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Blowsearch Toolbar & Free Popup Blocker 2.0
The Free Blowsearch Toolbar serves as both a way to get relevant information right from your browser as well as a Popup Blocker to stop those annoying ads. The Toolbar includes informational tools such as Web results from the leading search engines.

Blowsearch Toolbar Icon Blowsearch Toolbar 2.0
The Free Blowsearch Toolbar serves as both a way to get relevant information right from your browser as well as a Popup Blocker to stop those annoying ads. The Toolbar includes informational tools such as Web results from the leading search engines.
BulletProof Ad-Free Icon BulletProof Ad-Free 4.6
Remove adverts and pop-ups from a wide range of browsers and other programs!Removes adverts, popups and general browsing annoyances from all popular browsers and web-utilizing programs
Blaiz Enterprises - HexColor Icon Blaiz Enterprises - HexColor 1.00.091
Generate webpage hex colors - Realtime screen color grab - Auto copy/paste - History. No installation.
BG_ASCII v1.3 is an interactive ASCII graphic tool. It can create color, halftone or black and white ascii pictures from image files (supports many image file formats) and artistic ascii text.
BrowserCRM Lite Icon BrowserCRM Lite 3.02a
BrowserCRM 'Lite' is for companies that require web-based contact management functionality or internet-based businesses requiring a plug-in web site back-end. Optional source code and WebMAT(tm).
BrowserCRM Professional Icon BrowserCRM Professional 3.02a
BrowserCRM Professional is a complete, integrated, browser-based business CRM solution built on a MySQL and PHP foundation and runs on Linux or Windows Servers. It is packed with sophisticated contact management and groupware functionality, allowing
BrowserCRM WebMAT Icon BrowserCRM WebMAT 3.02a
BrowserCRM Web Modular Application Toolkit is a set of objects together with example implementations with data dictionaries and module templates that allow you to rapidly build custom functionality that is integrated with the core CRM.
Baseconv Icon Baseconv 3.5
Convert programming formats on the fly.
Block That! Icon Block That! 2.0.1 Beta
Block That! does more than blocking ads, deleting cookies and blocking popups
Bandwidth Daemon Icon Bandwidth Daemon 1.1
Monitor network bandwidth with packet filters, through a web interface.
BeFaster Lite Icon BeFaster Lite 1.5
BeFaster Lite is a multi-featured multi-language connection optimization tool...
Box Monitor Icon Box Monitor 1.21
Box Monitor is a fast rugged Network-Device-Monitor with an intuitive interface.
Ban Popup Icon Ban Popup 2.60
BanPopup assists by preventing unwanted pop-up windows.
Booksearch Icon Booksearch 1.65
Search the world for new or used books
Best Price Icon Best Price 3.1
Compare prices from mySimon DealTime CNET PriceWatch etc. simultaneously!
Biblio School Icon Biblio School 2.0.1
School library automation software with staged pupil participation.
Bullet Proof Connection Icon Bullet Proof Connection 3.0
Intelligent activity simulator to prevent internet disconnection
Bokai Barcode Image Generator ASP Component (Barcode/ASP) Icon Bokai Barcode Image Generator ASP Component (Barcode/ASP) 2.2
Barcode image generator ASP component for web and standalone applications
BlogJet Icon BlogJet 1.5
Desktop weblog client with easy-to-use and elegant interface
Belkasoft BookaMark Icon Belkasoft BookaMark 2.02
Organize, search, manage your bookmarks easily with Belkasoft BookaMark
Bulk News 2004 Icon Bulk News 2004 2.0
Bulk Post to over 2000 newsgroups an hour with this Internet marketing tool.
Belkasoft IE Favorites Extractor Icon Belkasoft IE Favorites Extractor 1.01
Extracts MS Internet Explorer Favorites into numerous formats
BayCheck Icon BayCheck 2.0.3
BayCheck: check an eBay user's buying & selling history & feedback with a click.
Bookmarks WebMaker Icon Bookmarks WebMaker 1.4
Make a fully customizable website containing your bookmarks and favorite links.
Blogs Autofiller Icon Blogs Autofiller 3.0.0
Blogs AutoFiller submits your promotion articles and links on blogs sites
bitsoft Text2HTML Converter Icon bitsoft Text2HTML Converter 1.1.0
Converts any text files to HTML files.
bitsoft ShowIP Icon bitsoft ShowIP 1.6.1
ShowIP is a simple tool, that shows your current IP-address.
BrowserMaster Icon BrowserMaster 2.5
Web developer testing tool. $20 Size browsers, indep. bookmarks, color dither. Pop Stop popup killer Icon Pop Stop popup killer 2.2 Pop Stop - FREE popup blocker, popunder killer and ads stopper
Biromsoft WebCam Icon Biromsoft WebCam 3.01
WebCam is a program for your web camera.
BlockPop Icon BlockPop 2.1
BlockPop block all unsolicited popup windows
Browsy Icon Browsy 2.0
Popup and Ad blocker, Cookie manager, online privacy, history cleaner, and more.
BidderBlock Icon BidderBlock 1.1
Create and maintain a list of bidders who are blocked from your eBay auctions.
BlogTick RSS Monitor Icon BlogTick RSS Monitor 2.5
Simple Blog Feed Monitor that lives in your system tray.
BidSlayer Icon BidSlayer 3.4.6
Watch eBay items and bid at the last second.
Billion NetWatcher Icon Billion NetWatcher 1.1
BossControl Icon BossControl 1.0
Solution for the boss to view and monitor network users' screens.
BeamFile Icon BeamFile 1.2
BeamFile is a free tool that lets you easily send and receive files of any size
Badongo Uploader Icon Badongo Uploader 1.4.3
Upload and share files with one click , simply drag and drop or right click.
BrowseReporter Icon BrowseReporter 2.0
Monitor user's Internet activity. Generate reports and charts on user browsing.
Bearshare Speed Optimizer Icon Bearshare Speed Optimizer 2.4
Bearshare Speed Optimizer is a download-accelerator add-on for Bearshare
BitTorrent Advanced Accelerator Icon BitTorrent Advanced Accelerator 3.1
BTTA is the best software of its kind for BitTorrent network clients.
BeNetSafe Free Search ToolBar Icon BeNetSafe Free Search ToolBar 1.00
BeNetSafe free search toolbar locates your child's online information.
BrowserStar Icon BrowserStar 2.8
BrowserStar is your personal browser expert for Internet Explorer!
BitTorrent Mp3 Icon BitTorrent Mp3 2.5.2
BTM is a free file sharing software that allows users to search.
BearShare Manager Icon BearShare Manager 1.6
BearShare Manager is a software designed for people who use BearShare P2P.
BitTorrent Manager Icon BitTorrent Manager 1.6
BitTorrent Manager is a software for BitTorrent users.
Bearshare Speed Optimizer Icon Bearshare Speed Optimizer 2.9
Bearshare Speed Optimizer is a download-accelerator add-on for Bearshare
BrownRecluse Icon BrownRecluse 1.58
BrownRecluse programmable spider, download websites, site ripper, javascripts
BrowseReporter Icon BrowseReporter 2.1
Generate reports and charts on user browsing.
Best Web Hosting Review Tool Icon Best Web Hosting Review Tool 1.2
Learn about the best web hosting on the web in our charts and full reviews.
BearFlix Hyper Speed Icon BearFlix Hyper Speed 1.0
BearFlix Hyper Speed is a free add-on module for BearShare network
BearFlix Download Accelerator Pro Icon BearFlix Download Accelerator Pro 1.0
BearFlix Download Accelerator Pro is a free add-on module for BearShare network
BearFlix Speed Booster Icon BearFlix Speed Booster 1.0
BearFlix Speed Booster is a free plugin module for BearShare network
BearFlix Search Optimizer Icon BearFlix Search Optimizer 1.0
BearFlix Search Optimizer is a FREE powerful plugin to BearFlix
BixBookmark Icon BixBookmark 2.2
BixBookmark is a portable visual bookmark manager with advanced features.
Backpage Auto Poster Icon Backpage Auto Poster 1.0
Automate your personal and business advertising on Backpage
Bandwidth Monitor Icon Bandwidth Monitor
Monitors bandwidth usages and provides daily, weekly and monthly reports.
Basic Web Editor Icon Basic Web Editor 1.0
Basic Web Editor is the first in the new Basic-Ware line of tools from Code Generation. Simple concept, powerful, fast tools with a small footprint. Everything you want in a web editor, without all the clutter. Full Html, CSS, and JavaScript editing.
BestAddress HTML Editor 2008 Professional Icon BestAddress HTML Editor 2008 Professional 12.2.0
Creating websites has never been easier with this multi-award-winning HTML editor, suitable for both beginners and experts alike. Design webpages with both visual (WYSIWYG) and code-based modes.
BCL Magellan Icon BCL Magellan 6.5
BCL Magellan converts PDF files and MS Office files to HTML format. You can also print almost any type of file directly to HTML. Magellan creates an HTML version of your document that looks just like the original.
BlogWeaver Icon BlogWeaver 1.1
BlogWeaver integrates directly with to add a full-featured visual HTML Editor (similar to FrontPage or Dreamweaver). You can create blogs using sophisticated HTML without having to work with tags.
BBComposer Icon BBComposer 0.8
The BBComposer allows you to edit textareas in WYSIWYG mode. You can choose one of those 4 languages : XHTML, BBCode, XBBCode and Wiki. Especially useful for CMS and Forums. Product valid XHTML 1.0 Strict source.
Blockstar Website Builder Icon Blockstar Website Builder 3.01
Blockstar is a website building and hosting service that lets you create blogs, photo galleries, and web pages without having to know HTML. Download our website builder, and then create an account at
Baby Journal Icon Baby Journal 1.01
Our baby journal software for windows can help you track your memories and magic monents with your baby.Automatically turn your memories into a webpage. You can edit the templates to make it appear exactly as you want.
BAR Flash menu component Icon BAR Flash menu component 1.0
BAR Flash Menu component - Unique flash menu component with maximum configuration flexibility. We did our best to provide a balanced package of user settings.
BlockNote for the Net Icon BlockNote for the Net 1.7
What you can do with BlockNote: View and Edit your web pages in a friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. Format text, including; font, size, color, bullets and more. Insert and Format professional looking tables.
Browser Resolutions Icon Browser Resolutions 1.2
Browser Resolutions is an utility that helps webmasters to see how their sites looks in different resolutions. Available resolutions are 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, 1600x1200 and WebTV.
BlackIce PC Protection Italiano Icon BlackIce PC Protection Italiano 3
      Stop hackers cold. Get unbeatable protection for your desktop or laptop PC.
BlackIce PC Protection English Icon BlackIce PC Protection English 3
      Stop hackers cold. Get unbeatable protection for your desktop or laptop PC.
Back Links Checker Software Icon Back Links Checker Software
Back links checker application is designed to know reciprocal link status of advertiser websites on different publisher websites at single instant depending on user choice and sends alert notification mail to webmaster at pre-defined email address ev
Backlink Checker Software Ex Icon Backlink Checker Software Ex
Backlink checker software is the best website links status checking tool that facilitates to monitor the reciprocal links of the websites for increasing the popularity of advertisers site on the World Wide Web.
Bulk SMS Software Ex Icon Bulk SMS Software Ex
Group test messaging solution composes & sends unlimited number of text messages to individuals or group of people from your PC without any need of internet connection.
Bulk Text Messaging Tool Icon Bulk Text Messaging Tool
Bulk text SMS sending tool is a comprehensive method for composing and sending bulk messages to individuals or groups.
Banner Ad Management System Icon Banner Ad Management System v 2.0
This software helps you to solve all your banner ad display problem. You can add your own banner. Advertisers and banner exchangers can use this system .
Boingo Moile for WM5 Icon Boingo Moile for WM5 b
Boingo Mobile optimized for Windows Mobile 5.0 dual-mode devices instantly identifies Boingo Hotspots and autoamtically authenticates you with your Boingo account.
BeamFile 2007 Icon BeamFile 2007 1.2
BeamFile is a free tool that lets you easily send and receive files of any size.Use BeamFile to safely and easily send and receive heavy files such as pictures, presentations and videos.
bittorent Icon bittorent 4.2.0
BitTorrent is a free speech tool.BitTorrent gives you the same freedom to publish previously enjoyed by only a select few with special equipment and lots of money. ("Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one" -- journalist A.J. Liebling.
BitPump Icon BitPump 1.00
BitPump is a Bittorrent client that provides download management as simple as normal downloads, via .torrent files.
BetweenUs Icon BetweenUs 2.3
BetweenUs is a secure communication tool for direct peer-to-peer chatting, conferencing, and transferring of encrypted files.
Bidolay Icon Bidolay
Bidolay is the fun, easy and safe way to shop eBay. It is totally free to download and use. Search under any and all categories of the eBay US site including eBay Motors.
Best Buy Finder Icon Best Buy Finder 3.1
Best Buy Finder is a dynamic application enable consumers to search the Internet for any product or service without having to visit a single website and receive search results by the lowest price.
Bill Acceptor 4 Internet Kiosk Software Icon Bill Acceptor 4 Internet Kiosk Software 3.8.4
Turn your PC into Bill Operated self Service Internet Cafe, Internet Kiosk, or Bill Operated PC Game can Save you management cost, hiring cost. make profit for you internet cafe and kiosk business.
BearShare Music Icon BearShare Music 2.2.9
BearShare Music is a free files sharing software that helps you download all your favorite tunes from its infinite community.
BrowserObject PHP Free Edition Icon BrowserObject PHP Free Edition November.2008
BrowserObject PHP module is best for developers who need to detect client's browser capabilities and settings. Unlike other detection technologies, BrowserObject PHP is using server side detection to detect client's browser information.
Back Link Analyzer Icon Back Link Analyzer
Reciprocal link checker software is leading solution for how to check multiple back link status simultaneously and promote page rank of your website!
BitAware Network Monitor Icon BitAware Network Monitor 1.6
BitAware is a professional network analyzer (also known as network sniffer & packet sniffer), it performs real-time packet capturing, 24 / 7 network monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosing.
BlogFriender Icon BlogFriender
BlogFriender is a powerful tool for getting targeted traffic to your blog.
BookmarkOne Icon BookmarkOne 1.00
BookmarkOne is a bookmark management tool for windows.BookmarkOne can organize and categorize your favorite Web sites. fast, Powerful organizing tools can add , copy ,delete , edit, annotate every url, and also Rate every item from 1 star to 5 star.
Browse Control Icon Browse Control 1.7
Browse Control performs Internet Access Control and Application Blocking to clamp down on users spending time on non-work related web activities and also peventing users from running unauthorised software such as KazaA, etc..
Black Pirate FS Icon Black Pirate FS 1.0
Search 100's of Millions of shareable files all over the world. Get thousands of results an hour. Real Time, Fast, Safe!! Will save your searched even if the power goes out. This program is only limited by your computer's capabilities.
BV Commerce Lite Icon BV Commerce Lite 2004
Winner of the aspnetPro Magazine Reader's Choice award for Best eCommerce Software for three years running. Free shopping cart software for Windows and SQL Server with no time limits or removed features.
Bookmark Catalog Icon Bookmark Catalog 1.22
Bookmark Catalog is powerful and easy to use bookmark manager with explorer-like interface. It can easily handle more than thousands of bookmarks. Bookmark Catalog support three most popular browsers- Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera.
BrowserBuddy Icon BrowserBuddy 2.0.13
BrowserBuddy is an invaluable companion for your Internet Explorer Browser.With BB and our "Popless" Technology, you may prevent New Internet Browser Windows from ever loading.
Browser History Cleaner Icon Browser History Cleaner 4.6
Clean Cookies, Internet History, Junk Files and all your history tracks.
BitComet EZ Booster Icon BitComet EZ Booster 1.9.0
Bitcomet-Ez-Booster is an add-on acting as a truly download speed propeller.
BearFlix EZ Booster Icon BearFlix EZ Booster 1.4.8
Bearflix-Ez-Booster is a tool which prompts the full speed of your downloads.
BitTorrent UltraBooster Icon BitTorrent UltraBooster 1.3.0
BitTorrent UltraBooster is a fast acceleration patch for BitTorrent client.
BitRope P2P Icon BitRope P2P 1.9.0
BitRope is a highly-potent p2p client developed for all types of users.
Block Web Site Buddy Icon Block Web Site Buddy 4.2.1
Utility to block websites in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
BearShare Turbo Accelerator Icon BearShare Turbo Accelerator 6.4.8
BearShare Turbo Accelerator is an add-on for BearShare P2P file sharing utility. BearShare Turbo Accelerator is an add-on for people who use BearShare P2P file sharing utility to download music, movies, books and any other files.
BearShare Ultra Accelerator Icon BearShare Ultra Accelerator 6.4.0
BearShare Ultra Accelerator is an add-on application for BearShare that automatically speeds up the download process and finds the files you want with far more power than regular searches.
Bright MPEG Sound Retrieve Toolkit Icon Bright MPEG Sound Retrieve Toolkit 1.3
The software aids you to find and keep Live music files from Internet via big range of search engines to get the greatest effect.
Bebo Friend Adder elite Icon Bebo Friend Adder elite 3.0.0
Automation software for Bebo social network (and others) add friends, send mass auto messages, mass auto comments, gather ids, more.
BandwidthD Icon BandwidthD 2.0.1
BandwidthD tracks usage of TCP/IP network subnets and builds html files with graphs to display utilization.
Bulk Link Popularity Analyzer Icon Bulk Link Popularity Analyzer 1.23
Many search engines factor in your web site popularity when ranking web searches.
Buzzbird Icon Buzzbird 0.8
Buzzbird is completely free (as in beer and freedom).
Buyer Auction Manager (Full) Icon Buyer Auction Manager (Full)
Buyer Auction Manager (Full) provides better eBay buying experience.
Back Link Checker Icon Back Link Checker 1.0
Back Link checker tool is easy to use no non-sense software developed to help webmasters, SEOs, entrepreneurs and agencies to manage their back links aka one-way links or inbound links and reciprocal links of their websites.
BS Detect Icon BS Detect 1.12
Ever had a co-worker who spouts unbelievable loads of utter rubbish at regular intervals?
BitTyrant Icon BitTyrant 1.1.1
BitTyrant is a new, protocol compatible BitTorrent client that is optimized for fast download performance.
BitTweet Icon BitTweet 2.5
Tweet in a bit.
BestCrypt Corporate Icon BestCrypt Corporate 1.12
BestCrypt Corporate provides protection of data in corporate networks using strong encryption algorithms.
BadVPN Icon BadVPN 1.999.111
BadVPN is an open-source peer-to-peer VPN system.
Belkasoft LinksManager 1d Icon Belkasoft LinksManager 1d 1.0
Organize and manage your bookmarks easily with Belkasoft LinksManager!
BITS Download Manager Icon BITS Download Manager 0.9
Create a transfer job and set the priority.
Bildsoft FastnPlay Lite and Pro Icon Bildsoft FastnPlay Lite and Pro 1.4
FastnPlay will avoid the Game-lag and allow you to browse the internet faster than ever.
BS Trace Icon BS Trace
System for control and tracing.
Bget Share Icon Bget Share
Bget is a powerful, fast and professional web data extraction software that will extract the data from any type of websites through flexible rules, therefore what you can see through the browser is also what you can get.
Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus! Icon Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus! 1.00
It's 2 Programs in 1 : VideoChat (1-to-1 audio & video chat, Personal Address Book, BuzzCard invite-a-friend, NAT Router / LAN Support and easy setup Wizard), and VideoChat Plus!
BT Seed Auto-distributor Icon BT Seed Auto-distributor 5.4
This is for bt distributor,especially for bt webmaster,pt site owner,or bt geek.
Beacon Auditor Icon Beacon Auditor 1.8
Beacon Auditor is a software that will help network consultants and IT administrators quickly identify and inventory all devices with an IP address on the network.
bossdetector Icon bossdetector 0.5.1
bossdetector is a small, Java based application designed to offer users a simple pinger.
Backlinks Activator Icon Backlinks Activator 1.0
PHP Script to (re)activate backlinks from other websites they include a link to your sites. Alpha Icon Alpha 1.0
Unlike conventional URL shorteners Brief.
Big:eye Pro Icon Big:eye Pro 4.0
CBR big:eye, which is developed for management of IT infrastructure of enterprise and provides management of fault, performance, inventory and configuration is the closest assistant of system administrators through impressive user interface and usabi
Big Ant corporate Lan Messenger Icon Big Ant corporate Lan Messenger 2.82
Big Ant corporate Lan Messenger using Client/Server architecture.
BitComet Download Accelerator Icon BitComet Download Accelerator 1.0
BitComet Download Accelerator lets you download MP3s, Movies and Videos from BitComet at a faster rate by accelerating your download speed.
Bruter Icon Bruter 1.1
Yet another brute forcer to help you with your work.
Bandwidth Monitor Lite Icon Bandwidth Monitor Lite 2.0.135
Bandwidth Monitor is a monitoring application that enables you to easily keep an eye on the traffic meter.
Backlinks Generation and Submission PHP Icon Backlinks Generation and Submission PHP V0.1
Backlinks Generation and Submission Free PHP Script - V0.
Beauty Live Sounds Find Suite Icon Beauty Live Sounds Find Suite 1.3
The software aids you to search and download Live records files from Internet through huge array of seek portals to get the greatest effect.
Bulk Web Site Monitor Icon Bulk Web Site Monitor 2.1
Bulk Web Site Monitor 2.
Bloggers Toolit Icon Bloggers Toolit 1
The Bloggers Toolkit was developed to maximise my time spent reseaching new niches on the internet.
BeTwin Icon BeTwin 2.00.198
This program enables two to five users to share the computing power of a single computer.
BATIPCC is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you update the IP to country code lookup data file used by BATIP and BATSniff.
BitComet Beta Icon BitComet Beta 20080311 Beta
BitComet is a strong, clean, fast, and easy to use bittorrent client.
BlueZone Icon BlueZone 5.0c5
BlueZone is a robust, terminal emulation suite providing both traditional desktop and two-tier web-to-host, web browser access to backend systems including; IBM Mainframe (TN3270), IBM iSeries (TN5250), Unisys (T27 & UTS), UNIX/DEC (VT) and Secur
BMExtreme Icon BMExtreme 2.76
Keep track of how much you download from the internet.
Bookmark Catalog PRO Icon Bookmark Catalog PRO 2.0
Bookmark Catalog PRO is powerful and easy to use bookmark manager with explorer-like interface.
BuduIP Icon BuduIP 1.0.0
BuduIP is an IP scanner software to scan IP address in network.
Binreader 0.99c Icon Binreader 0.99c 1.0
Binreader is a free download manager capable of downloading and streaming files from Usenet newsgroups.
BS Ping Icon BS Ping
System for addresses check (host name or IP-address).
Book Search Pro Icon Book Search Pro 2.0
This is an easy-to-use search tool.
Bulkr Icon Bulkr 1.2
Bulkr is a Adobe AIR application, can download photos from Flickr in bulk with one click, whether you need your own images or those of others.
Billion Softswitch Enterprise Edition Icon Billion Softswitch Enterprise Edition 3.0
Provides maintenance of connections between various subnet gateways, centralized transfer of information on connection in billing systems, queries the router for reception of information on terminating gateways, controls H323-gateways set, protects a
Blog bee Blog finder Icon Blog bee Blog finder 2.0
Blog bee finds blogs in your niche by keyword so you can build more links.
BidNobble be Icon BidNobble be 1.0
BidNobble is a Java based auction tool for eBay users.
Bright MP3 Audio Search Suite Icon Bright MP3 Audio Search Suite 1.3
The program lets you to search and download Digital tunes files from Web via big collection of seek portals to find the better results.
BePing Icon BePing 4.01
This software provides standard ping, multi-ping, IP translation, whois lookup, trace route, customizable data-to-ping, text reports of multi-pings and auto-update lookup server list.
BACnet Browser Icon BACnet Browser
Discover BACnet devices with the help of this tool.
Bluetooth Network Scanner Icon Bluetooth Network Scanner
This program can analyze and scan your Bluetooth network, giving detailed informations about local and remote devices found.
BlackBerry SMS Marketing Icon BlackBerry SMS Marketing
Free bulk text messaging software provides facility to communicate with your friends or target audience at same duration without pay any additional cost.
B&W Port Scanner Icon B&W Port Scanner 4.0
B&W Port Scanner is a Fast Cross-platform TCP Port scanner.
BT Helper Icon BT Helper 1.4
BT Helper can help you that optimize BT-Client software, accelerate the download speed and Protect you hard disk.
BTGetit Icon BTGetit
This program is a peer-to-peer file-sharing software based on Bittorrent.
BlockItFor.Me Icon BlockItFor.Me 1.0
The software allows to block social networks and other timekilling sites.
BuduControl Icon BuduControl 1.3.2000
BuduControl is an internet cafe software for cyber cafe operators.
Broadband Download Monitor Icon Broadband Download Monitor 1.3
The Broadband Download Monitor (BDM) is a software that tracks your downloads and alerts you as you get near a limit that you set.
BitTorrent 7.6 Icon BitTorrent 7.6 26671
BitTorrent transports you into a world of discovery.
BitNami eZPublish Stack Icon BitNami eZPublish Stack 2012.1-0
BitNami eZ Publish Stack greatly simplifies the deployment of eZ Publish and its required dependencies.
Beauty Live Media Get Toolkit Icon Beauty Live Media Get Toolkit 1.3
The program aids you to seek and download Live music files from Web using big range of find directories to get the most effect.
Backup Cow Icon Backup Cow
Backup Cow can configure your networked computers into a private cloud that acts as your private dropbox.
Beauty MP3 Sounds Take Tool Icon Beauty MP3 Sounds Take Tool 1.3
This software aids you to retrieve and download Live songs files from Web via large array of search directories to have the most results.
Broadband Speed Test Icon Broadband Speed Test 1
This broadband speed test will test the exact speed between your system and another one wherever you choose.
byTagg Icon byTagg 0.32 Beta
byTagg is an RSS Reader/Alerter for Blogs and TwitterByTagg is a new solution that will let you follow your favorite blogs and know when they are updated right on the spot.
BitThief Icon BitThief 0.3.0
A Free Riding BitTorrent Client, BitThief is a free riding BitTorrent client, that is, it downloads from BitTorrent swarms without contributing any resources itself.
BitMeter OS Icon BitMeter OS 0.7.5 Beta
BitMeter OS is a free, open-source, bandwidth monitor that works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
Broadband Usage Meter Icon Broadband Usage Meter 4.0
Broadband usage meter is a desktop utility that enables an internet user to monitor live his broadband usage, so he keeps within his ISP broadband usage limit for a definite period.
BackPage Reader Icon BackPage Reader
A powerful free tool to search www.
BetaSend Icon BetaSend 2.0
BetaSend is a file sending utility.
BOOMBox Internet Radio Player Icon BOOMBox Internet Radio Player 1.0
This software gives you access to thousands of online radio stations from country, to rap, to electronic, to pop.
Backlink Checker Software Icon Backlink Checker Software
Easy to operate backlink checker software featured with user friendly graphical user interface providing context help, menu support and frequently asked question guide at every step so even non technical novice user can operate site monitoring task w
BWTracker Icon BWTracker 1.1 Build 93
Monitor your Internet usage.
Batch IP Converter Icon Batch IP Converter 7.2
IP-to-domain converter,IP-to-country converter, Ping, Tracert, Whois and more!
BySoft Network Share Browser Icon BySoft Network Share Browser
Explore shared resources on your local network.
Bid-O-Matic Icon Bid-O-Matic 2.14.8h
Bid-O-Matic (BOM) will give you the option of bidding at online auctions and automate time-controlled audit.
BorderShare Icon BorderShare 0.5.2
Easily share your files and folders on the network.
BATSniff Icon BATSniff
BATSniff is a simple, small, easy to use application specially designed to offer users an IP packet sniffer and traffic monitor.
BlackOwl MIB Browser Icon BlackOwl MIB Browser 1.1
Visual MIB Browser that supports getting the MIB from RFC, managing the MIB, running SNMP operations (v1/v2/v3) with MIB, discovering SNMP devices, graphing MIB variables, visualise MIB as tree, view MIB as UML classes, save MIB data in pdf/xls/text.
Bonelight Icon Bonelight
Today, there are many capture boxes what can sniff and store many packets from the network to be data sources of evidence, troubleshooting and/or reporting.
BT Engine Icon BT Engine 4.7
A powerful assistant tool for BitTorrent download.
Bannerizer Icon Bannerizer 1.0
Now you can create professional banners to use on most all banner exchanges in minutes with no need to learn how to use complicated graphics programs.
BannerShow Icon BannerShow 2.6
WebGenie Banner*Show allows you to dress up your web site with attractive scrolling messages and banners that change like a slide-show.
Beauty MPEG Albums Take Package Icon Beauty MPEG Albums Take Package 1.3
The software helps you to seek and keep Mpeg music files from Internet via huge range of seek directories to find the most effect.
BarevTM Host File Editor Icon BarevTM Host File Editor
HOSTS viewer and editor.
Bandwidth Meter Pro Icon Bandwidth Meter Pro
Bandwidth Meter Pro is an easy to use network program for bandwidth usage monitoring, reporting, and notification.
BitBuddy Icon BitBuddy 0.985
This peer-to-peer file-sharing handles up to 1GB-sized files.
BreakPoint Icon BreakPoint 1.09
This software brings a definitive understanding as to why you are unable to reach the Internet or any other network resource.
Bandwidth Controller Enterprise Icon Bandwidth Controller Enterprise 1.21
Bandwidth Controller Enterprise is a scalable traffic shaping solution for corporate networks and service providers.
BirdieSync Icon BirdieSync
BirdieSync is a professional application designed to enable you to synchronize your Windows Mobile device (contacts, events, tasks and mails), your iPhone (contacts) or your Android device (contacts) with Thunderbird with Lightning extension installe
BitTornado for Windows Icon BitTornado for Windows 0.3.18
TheSHAD0W's EXPERIMENTAL BITTORRENT CLIENT BitTornado is a powerful and easy-to-use BitTorrent client.
BitCometTracker Icon BitCometTracker 0.5
BitCometTracker is a high performance bittorrent tracker with a lot of enhancement.
Better MPEG Media Catch Combo Icon Better MPEG Media Catch Combo 1.3
The software aids you to retrieve and download Online audio files from Web via huge range of search directories to get the best results.
Bypass Proxy Client Icon Bypass Proxy Client 0.78
This network privacy tool prevents would-be snoopers from monitoring your surfing, downloading, e-mailing or chatting activity.
Bankruptcy Resources Icon Bankruptcy Resources 1.0416
Bankruptcy Resources Toolbar.
BadVPN for Linux Icon BadVPN for Linux 1.999.111
BadVPN is an open-source peer-to-peer VPN system.
Blinq for Mac Icon Blinq for Mac 1.6
Blinq is a revolutionary new platform that makes it just as easy to access, share, print or manage your photos as it is to take them, even when you are mobile.
Burp Suite Icon Burp Suite 1.4.2001
Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications.
Better Backlink Marketing Centre Icon Better Backlink Marketing Centre 1.1
Buying one-way links is best way to improve rating and improve web site organic search which brings targeted visitors.
BySoft Network Monitor Icon BySoft Network Monitor
BySoft Network Monitor 1.
Bluetooth Viewer Icon Bluetooth Viewer 1.6
Bluetooth Viewer is a small utility that runs in the background, and monitor the activity of Bluetooth devices around you.
Backlink Checking Icon Backlink Checking 1.0
With Backlink Checking also known as BLC you are able to check a list of sites for certain keywords or URL's you provide.
Bing Save Search Results Software Icon Bing Save Search Results Software 7.0
Save Bing search results and/or the full page behind each search result.
BrowseControl Icon BrowseControl 4.4
BrowseControl restricts inappropriate surfing and enforces Internet usage policies enterprise wide. Block unauthorized programs such as online games and chat applications. Prevent users from downloading video, audio or other file types.
BrowseReporter Icon BrowseReporter 4.4
BrowseReporter is an easy to use Reporting tool, designed to allow professionals to monitor their user's Internet Browsing activity. Detailed and Summary level reports and graphs can be generated.
Bigasoft VOB Converter Icon Bigasoft VOB Converter
Bigasoft VOB Converter helps you rip VOB video to various video and audio formats like MP4, H.264, AVI, DivX, Xvid, WMV, MOV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, VOB, RM, WMA, MP3, etc with amazing speed and quality. Moreover, converting VOB to HD video is supported.
BroadCam Streaming Video Server Free Icon BroadCam Streaming Video Server Free 2.35
BroadCam Streaming Video Server Free for Windows allows you to host any number of pre-recorded files. Stream your videos in all popular formats. BroadCam Streaming Video Server can host a webcam or network IP camera.
BWMeter Icon BWMeter 7.1.2
BWMeter is a powerful bandwidth meter, monitor, traffic controller and firewall, which measures, displays and controls all traffic to/from your computer or on your network.
Bandwidth Manager Software Icon Bandwidth Manager Software 4.0.2
Windows-based software for bandwidth management. Control time, bandwidth usage, download and upload rate for wired and wireless laptops without any client software installations.
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