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Prime Derivatives 1.0
Enter any number up to twenty digits, and click the button. The result will be a string of unique prime numbers that can evenly be divided into the number that was entered.

Pizza Party Puzzles Icon Pizza Party Puzzles 1.0
Macintosh freeware for middle school mathmatics
Percent-O-Rama Icon Percent-O-Rama 1.0
Macintosh freeware for middle school mathmatics
Prime Number Spiral Icon Prime Number Spiral 6.79
Software for exploring the Prime Number Spiral (a.k.a. the Ulam Spiral)
PreAlgebra ActivityMaker Icon PreAlgebra ActivityMaker 2.0
Creates instant pre-algebra skills practice worksheets and quizzes!
Powers of Ten Icon Powers of Ten 1
Educational program in which you learn to calculate with powers of ten.
Prime or not ! Icon Prime or not ! 5.0
Prime Or Not ! is a complete cellection of tools for primality testing/factorization.Using PON! you can test the primality of numbers up to E200.PON!
Pocket StarCalc Icon Pocket StarCalc 1.0.0
Pocket StarCalc is a small and fast astronomical planetarium program. If you have a Windows CE v3.
Pension Actuary Icon Pension Actuary 5.0
The program allows you calculate pension annuities and / or pension contributions for non-state pension funds, based on actuary mathematics.
PythagorasCalc Icon PythagorasCalc 1.1a
PYTHAGORAS, THE FIRST PHILOSOPHER (From Historia Deorum Fatidicorum) Many strange legends have been preserved concerning the birth of Pythagoras.
Phyllotaxis Icon Phyllotaxis 1.0
Phyllotaxis is the study of the successive arrangement of radial parts of a growing plant, such as the leaves on a stem, or the seeds in the head of a sunflower.
Prime Integer Observatory Icon Prime Integer Observatory 1.0
This application illustrates the notion of an integer's factors, and of the related property of integers called primeness, or primality. An integer is called prime if it is the product of only one distinct pair of integers.
Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number.Great little tool.
PowerStar Icon PowerStar 2.40
Highly versatile and easy to use, PowerStar was designed for use on most electrical design and analysis applications.
Panageos Icon Panageos 1
Panageos: This is a powerful Plane Analytic Geometry Problem Solver and Visualizer.
Periodic Table for Mac OS Icon Periodic Table for Mac OS 4.2
Synergy Creations Periodic Table 4 is a versatile chemistry reference tool for your Macintosh that takes the periodic table beyond the simple paper periodic table found in so many textbooks and classrooms.
ProteinID Finder for Mac OS Icon ProteinID Finder for Mac OS 1.8.2
A proteomics analyzation software capable of extracting information from the online universal protein resource database UniProt.
PneumaticReserve for Mac OS Icon PneumaticReserve for Mac OS 0.4
Instrumentation engineers and techs should carefully size reserve bottles used for valve actuators to ensure that these valves will be able to stroke a sufficient number of times without any supply from the air header.
Psychrometric + Duct Calculator Icon Psychrometric + Duct Calculator 4.2
A convenient, precise and powerful tool for HVAC&R engineers.
PubSearch for Mac OS Icon PubSearch for Mac OS 1.1
A fast, efficient search tool for scientists, medical professionals and students who rely on the ability to quickly access the millions of research papers indexed in PubMed.
Plainstat for Mac OS Icon Plainstat for Mac OS 0.1.1
Provides statistical data analysis modules like descriptive statistic, reliability item analysis, linear regression, multivariate data analysis and nonparametric statistic in an easy-to-use package.
Power on X Icon Power on X 1.6.2005
Power on X is a Mac OS X native (cocoa) program for the calculation of statistical power.
Packed Column Calculator Icon Packed Column Calculator 2.1
PackCol performs hydraulic designs for new packed columns or rating calculations for existing columns and towers.
PowerVue Circuit Analyzer Icon PowerVue Circuit Analyzer 6.25
Highly versatile and easy to use, PowerVue was designed for use on most electrical design and analysis applications.
Psykinematix for Mac OS Icon Psykinematix for Mac OS 1.2.3
A new OpenGL-based Software Package dedicated to Visual Psychophysics running on Mac OSX.
Palmpacity Icon Palmpacity 1.051
Palmpacity™ for Palm OS
Have the National Electric Code ampacity tables with you on every jobsite, at every meeting, and wherever else you may go!
polyhedra for Mac OS Icon polyhedra for Mac OS 2010
Explore polykhoroi and tetrahedron groups.
PEMDAS for Mac OS Icon PEMDAS for Mac OS 0.2.4
A Cocoa-based calculator that lets you work with equations and variables.
PhyloCoco for Mac OS Icon PhyloCoco for Mac OS 2.3
A minimalistic tool for molecular phylogenetics able to recover phylogenies from nucleotide sequences.
Pixcavator IA - Image Analysis Icon Pixcavator IA - Image Analysis 5.1
Digital image processing, analysis, and manipulation; elementary computer vision.
PolarView NS for Mac OS Icon PolarView NS for Mac OS 1.4
An efficient ENC chart planner.
Pascal's Triangle Formula Icon Pascal's Triangle Formula 1.0
Explore Pascal's Triangle visually. Pascal's Triangle Formula lets you zoom in and modify many properties of the triangle in a visual way. Pascal's Triangle is a famous and simple mathematical triangle.
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