP3 notification utility that can check multiple accounts for POP3 mail servers. A lot of features and notification methods are provided. Support network and multiple profiles.
AdArmor Icon AdArmor 3.0
AdArmor eliminates all online advertising and prevents unsuitable content from reaching unsuspecting eyes.
Acid Reflux Disease Information Icon Acid Reflux Disease Information 1.0
Toolbar with acid reflux disease shortcuts so you can find relief from agony.
Active Wall Traffic Monitor Icon Active Wall Traffic Monitor 3.0
Active Wall Traffic Monitor is a free real time network traffic monitor software for LAN. It has great performance, can monitor more than 1, 000 computers at the same time. And it is stable and secure for 24X7 running.
AA File Sharing Icon AA File Sharing 1.5
The simple interface makes file sharing and file transfer as easy as dragging and dropping: once you drag files into AA File Sharing program, your friends can then download them via browsers (IE, Netscape, Firefox etc).
Article Planter Icon Article Planter 1.0.1
An easy to use article submission software tool used to help distribute your articles to article submission sites. Find niche categories within article submission sites that accept fast article inclusions.
The Idle time and quick editor HTML pages - moreover all this with visual viewing and with the whole of editing (the insertions an tag , patterns and etc.) The Program does not use any slider IE.
AMUST 1-Login Icon AMUST 1-Login 2.0
AMUST 1-Login - Simple and Secure way to manage Internet logins.AMUST 1-Login is an ideal product for those who have more than one computer and have to login to multiple websites regularly.
AdventNet Agent Tester Icon AdventNet Agent Tester 4
AdventNet Agent Tester is a software designed to test the SNMP Agents and the MIBs implemented in an agent. Manually testing an agent's implementation and its adherence to standards is time-consuming, error-prone, and labor-intensive.
Audio Editor Studio Icon Audio Editor Studio 1.9
Audio Editor Studio is a visual multifunctional audio files editor,sound recorder for Windows.
AdSenseDesktop Icon AdSenseDesktop 2.6
AdSenseDesktop is the only flexible and fast analysis tool for Google AdSense users. It is very easy to use, while providing a wide range of ways to analyse your AdSense statistics.
Animated Cyclops Emoticons for Messenger Icon Animated Cyclops Emoticons for Messenger 1.0
You can now install this set of cool One Eye animated emoticons for MSN Messenger 7, expressing different emotions!
All in One Promotion Tool Icon All in One Promotion Tool 2.0
New powerful features to help drive traffic to your website! We now have more than 20 critical tools included in Axl Traffic for optimal promotion of your website. Here are just a few: Submit Your website to more than 1.
Allenchow POP3 Checker (Corp. License) Icon Allenchow POP3 Checker (Corp. License) 1.5
An POP3 notification utility that can check multiple accounts for POP3 mail servers. A lot of features and notification methods are provided. Support network and multiple profiles.
A+ Web Privacy Service Icon A+ Web Privacy Service 2.1
A+ Web Privacy Service is an Online Service that hides your IP address and provides a high level of protection from the ever-increasing variety of Web-based online threats: online trackers, spammers, harvesters and snoops, hackers etc.
Advanced VNC Icon Advanced VNC 1.0
This fast, reliable, easy-to-use remote control software saves you hours of running up and down stairs between computers.
Amplify Toolbar Icon Amplify Toolbar 5.5.0
Amplify, a companion toolbar and online community, empowers Web users to find, collect, save and share the content they care about.Companion Toolbar.
A3D Scheduler System Icon A3D Scheduler System 1.0
A3D Scheduler System is GIS network solution that contains both scheduling and geographical functionality. This software is intended for using in the small and medium business such as goods delivery, food delivery, home services etc.
AceBot Metatag Generator Icon AceBot Metatag Generator 2.0
Take the mystery out of making meta tags.Never mess with html source code again.AceBot Meta Tag Generator creates and edits your tags right on your website!
AwayEyes Controller Icon AwayEyes Controller 1.0
AwayEyes Controller allows you to see what your Web camera captures from any remote location.The program works with most Web cameras, enabling you to keep an eye on things while you are away. It automatically creates a Web page at AwayEyes.
Auto-IP Publisher Icon Auto-IP Publisher 2.32
Auto-IP Publisher automatically updates any Web page to show your current IP address.
Any Speed Icon Any Speed 1.3
Any Speed v.1.3 helps you to define the data transfer speed in a network. With this program you can measure the real transfer speed between Internet provider and your computer and define the time when Internet speed is highest.
AutoScan-Network Icon AutoScan-Network 1.42
AutoScan-Network is a utility for network exploration
Animated GIF Wizard Icon Animated GIF Wizard 1.20.9
create an animation GIF banner from graphic files - animation gif wizard
AllProxy Lite Icon AllProxy Lite 1.5.160
Use any proxy servers you like to as system wide proxy with AllProxy Lite.
Alchemy Network Monitor PRO Icon Alchemy Network Monitor PRO 10.7
Monitors your LAN servers availability and performance, alerts on failures
Acritum Femitter HTTP-FTP Server Icon Acritum Femitter HTTP-FTP Server 1.041
Share files easily using simple HTTP and FTP servers on your Windows-based PCs!
Ares Galaxy UltraBooster Icon Ares Galaxy UltraBooster 1.8.0
Ares Galaxy UltraBooster is a potent p2p patch that speeds up the Ares client.
Arm Whois Icon Arm Whois 3.10
Arm Whois 3.0 lets you find any information for IP-addresses or domains. Arm Whois 3.0 is an efficient utility, designed for network administrators and computer security professionals.
Adblock IE Icon Adblock IE 1.0.0488
Adblock IE is an adblock addon for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Adblock IE is a new adblock add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Designed to be fast and lightweight, Adblock IE will remove advertisement from the websites you browse and allows you to enjoy the web without annoying ads!
Absolute Time Server Icon Absolute Time Server 7.7.850
ATS is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service. Reliable TIME and SNTP server for small to midsize local area networks (LAN).
Adguard Web Filter Icon Adguard Web Filter 5.2
The best ad blocker and pop-up killer for all browsers! Adguard 5.2 is a new version of the powerful ad and popup blocking utility that is designed to protect users from unwanted ads on websites.
Asset Tracker for Networks Icon Asset Tracker for Networks 9.4.6
Asset Tracker for Networks is a network inventory tool. Network inventory tool intended to audit software and hardware components installed on the computers over the network.
AthTek NetWalk Free Edition Icon AthTek NetWalk Free Edition 2.2.48
Administrate network through network monitoring, packet sniffing and analyzing. Free AthTek NetWalk Home Edition is the ONLY professional free packet sniffing and network monitoring software for home network management.
Alchemy Network Inventory Icon Alchemy Network Inventory 9.4.6
Alchemy Network Inventory offers a report of what is running on your network. Alchemy Network Inventory is the most efficient and cost-effective way to have an easily accessible network inventory containing all the details of the hardware and software running on your network.
Advanced Time Synchronizer Icon Advanced Time Synchronizer
Advanced Time Synchronizer is a computer clock synchronizer. Synchronizes your PC clock with public time servers on the Internet.
AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition Icon AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition 2.2.54
AthTek NetWalk is a comprehensive network infrastructure analysis tool which helps in managing, maintaining and troubleshooting all kinds of networks.
Accurate MP3 Sounds Seek Combo Icon Accurate MP3 Sounds Seek Combo 1.3
This program aids you to search and download MP3 tunes files from Internet through huge range of find portals to have the most results.
aoaExtractor - Email Extractor Icon aoaExtractor - Email Extractor 1.0
Desktop application for crawling (spidering) the web and extracting words, phrases, email addresses, web addresses, and everything you want from the web pages.
AnalogX TSDropCopy Icon AnalogX TSDropCopy 1.3
AnalogX TSDropCopy allows files to be easily transferred between a client machine and a server machine.
AmiPic Lite Icon AmiPic Lite 6.15
Have you ever tried to find interesting pictures, movies, mp3 or other files on Internet?
Active Directory Account Unlocker Icon Active Directory Account Unlocker 1.2
This Program will search Active Directory for any locked out accounts and display the usernames.
Aquarius Soft PC Remote Shutdown Pro Icon Aquarius Soft PC Remote Shutdown Pro 6.0.33
Want to conduct more effective computer lesson by controlling your students access to the PC during computer lesson time?
AlphaCom Icon AlphaCom 8.0 Release 1 Build 44
This program is a multi-session terminal emulator for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/2K3/XP.
Aula de Ingles Icon Aula de Ingles 1.0
Aula de Ingles is a product download protector and is an essential tool for anyone selling downloadable products.
AutoTweeter Pro Icon AutoTweeter Pro 0.2
AutoTweeter is a light weight tweet scheduler desktop application.
Adblock for Safari Icon Adblock for Safari 2.4.33
Adblock does exactly what its name implies: it blocks ads.
AMP NetMonitor Portable Icon AMP NetMonitor Portable 1.0.1
AMP NetMonitor is a handy utility designed to monitor the network activity of all the network adapters in the computer.
AirPort Utility Icon AirPort Utility
AirPort Utility v5.
ADAPTorrent Icon ADAPTorrent 0.11
ADAPTorrent is a torrent-derivative protocol.
Adblock for Chrome Icon Adblock for Chrome 2.5.7
Adblock does exactly what its name implies: it blocks ads.
ASUS Laptop to Hotspot Converter Icon ASUS Laptop to Hotspot Converter 3.5
ASUS Laptop to Hotspot Converter converts your ASUS laptop to a wireless hotspot.
ANts P2P Icon ANts P2P 1.6.0 Beta Protocol 1.0.0
ANts P2P is a anonymous peer-to-peer open source file sharing software, it realizes a third generation P2P net.
Advanced Pen Drive Data Recovery Tools Icon Advanced Pen Drive Data Recovery Tools 1
Recover Data for Pen drive data recovery is an absolute solution when the user is encircled in the data loss circumstances.
AutoUTorrent Icon AutoUTorrent 2.0
Utility that can automatically change uTorrent bandwidth when your PC is idle.
AccountAudit Icon AccountAudit
AccountAudit enables network administrators to examine the user account database of a Domain Controller in a Windows Domain.
Adventnet ManageEngine MSP Center Plus Icon Adventnet ManageEngine MSP Center Plus 7
MSP Center Plus is a remote management software that enables managed service providers (MSP) to remotely manage multiple customer's desktops and networks.
AutoSendIP Icon AutoSendIP (1.01A)
AutoSendIP is a small and simple tool that can easily send your IP address via email.
Aristo Download Manager Icon Aristo Download Manager 1.0
Aristo Download Manager with it's simple and user-friendly interface provides handy and fast downloads.
AutoCleaner (CCleaner Runner) Icon AutoCleaner (CCleaner Runner) 1.0.0
Cleans your history and cookies after you close your browser.
AquilaXP Icon AquilaXP 1.0
Aquila started as a way for me to download various torrents without actually visit those pop up sites.
Azure Blob Uploader Icon Azure Blob Uploader 1.0
Azure Blob Uploader aims at developing an efficient way of uploading large size blobs, as blocks of data to the Windows Azure Blob storage.
Atomic Clock Time Synchronizer Icon Atomic Clock Time Synchronizer v1.4
Synchronizes time with NIST atomic time serversProxy support: Socks4/Socks4A/Socks5/HTTPSupports SNTP (the Simple Network time protocol)Supports the TIME protocolCan synchronize time with any server running SNTP or TIME protocolPeriodically checks an
AnalogX Atomic TimeSync Icon AnalogX Atomic TimeSync 1.4
AnalogX Atomic TimeSync allows you to set your clock using the official timekeeping source of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Auction-Look-Out.X-mas Edition 2.0.XE Icon Auction-Look-Out.X-mas Edition 2.0.XE 1.0
It's Christmas time!
AntiFirewall Anonymizer Icon AntiFirewall Anonymizer 1.10
Connect to Newsgroups, FTP, IRC, ICQ and Email (POP/IMAP) even if you are behind a firewall blocking access to these programs/protocols.
Article Blaster Icon Article Blaster 2.0.0
Article Blaster is the fastest way to have a single article submitted to multiple article directories without having to spend too much time tweaking the article or sending it one by one to all these directories!
ADVsock2pipe Icon ADVsock2pipe 1.1
Connect a TCP socket to a Windows named pipe.
ABC-EDUCA Startpage Creator Icon ABC-EDUCA Startpage Creator 3
Creates a nice HTML-page from your IE bookmarks/favorites.
Android Apps for SMS Icon Android Apps for SMS
Technically powerful android apps for SMS provide inbuilt help manual to solve all problem arise in sending message process.
AdRem Litecon Icon AdRem Litecon 2008
Quick, eDirectory-enabled access to the NetWare server console that that uses IPX and TCP/IP.
Acc Real Estate - php real estate Icon Acc Real Estate - php real estate 5.0
Acc Real Estate 5.
Agent Whois Icon Agent Whois 1.2.2006
Agent Whois retrieve information about internet domains status.
ArtistScope DRM Client Icon ArtistScope DRM Client 1.3
ArtistScope DRM is a total control solution for the Document Rights Management of documents, images and web pages where an author can assign different permissions per user or group of users.
Anonymity Gateway Icon Anonymity Gateway 3.3
Anonymity Gateway masks your IP address preventing websites or ISPs from monitoring your surfing habits and your internet activity.
Aware 1.2.15x Icon Aware 1.2.15x 1.0
Aware is a meta-search desktop application that has a unique, patent-pending technology that "learns" what you're looking for and helps you find it.
Alloy Discovery Icon Alloy Discovery 5.0.3
Alloy Discovery analyzes all computers on the network and collects their hardware, OS, and installed software details in the form of audit snapshots.
Absolute Data extractor Icon Absolute Data extractor
With Email Data Extractor Pro you can automatically get lists of e-mail, web page links, or any kind of informations and store them for future use.
Adguard Ads Blocker Icon Adguard Ads Blocker 4.2.2000
Adguard is a powerful ads and popup blocking utility.
Autoshares Network Connection Manager Icon Autoshares Network Connection Manager
This software lets you automatically log into your network connections at startup without needing to enter a password.
AnalogX WhoIs ULTRA Icon AnalogX WhoIs ULTRA 3.3
AnalogX WhoIs ULTRA is a GUI application that goes out on the net and looks up domain registration information.
Alagus Print Admin Standard Edition Icon Alagus Print Admin Standard Edition 2.0
Alagus Print Admin is a complex program system for managing the entire print process in your organization.
Ares Plus Icon Ares Plus 2.7.0
Ares Plus is an enhanced version of the famous peer-to-peer program. It has been significantly optimized , making its connection quicker with a better use of the bandwidth to achieve faster downloads.
AFFD Classic Icon AFFD Classic .41
This meta-search engine is dedicated to searching for files.
Advanced LAN Pump Icon Advanced LAN Pump 3.0
Advanced LAN Pump is a LAN Download Manager which can reliably copy files and folders and automatically tries to restore copying process after an error occurred.
Ares Vista Icon Ares Vista
Ares Vista is the latest version of the popular peer to peer file sharing program.
AdWords Maker Icon AdWords Maker
Google AdWords keywords tool.
In a strange city is the finding a free hotspot or public Internet access annoying, regardless of for business or leisure.
Async Monitor Icon Async Monitor 1
Async Monitor provides the ability to remotely monitor activeity on your computer system remotely via the web in near-real time.
Active Wall Traffic Monitor Icon Active Wall Traffic Monitor 4.0
Active Wall Traffic Monitor is a free real time network traffic monitor program for LAN.
AnalogX PacketMon Icon AnalogX PacketMon 1.2
AnalogX PacketMon allows you to capture IP packets that pass through your network interface, whether they originated from the machine on which AnalogX PacketMon is installed, or a completely different machine on your network.
Adventnet SNMP Utilities Icon Adventnet SNMP Utilities 4
AdventNet SNMP Utilities offers a comprehensive development toolkit for SNMP-based network management applications.
AthTek IP Scanner Icon AthTek IP Scanner 2.0
AthTek IP Scanner is a collection of tools to provide you with information about the local networks.
Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Icon Antamedia Bandwidth Manager 2.6.2
Bandwidth Manager helps you control download and upload rate for every computer in your network, using a shared Internet connection (NAT), meaning it acts as a gateway to the Internet.
Acritum Femitter HTTP/FTP Server 0.2 beta Icon Acritum Femitter HTTP/FTP Server 0.2 beta 1.0
Have you ever wanted to share your files with your friends easily, without having to buy expensive hosting and spending your time on uploading gigabytes of files to the remote server?
AS-File Transfer Icon AS-File Transfer 1.11
AS-File Transfer - File sharing over the Internet/LAN.
Avensen Domain Name Finder Icon Avensen Domain Name Finder 2.24
Need a good domain name and still searching for one by one?
AuctionMagic Icon AuctionMagic 8.2.1995
AuctionMagic is the most powerful bidding and auction management software available on eBay.
AdventNet ManageEngine OpManager Icon AdventNet ManageEngine OpManager 7.0
ManageEngine OpManager is an ideal network monitoring software suitable for WAN/LAN monitoring, Server & Applications management, Windows Services and Event Log monitoring, URL, UPS, Firewall monitoring & much more.
French Yellow Pages Grabber, French Europa Yellow Pages Extractor, with such fax, mailing addresses, legal and financial information, powerful email collector.
ALEXTV Icon ALEXTV 2.3.2007
The AlexTV is a program that offers access to various television channels to watch on your computer through streaming.
Android SMS Apps Icon Android SMS Apps
Perfect Android SMS Apps is traditional way to sending the valuable message by only mouse clicks.
Autopedia Icon Autopedia 0.75
Takes input of words from user, then created a .
Accurate Digital Audio Seek Assistant Icon Accurate Digital Audio Seek Assistant 1.3
The software lets you to retrieve and download MP3 audio files from Internet via huge range of search portals to find the best results.
Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Software Icon Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Software 1.0.0
Windows-based software for bandwidth management.
AssetFocus Network Inventory Icon AssetFocus Network Inventory 2.1
This program is an asset management tool that automatically collects hardware and program information from your computers.
Article Rewrite Worker Icon Article Rewrite Worker
Article Rewrite Worker is the best article rewriting software specializing in producing high quality & easily readable articles in seconds.
anotherTorrent Icon anotherTorrent 0.2.0
This program is a GUI for rTorrent.
Apex Combine PDF Files into One Icon Apex Combine PDF Files into One
Combine PDF files into one software has option to users can merge PDF files into one PDF file, can extract PDF pages through page range, split, delete and merge by page number, page range and specific pages, delete blank pages.
Andromeda Hyper Email Assorter Icon Andromeda Hyper Email Assorter
With Email Data Extractor Pro you can automatically get lists of e-mail, web page links, or any kind of informations and store them for future use.
Autoworks Ranker Icon Autoworks Ranker 1.3.2002
Ranker for watching seo positions in search engines Autoworks Ranker for monitoring web sites positions by keywords and key phrases in search systems: Google, Yandex, Rambler, Aport, Bing.
AutoConfig Pro Icon AutoConfig Pro 2.4 Beta
This is a Windows GUI application written in Python 2.
AW Ports Traffic Analyzer Icon AW Ports Traffic Analyzer 2.34
Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer is a network traffic sniffer and logger that allows you to monitor all internet and network traffic on your PC and view the actual content of the packets, showing you exactly what was transmitted and to where.
anyRemote Icon anyRemote 5.11.2009
What is anyRemote?
Aeo3 Pingo Icon Aeo3 Pingo 2.8.30 Beta IPv4 (Beta)
Aeo3 Pingo is a networking connectivity testing utility.
AllPeers Icon AllPeers 0.53 Beta
AllPeers is a free extension which combines the strength of Firefox and the efficiency of BitTorrent to transform your favorite browser into a media sharing powerhouse
AskLog Icon AskLog 1.4
AskLog is the Web log analyzer software.
ASP Calendar Icon ASP Calendar 2.0.0
Calendar V 2.
AppletFile Icon AppletFile 5.5
Are your users complaining about how difficult it is to upload and download files?
Account Lockout Examiner for PowerShell Icon Account Lockout Examiner for PowerShell 1.0.014
Account Lockout Examiner for Powershell is a set of Windows PowerShell cmdlets that let administrators automate the detection and resolution of account lockouts.
AirLive ADSL Wizard Icon AirLive ADSL Wizard
AirLive ADSL Wizard is a configuration utility for AirLive WT-2000ARM router.
AutoProxy x64 Icon AutoProxy x64
AutoProxy x64 the only fully automatic Proxy Configuration tool.
attenzoSMS Icon attenzoSMS 3.1
AttenzoSMS allows you to send sms to any mobile number and supports more than 200 countries.
Audible Download Manager Icon Audible Download Manager
We're active listeners who enjoy stories well told.
Application Service Level Vulnerability Assessment Test for .NET Icon Application Service Level Vulnerability Assessment Test for .NET 3.95
Conduct internal software audits for Microsoft.
AlphaGet Icon AlphaGet 0.3.1
AlphaGet is a download manager for Windows.
Application Service Level Vulnerability Assessment Test for Java Icon Application Service Level Vulnerability Assessment Test for Java 3.97
Conduct internal software audits for Java-based Web applications to validate software quality and compliance with service level requirements.
Arctic Torrent 64bit Icon Arctic Torrent 64bit 1.2.2003
A min­i­mal Bit­Tor­rent client.
Allergies CHMOD Calculator Icon Allergies CHMOD Calculator 1.0
Free download health, bodybuilding, nutrition, yoga, medical conditions, fitness, pregnancy, holistic alternative, aids, cancer, hair loss, skin, acne, asthma, heart, diabetes, CHMOD, CHMOD calculator, security & privacy, access control, encrypti
Affiliate page generator Icon Affiliate page generator 2.0
Affiliate link page generator.
Azure Storage Icon Azure Storage Beta
Azure Storage is a desktop software to facilitate the easy management of blobs within one or more Azure storage account.
Article Copy Rewriter Icon Article Copy Rewriter 2.0
Article rewriting software.
AggreGate Device Manager Icon AggreGate Device Manager 4.50.05
The complete device management solution.
Article Blog Worker Icon Article Blog Worker
Article Blog Worker is an intelligent article creation and submission tool that can generate high-quality and keyword centered articles in up to one minute and submit all the articles to hundreds of WordPress blogs.
A Great Grabber Icon A Great Grabber 2.0
A Great Grabber is a software to scan, search and grab the Internet.
Accelerweb Icon Accelerweb 2.0
Welcome to Accelerweb!
AnalogX ITR Client Icon AnalogX ITR Client 1.2
AnalogX ITR Client is a GUI tool which gives you quick access to all the normal tools used to diagnose network problems, from ping to traceroute.
Adsense Notifier for Firefox Icon Adsense Notifier for Firefox 0.9.8
Adsense Notifier for Firefox is a Firefox extension that adds the daily statistics for your AdSense revenue to the browser status bar.
AnalogX AnonyMac Icon AnalogX AnonyMac 1.00
AnalogX AnonyMac allows you to quickly and easily change the MAC address of your network card.
Acc Autos - auto dealer script Icon Acc Autos - auto dealer script 5.0
Acc Autos 5.
AMP NetMonitor Icon AMP NetMonitor 1.0.1
AMP NetMonitor is a handy utility designed to monitor the network activity of all the network adapters in the computer.
Ares Vista Free Icon Ares Vista Free
Ares Vista Free has a unique connection scheme that connects instantly while older versions of Ares often fail.
AVR Terminal Icon AVR Terminal 0.2 Beta
AVR Terminal allows you to connect via RS232 serial or USB to your AVR.
Advanced Onion Router Icon Advanced Onion Router
Advanced Onion Router is a client for OR network and is intended to be an improved alternative for Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundle for Windows users.
Aarons AutoWebBrowser Icon Aarons AutoWebBrowser 4.0
Surf the easy way, save a number of websites and Aarons AutoWebBrowser will loop through them all.
Attachmore Icon Attachmore 3.0
Send Large Files Simply.
AdRefiner Icon AdRefiner 2.4
AdRefiner is a small, effective, and intelligent AntiAd software product that can hide annoying ads without human intervention.
aria2 Icon aria2 1.15.0 Build 1
aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source download utility operated in command-line.
AccelKit Icon AccelKit 1.0 Beta
Emulates the Accelerometer Sensor and feed that data into to the WP7 emulator.
Active Scripting Fast Disable Icon Active Scripting Fast Disable 1.5
Internet Explorer's Active Scripting "feature" is responsible for popup windows, scrolling status bar text, security holes, and other annoyances.
ASProxy Wing 0.6.1 Icon ASProxy Wing 0.6.1 Alpha
ASProxyWing is a free application which allows the user to surf the net anonymously.
AIMLpad Icon AIMLpad 1.53
AIMLpad, created by Gary Dubuque, is an AIML interpreter.
Auctionsearch Icon Auctionsearch 1.0
The Auctionsearch Gadget integrates into the Windows Vista Sidebar as search field and enables users to make immediate and direct searches on eBay in 13 eBay countries.
Advanced TCP IP Data Logger Icon Advanced TCP IP Data Logger
You may be a professional hardware or network engineer, or a college student making his first steps towards a professional career, or a talented technology lover illuminated by a new bright technical idea and looking for a handy tool for fine-tuning
Angry IP Scanner 4bit 3.0 beta Icon Angry IP Scanner 4bit 3.0 beta 6
Angry IP scanner is a very fast IP address and port scanner.
ApplicationViewer Icon ApplicationViewer 1.0.0
ApplicationViewer is an application built using the Java programming language can that show a table of all the XAL applications running on the local network.
AnalogX HyperTrace Icon AnalogX HyperTrace 2.3
AnalogX HyperTrace is a GUI version of traceroute, which shows you the route that information travels from your machine to another machine on the internet.
Amazon Shopper Icon Amazon Shopper 1.5.2000
This add-on is an Amazon shopping and searching tool for the Firefox (and compatible) web browser.
A Warp9 Whois Plugin Icon A Warp9 Whois Plugin 1.6
Plugin for IE browser; Get Whois info with a push on the button ; Supports multiple TLDs;Free and Easy; Works like the 'history' or the Alexa 'related' button.
AltaVista Toolbar Icon AltaVista Toolbar 1.0
This customizable search tool includes the capability to translate complete Web pages and individual phrases into 10 languages.
AltarSoft Download Manager Icon AltarSoft Download Manager 1.3
Program for downloading files from internet.
A distribution of content over a P2P Network offers many advantages.
Aktiv Download Manager Icon Aktiv Download Manager 2.8.2000
Aktiv Download Manager is a most needed tool for those looking impatiently for the next download.
Advanced MPEG Files Seek Package Icon Advanced MPEG Files Seek Package 1.3
The program lets you to search and download Online tunes files from Web using large range of seek portals to have the best effect.
Atelier Web IP Locator Icon Atelier Web IP Locator 2.1
Atelier Web IP Locator (AWIPLOC) allows you to resolve IPs to Country, City, Region and ISP by providing instant access to our 1100 MB online databases with more than 7.
Adlesse for Windows Icon Adlesse for Windows
Less ads - more choice!
AliveMon Icon AliveMon 1.0
AliveMon is a network monitor that lets you know when servers or routers fail.
Advanced Net Tools (ANT) Icon Advanced Net Tools (ANT) 2.7
This software can scan an IP network for a list of servers and their shared drives.
Akeni Space Icon Akeni Space 3.1.2021
Akeni Space is a professional application designed for integrated instant messaging, forums, blogs, file upload, channel, in/outboard, bookmarking.
AnkaSearch Icon AnkaSearch Beta_1.04
AnkaSearch is a Meta Search Utility (desktop application).
Acer Laptop to Hotspot Converter Icon Acer Laptop to Hotspot Converter 3.5
Acer Laptop to Hotspot Converter converts your Acer laptop to a wireless hotspot.
Adblock Pro Icon Adblock Pro 3.0
AdBlocker Pro is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-ad software product that can remove annoying ads of website without human intervention.
AnalogX NetStat Live Icon AnalogX NetStat Live 2.15
AnalogX NetStat Live is a small, easy-to-use TCP/IP protocol monitor which can be used to see your exact throughput on both incoming and outgoing data - whether you're using a modem, cable modem, DSL, or local network.
AutoPuTTY Icon AutoPuTTY 0.24.2
AutoPuTTY is a simple connection manager / launcher.
Assniffer Icon Assniffer 0.2
A auto saving sniffer for Windows.
AFSearch offline html search engine Icon AFSearch offline html search engine 9.52
A local index search engine that allows the user to index text and html files stored in specific directories on PC, CDROM and LAN.
ActualTime Icon ActualTime 1.0
ActualTime is a simple and powerful tool for maintenance of an exact times of your PDA.
AnalogX POW! Icon AnalogX POW! 1.59
AnalogX POW!
Absolute Permalinks Submission Manager Icon Absolute Permalinks Submission Manager 1.1
Buying one way links is best method to increase rating and increase site organic search that brings narrow customers.
ActiveWhois Browser Icon ActiveWhois Browser
ActiveWhois is WHOIS tool that allows you to retrieve domain specific information and displays it in an organized overview, that includes DNS information, IP address and connection speed as well as all the standard domain owner information.
Advanced Live Sounds Locate Manager Icon Advanced Live Sounds Locate Manager 1.3
The program helps you to find and download Online records files from Internet through big range of search portals to have the better results.
Searchengine for cars and aktive used-car-market-prices from more then 30 international Online-carmarkets.
AirFM Icon AirFM 0.94.2
AirFM is a AIR desktop software to listen internet radio, bring you a variety of internet radio stations you can choosse to listen.
AnalogX FastCache Icon AnalogX FastCache 1.3
AnalogX FastCache is a caching DNS server that runs on your local machine and handles any DNS request that your computer makes, from Internet Explorer to an FTP client.
Axence NetVision Icon Axence NetVision 2.0
Managing a network?
AnalogX PortMapper Icon AnalogX PortMapper 1.4
AnalogX PortMapper allows you to map any port on your computer to any IP address and port on another machine, and limit access based on the incoming IP address.
AnalogX ListMaster Pro Icon AnalogX ListMaster Pro 1.83
AnalogX ListMaster Pro allows you to quickly and easily manage a mailing list - from a couple hundred people to hundreds of thousands of people - through a simple user interface.
Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE) Icon Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE) 7.4
Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE) is a powerful reporting solution for the Microsoft Windows Network.
AirShare Icon AirShare 1.2
The AirShare application was designed to be a small tool that will allow you to use your Windows Mobile-based device to share files over Bluetooth protocol.
AnkaSearch Beta Icon AnkaSearch Beta 1.4
AnkaSearch is a Meta Search Utility (desktop application).
Adsense Site Builder Icon Adsense Site Builder 1.2
Increase AdSense income with AdSense Money Maker.
Abilon Icon Abilon 2.5.3 b196
The Abilon news aggregator, is not just a simple feed collection machine.
AutoWikiBrowser Icon AutoWikiBrowser
AutoWikiBrowser, sometimes abbreviated to AWB, is a semi-automated MediaWiki editor for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (AWB also functions reasonably well under Wine on Linux but this is not officially supported) designed to make tedious repetitiv
Absolute Website Promotion Tool Icon Absolute Website Promotion Tool 1.1
Buying backlinks is best way to improve rating and increase website organic search which brings targeted users.
Autumoon IP Informer Icon Autumoon IP Informer Bet
Indicates any changes made to your current IP address.
Amazon TV Station Icon Amazon TV Station 1.4.1955
Amazon TV Station Free Tv, Watch Tv Online For free, over 30000 Tv Channels, Sports Schedules, Live Football, Soccer, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB.
Azureus Beta Icon Azureus Beta Beta 26
Azureus is a Java based BitTorrent client that offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents.
Advanced Privacy Supervisor Icon Advanced Privacy Supervisor 2.0
Advanced Privacy Supervisor combines three strong tools for system maintenance, privacy protection, and improving overall system performance.
Apolo Internet TV - 3000 Channels Icon Apolo Internet TV - 3000 Channels 2.7.1935
Apolo Internet TV Chancel is the best available software online today to watch thousands of satellite movies and listen to radio channels from all over the globe.
Ares Galaxy P2P Plus Icon Ares Galaxy P2P Plus 1.8.8
Ares Galaxy P2P Plus is a FREE P2P file sharing client that can search and download files from Ares Galaxy file sharing network like Gnutella, Kazaa and Morpheus with great speed.
Ad Swapping For List Building Free Ebook Icon Ad Swapping For List Building Free Ebook 1.0
Ad swapping for list building and traffic generation free ebook.
AuxSwitcher Icon AuxSwitcher 1.1
AuxSwitcher takes care of this boring task by enabling you to configure and save different network profiles, so that you can activate them accordingly depending on where you are at any given moment.
AdRem NetCrunch 6.x Icon AdRem NetCrunch 6.x 1.0
NetCrunch offers agentless policy-based availability monitoring of Windows using WMI, Linux using SSH, NetWare and SNMP devices in one package.
AA Tools Icon AA Tools 5.92
Have you been port scanned lately?
AXEPTool Icon AXEPTool 4.4
AXMEDIS P2P client, a very easy to use P2P bittorrent client, joint the network with cross media content and tools, audio, video, animations and tools from axmedis partners: VRS, AFI, TISCALI, GIUNTI, XIM, BBC, etc.
AMC Personal Web Search 2.0a.15 Icon AMC Personal Web Search 2.0a.15 1.0
Commercial search engines are superb tools for finding things on the Internet as long as the things you're looking for are fairly easy to find.
Azure Throughput Analyzer Icon Azure Throughput Analyzer
Azure Throughput Analyzer helps in estimating the upload and download throughputs achievable against Windows Azure storage from an on-premise application.
Asus Vibe Icon Asus Vibe
Asus@vibe is a one-stop entertainment platform that serves as a value-added service for all ASUS products.
Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater Icon Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater Beta
Adobe's Flash Player is the key to the internet's most used technology called Flash.
AbsoluteShield Track Eraser Icon AbsoluteShield Track Eraser 4.00
AbsoluteShield Track Eraser protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your Internet activities.
AirDC++ Icon AirDC++ 2.22
AirDC++ is a DC++ modified client with more features and more advanced than DC++.
AutoScan 2_Pre Icon AutoScan 2_Pre 1.0
AutoScan is an application designed to explore and to manage your network.
AdressWizard Pro Icon AdressWizard Pro 4.2
Scan IP addresses with SNMP, wake on LAN, port scanning and intrusion prevention.
alto-vuze-plugin Icon alto-vuze-plugin Beta
The alto-vuze-plugin is an accessible and Open Source tool for Vuze.
ADInfo Icon ADInfo 3.5
ADInfo provides automated configuration troubleshooting and documentation management for your Microsoft Active Directory network.
AnetTest Icon AnetTest 1.0
Key features: 1.
AV Site checker Icon AV Site checker 1.0
Create a list of websites, which the program will periodically download and check for the new changes.
AD Info Free Edition Icon AD Info Free Edition 1.0.0
AD Info is a modern easy to use active directory reporting tool with over 150 predefined reports as well as the option to create your own with the user friendly custom query designer.
Atrium Icon Atrium 7.8
To compete in today's market, you need access to your information quickly and without hassle.
Auto Tunnel GG Icon Auto Tunnel GG C7776
AutoTunnel GG is the ultimate HTTP tunneling solution, capable of tunneling practically every software or game on your PC to bypass restrictive firewalls, proxy servers, and packet shaping ISPsWhy do I need it?
AutoAdministrator Icon AutoAdministrator 1.03
This software allows administrators to perform a number of configuration tasks on multiple machines, simultaneously.
Advanced Internet Advertising Manager Icon Advanced Internet Advertising Manager 1.1
Buying permanent links is best method to boost rating and improve site organic search that brings narrow users.
AOTop - Ad Obfuscating Tool Icon AOTop - Ad Obfuscating Tool 2.06
AOTOP: Ad Obfuscating Tool for Visual Privacy Protection.
Algorius Net Watcher Icon Algorius Net Watcher 1.2.1
Algorius Net Watcher - Software that allows you to monitor user access and files opened on your computer via the network.
APL Web link collection Icon APL Web link collection
Create own collection of links suitable for everyday use. Save your favorite links.
ADVantage Security Monitor Icon ADVantage Security Monitor 4.0
ADVantage allows Active Directory administrators to monitor running processes and network activity.
Amazon App for Pokki Icon Amazon App for Pokki 1.0
A free desktop app for your Windows PC to browse, search, get product details, and read reviews on millions of products available from and other merchants.
Aerize Wifi Tile for Windows Phone 8 Icon Aerize Wifi Tile for Windows Phone 8
Simple and easy access to wireless system settings for Windows Phone 8 devices.
Active NTFS Partition Recovery Tool  Icon Active NTFS Partition Recovery Tool 13.0.0
The Quick Recovery tool for Windows data restoration is an expert utility program that fosters in combating various errors and recovering files easily. This program is promisingly developed with rich algorithms and renders user-friendly and user-defined mechanism of restoration.
ADUC Admin Plus Icon ADUC Admin Plus
ADUC Admin Plus is an easy to use, drag & drop application based on Microsoft's Active Directory Users and Computers.
Ares Catcher Icon Ares Catcher 2.1.5
With Ares Catcher you'll download any online video & watch it wherever you want.
Apache Log Files Analyser Icon Apache Log Files Analyser 12.10.01
Apache log files analyser is a wondrous tool to perform error analysis.
Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate Icon Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate 3.1
Block Browser Ads with Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate,IE&Firefox&Chrome Supported.
Advanced IP Scanner Icon Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.2526
Advanced IP Scanner is a free, fast and easy-to-use network scanner.
Audit Exchange Server Icon Audit Exchange Server 15.0
Use LepideAuditor Suite - Exchange Server to audit Exchange Server easily.
Automatically Log Internet Connection Status Software Icon Automatically Log Internet Connection Status Software 7.0
Automatically log internet connectivity at specified intervals while working.
Automatically Adjust Screen Brightness By Time Of Day Software Icon Automatically Adjust Screen Brightness By Time Of Day Software 7.0
Automatically adjust the brightness based on dawn and dusk times.
Automatic Website Screenshot Software Icon Automatic Website Screenshot Software 7.0
Automatically take screenshots of the websites visited in your browser. ASIN Search and Lookup Multiple Numbers Software Icon ASIN Search and Lookup Multiple Numbers Software 7.0
Lookup multiple Amazon Standard Identification Numbers to find detailed info. Icon 1.01 is entertainment resource showing most interesting websites on internet according to your predilections.
Ant Download Manager Icon Ant Download Manager 0.2.1
Full integration to browsers IE8, Firefox, Chrome, supports HTTP(S), FTP(S) protocols, multilanguage support, Portability, Drag&Drop and No any spyware or adware. Supports some video services (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.).
Reliable TCP and UDP port forwarding for Windows. Keeps the data flowing whenever the network is ready. Efficiently forwards many ports at once. Administrate locally, or remotely using a Web browser. Supports real-time, scriptable IP filtering.
Advanced Port Scanner Icon Advanced Port Scanner 2.4.2750
Advanced Port Scanner is een snelle, gratis poortscanner waarmee u snel open poorten op netwerkcomputers vindt en versies van programmas achterhaalt op gedetecteerde poorten. Het programma heeft een gebruiksvriendelijke interface en veel functies.
Active Whois Browser Icon Active Whois Browser 5.1
Active Whois returns important information on websites. Locate individuals or organizations with postal address including country for the domain or IP address holder, all with a single click! The netstat, trace route and nslookup included too.
Axence nVision Free Icon Axence nVision Free
Axence nVision Free is a tool for professional network monitoring. Completely free of charge, both for home and commercial use.
Arch Search Engine Icon Arch Search Engine 1.9.2
Arch is an extension of Apache Nutch (a popular, extensible and highly scalable general purpose search engine) for intranet search. Unhappy with your corporate search engine? Try Arch. It can help. Don't believe? Blind test evaluation tools included.
Adwords monitor bot Icon Adwords monitor bot 1.0
Auto monitor Adwords ads with windows application bot With build-in proxy checker! This windows application bot will help you to monitor Adwords ads in real time. With this bot you can easily track performance of your Adwords ads
Axence nVision Icon Axence nVision
Comprehensive network management: network monitoring and visualization; hardware and software inventory (license audit, fixed assets); user monitoring; data protection; helpdesk (trouble ticket database, chat); alerts, reports, corrective actions
Advanced IP Scanner Icon Advanced IP Scanner 2.5
Advanced IP Scanner is a free, fast and easy-to-use multithreaded network scanner. Its many useful functions include scanning for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders, improved integration with Radmin, and remote shutdown and wake up!
Allavsoft for Mac Icon Allavsoft for Mac
Download videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, eHow, Yahoo Video, and 100+ websites to Apple ProRes, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPG, 3GP, MKV, MP3 WAV etc
Allavsoft Icon Allavsoft
One-Sep to download and convert HD 4K, 1080p, 720p Video, Playlist, F4F, FLV, F4V, F4M, WebM to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPG, VOB, MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, M4A etc. It supports download free videos from eHow and 100+ video sharing sites.
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