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WallMaster 2.4e
Free superb wallpaper changer utility for Windows

WallMaster Pro Icon WallMaster Pro 4.0a
Master your desktop wallpaper in just a few minutes with WallMaster Pro!
Wallpaper Sequencer Icon Wallpaper Sequencer 3.60
Wallpaper Sequencer - wallpaper changer, manager and calendar all in one!
Wallpaper Sequencer Lite Icon Wallpaper Sequencer Lite 3.60
Draxysoft Wallpaper Sequencer (Walser) is a state-of-the-art wallpaper manager for Windows..
WWPlus32 Icon WWPlus32 4.04
WWPlus32 Wallpaper Manager (ASP) Use JPG/GIF as wallpaper with lots of options.
Wallpaper Cycler Lite Icon Wallpaper Cycler Lite
Cycle desktop wallpapers with a specific delay or at specific times or both.
Wallpaper Slideshow Icon Wallpaper Slideshow 1.1
Wallpaper Slideshow cycles your pictures on your PC desktop wallpaper.
Wallpaper Engine Icon Wallpaper Engine 1.0
The system performs desktop wallpaper searches in various search engines.
Wallpaper Master Icon Wallpaper Master 2.14
A highly customizable and easy to use wallpaper changer and manager.
Wallpaper Recycler III Icon Wallpaper Recycler III 3.5.0
Use your pictures as Windows Wallpaper. 10 lists of up to 1000 pictures each.
WireChanger Icon WireChanger 3.3.3
Wallpaper changer utility + desktop clocks. Gif/jpg/html/bmp/..., image effects
Wallpaper Photo Show Icon Wallpaper Photo Show 1.1
Show your favorite photos on your computer's desktop
Wallpaper Expert Icon Wallpaper Expert 3.8
User-friendly and intuitive wallpaper management tool.
Wallpaper Scout Icon Wallpaper Scout 1.42
Create flash wallpaper and re-distribute it
Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra Icon Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra 4.62
New, more powerful wallpaper manager with desktop clock skins.
Wallpaper Sequencer Lite Icon Wallpaper Sequencer Lite 4.62
Wallpaper Sequencer - wallpaper changer and manager your way!
Wallpaper Rotator Icon Wallpaper Rotator 1.0.8
Ever get bored with your desktop background?
Wallpaper Shuffler Icon Wallpaper Shuffler 2.8.2
Wallpaper changer with 48+ image effect
Windows XP Wallpaper Supreme Pack Icon Windows XP Wallpaper Supreme Pack 1.02
Windows XP Wallpaper Supreme Pack: More then 650 Exclusive Windows XP Wallpapers
WebWallpaper Icon WebWallpaper 0.59
WebWallpaper is a Wallpaper changer which supports the display of changing Webcam-Pictures.
Wallpaper Plus Icon Wallpaper Plus
Wallpaper Plus is a utility for managing and displaying your favorite pictures for your desktop wallpaper.
Windows 8 UX Pack Icon Windows 8 UX Pack 3.0
Windows 8 UX Pack will give you Windows 8 UI improvements such as theme and logon screen without touching system files at all so it won't have such risk to harm your system at all.
Windows Start Menu ViStart Icon Windows Start Menu ViStart
In 2007 I made ViStart, the most popular Vista start menu simulator.
Weather Desktop Wallpaper and Screen Saver Icon Weather Desktop Wallpaper and Screen Saver 7.2.2
Weather Desktop shows current weather conditions on your desktop wallpaper and screen saver.
WallZilla Icon WallZilla 1.1
WallZilla brings your desktop background to life by switching background images on demand.
Wallpaper Changer Free Icon Wallpaper Changer Free
Change your wallpaper automatically with this application.
Webshots Daily Features Icon Webshots Daily Features 1.0
Webshots Daily Features is an Adobe AIR application, help you to view and download daily photos from webshots.
Windows 7 Themes Icon Windows 7 Themes 1.0
Support for themes has been extended in Windows 7.
Wall Flype Icon Wall Flype 0.9.3
Wall Flype will change the desktop wallpaper for a user on an interval using a specified source folder for images, help you automate the changing of your desktop wallpaper.
Wallpapperer Icon Wallpapperer 1.0
Drag and drop images to it,to create mosaic images.
Wallpaper Cycler Pro Icon Wallpaper Cycler Pro
This software changes your the wallpaper with a specified delay or at a specific time.
Windows 7 Regional Themes and Wallpapers Icon Windows 7 Regional Themes and Wallpapers 1.0
Download beautiful regional themes and wallpapers for countries from around the globe (US, Japan, Australia, South Africa etc) extracted directly from Microsoft's future operating system: Windows 7.
WallPro Icon WallPro 1.0
Change your desktop wallpaper with this tool.
Windows Wallpaper Changer Icon Windows Wallpaper Changer 0.8.1
Windows Wallpaper Changer takes some directories or a list of files that are applied to the Windows desktop.
Wallcast Icon Wallcast 0.97 Beta
Let Wallcast turn your desktop background into a individuated display of pictures from you, your family and your friends.
Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper Series Pack Icon Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper Series Pack 1.5
Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper Series Pack is a series of fantastic wallpapers for your computer, designed both for normal and wide screens.
Windows Theme Manager Icon Windows Theme Manager 2.00
Theme Manager is a -One Click- Windows 7 Themes manager designed to help you install and manage Windows 7 themes.
Wallperizer Icon Wallperizer
This software manages your desktop wallpapers.
Wallflower Icon Wallflower 1.6
Customize your desktop's wallpaper with this tool.
Wallpaper Master Pro Icon Wallpaper Master Pro 1.62.1
Wallpaper Master Pro is a strong, highly customizable wallpaper manager and cycler.
World Clocks Wallpaper Icon World Clocks Wallpaper 1.5
World Clocks Wallpaper is a software design to update dynamically your M$ Windowstm wallpaper.
Webshots Desktop Icon Webshots Desktop
Customizing your desktop and screensaver is a fun way to make your computer feel like an extension of your personality.
Windows 7 Themes Lady Gaga Icon Windows 7 Themes Lady Gaga 1.00
Windows 7 Theme Lady Gaga with HD Quality Free Wallpapers.
Windows 7 High Resolution Regional Wallpapers Icon Windows 7 High Resolution Regional Wallpapers 1.0
With just one click, bring to your computer's desktop the beautiful Windows 7 wallpapers of twenty countries: Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, S
WallpaperFlickr Icon WallpaperFlickr
WallpaperFlickr will grab images from Flickr and rotate them as frequent as you choose.
Winter Wonderland 3D Animated Wallpaper Icon Winter Wonderland 3D Animated Wallpaper 4.6
A snow covered village featuring falling snow and a twinkling northern star.
Windows 8 Theme Icon Windows 8 Theme RC1_xbuild7.0.1
Windows 8 provides lots of new features along with a newly designed interface.
WallShuffler Icon WallShuffler 2.8
WallShuffler is a simple wallpaper changer that allows you to alternate between a selection of desktop backgrounds.
Warcraft Clock - Reign of Chaos Icon Warcraft Clock - Reign of Chaos 4.5
Warcraft Clock gives you a chance to plunge into the world of noble warriors, nights and wizards fighting side by side on the field of battle against those who would threaten the sanctity and peace of the Alliance.
WallpaperQ Icon WallpaperQ 2.50
A Wallpaper Management Tool.
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