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MacInstallerBuilder 3.1.2005
About MacInstallerBuilderAn affordable solution for software distribution, be it over the Internet or via CD.

MIB Smithy Icon MIB Smithy 3.1
About MIB SmithyAn application for SNMP and COPS developers, MIB and PIB designers, and Internet-draft authors.
MegaPhone Icon MegaPhone 1.5.1
iPhoneDrive is a Mac OS X application which lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch for file storage.
MDBLite Icon MDBLite 1.6.2001
MDBLite is the fastest way to convert your Microsoft Access™ MDB databases to sqlite.
MBS Filemaker Plugin Icon MBS Filemaker Plugin 2.0
This plugin adds 400 functions Filemaker.
MultiRezer Icon MultiRezer 2.1
## The quickest and most hassle free way to support multiple resolutions.
Magic Script Creator Icon Magic Script Creator 2.0.0
****Half-Price Sale For Memorial Weekend!
Man Page Viewer Icon Man Page Viewer 1.1
Man Page Viewer is a minimalist GUI front-end for man, the UNIX manual page utility.
Man Reader Icon Man Reader 1.0.1
Man Reader allows quick, convenient and easy access to the man pages on your system, useful for programmers, system administrators and tweakers.
MD5 Hash Generator Icon MD5 Hash Generator 1.0
MDB Explorer Icon MDB Explorer 1.1.2001
MDB Tool - For Microsoft Access Icon MDB Tool - For Microsoft Access 1.0.2
MDB Tool is the best resource for viewing Microsoft Access databases on a Mac.
MDB/ACCDB Viewer Icon MDB/ACCDB Viewer 2.0.2
Open Microsoft Access databases (MDB and ACCDB).
Monster Template - XML Photo & FLV Video Galleries Icon Monster Template - XML Photo & FLV Video Galleries 1
This is an ActionScript 3.
MacPython Icon MacPython 2.3
The port of Guido van Rossum s Python high-level object-oriented language to the Mac.
Metadot Portal Server Icon Metadot Portal Server 6.1.4
A popular open source portal software (GPL) recognized for its revolutionary ease-of-use.
MegaTrack Icon MegaTrack 1.1
Basic tropical storm/hurricane tracking for Atlantic storms.
Mac OS X tools for Palm development Icon Mac OS X tools for Palm development 1.3
Tools for Palm OS developers on Mac OS X.
Mac TeX Toolbox Icon Mac TeX Toolbox 201
The Mac TeX Toolbox provides an umbrella for TeX related development for Mac OS X: discussions, pointers to libraries and other support for open source TeX development on Mac OS X.
MacCVS Pro Icon MacCVS Pro 4
MacCVS Pro is a completely free CVS client for Mac OS that was originally developed at Netscape Communications Corporation.
MacDING Icon MacDING 4
MacDING is an offline german <-> english dictionary.
MacEwan LMS Tools Icon MacEwan LMS Tools 0.1
LMS Tools is a set of tools and libraries for administrators and users of learning management systems to perform, for example, portal integration, LMS management or usage data analysis.
M2MXML for J2ME Icon M2MXML for J2ME rc
M2MXML parser for J2ME devices.
Machine Image Tool Icon Machine Image Tool 1.0.0
Tool to view disk structure of a virtual machine image (loopback device file) and export it's partition to new loopback device file.
Macintosh MFC Libraries Icon Macintosh MFC Libraries 1.0
An attempt at porting the MFC framework over to Mac OS X.
MACOW. Mandatory AC on Open Worlds Icon MACOW. Mandatory AC on Open Worlds 1.0
MACOW is a formal and scalable mandatory access implementation suitable on open worlds such as the provided on Semantic Web, Autonomic Computing and Coaltions and Federations scenarios.
Mac-Package Icon Mac-Package 0.5
Mac-Package is an Ant task and Maven goal for packaging native OS X applications.
Macro Pre-Processor Icon Macro Pre-Processor 1.0
I wanted to create a simple program that was very portable that could process #include, #define, #ifdef, #ifndef, #else and #endif statements.
Macs CMS Icon Macs CMS 1.0
Macs CMS is a Flat File ( XML and SQLite ) based AJAX Content Management System.
MActor Icon MActor 2.0.2
MActor is an extensible tool for functional integration testing.
MAD - Adventure Game Engine Icon MAD - Adventure Game Engine 200
The MAD Project is an attempt to create a powerful, flexible game engine, which is specifically designed for graphical adventure games.
Mad for DB Icon Mad for DB 1.0
Mad for DB - The Migration Advisor for DataBases - analyzes the differences between two database schemas, automatically finds out which changes require individual migration effort and advises migrators which concrete datasets need fixing.
madchat Icon madchat 1.2
mAdchAt Encore une autre adaptation de slashdot.
Maggy Icon Maggy 1.0
Maggy (MySQL Application GTK Gui Builder) is a tool for designing an application around a MySQL database.
MagicAjax.NET - AJAX Framework Icon MagicAjax.NET - AJAX Framework 2.0
A framework that provides AJAX technologies for web pages created with ASP.
MagicGroup Icon MagicGroup 1.3.0
MagicGroup is an Eclipse plugin that permits you to group resources (mainly source files) differently than from the Project Explorer's view.
makepp Icon makepp 2.0
Makepp, a build program which has a number of features that allow for reliable builds and simpler build files, is a drop-in replacement for GNU make.
MakeProcessor Icon MakeProcessor 1.0
MakeProcessor is a platform-independant perl script which parses the output of GNU make to produce useful information on the terminal, such as progress toward completion and current action.
Maker: No more makefiles Icon Maker: No more makefiles 1.1.1
C and C++ are wonderful languages but makefiles are a pain.
Massively Parallel PO Editor Icon Massively Parallel PO Editor 1.0
Simple text editor for editing multiple language files in parallel.
Maude Development Tools Icon Maude Development Tools 2.0.6
The Maude Development Tools are a set of plugins that embed the maude interpreter (http://maude.
Mai Pen Rai Icon Mai Pen Rai 0.1
Java Object and Relation Persistence framework.
majix Icon majix 2
With MajiX you can automatically transform RTF files (Microsoft Word files) in XML.
Major Emacs editing mode for X12 Icon Major Emacs editing mode for X12 1.0
Emacs editing mode for X12 files and messages.
Mailcrypt Icon Mailcrypt 3.5.9
Mailcrypt is an Emacs Lisp package which provides a simple interface to public key cryptography with PGP [and now GnuPG!
Make Run Script Icon Make Run Script 7.12.13
MakeRunScript creates a run script for your application.
Make Targeter for Eclipse/CDT Icon Make Targeter for Eclipse/CDT 1.2.1
Make Targeter aims to help creating and building C/C++ make targets for projects where lots of build options are available in makefile.
Makedep - C/C++ dependency generator Icon Makedep - C/C++ dependency generator 1.0
A C/C++ dependency generator for large software projects.
MakeGenie Icon MakeGenie 1.0
MakeGenie automatically creates Makefiles for Java projects.
makenew Icon makenew 1.2
mknew: a bash shell function library that provides "make" functionality to the shell.
Making Maps With Computers Icon Making Maps With Computers 1.0
To investigate, describe and develop methods and approaches to generating maps with computers.
Makumba Icon Makumba
Makumba helps you rapidly develop data driven web applications.
man2dbk Icon man2dbk 0.1
man2dbk converts Unix man pages to XML DocBook.
Mandible for Ant Icon Mandible for Ant 0.8
Mandible is an ant driven project management tool.
MansLibrary Icon MansLibrary 1.0.beta3
MansLibrary is a open-source class library that is written in C#.
Mapper: WEB/GUI Presentation Framework Icon Mapper: WEB/GUI Presentation Framework 1.0
Mapper is a presentation framework for XML, WEB & GUI applications based on the Model-View-Controller pattern.
MapPSO Icon MapPSO 2.0.0
MapPSO is a tool for Ontology Alignment, which uses Discrete Particle Swarm Optimisation.
Mark Logic API Viewer Icon Mark Logic API Viewer 0.1
Search interface for the Mark Logic XQuery API function reference.
Markdownify Icon Markdownify beta3
NOTE: unsupported - do you want to maintain this project?
MarkdownJ Icon MarkdownJ 1.0.2b4.0.3.0
MarkdownJ is the pure Java port of Markdown (a text-to-html conversion tool written by John Gruber.
Markout Icon Markout 1.0
Markout is a pure-Java lightweight wiki markup parser based on John Gruber's Markdown. Icon 1.8
Mars Rover Simulator Icon Mars Rover Simulator 1.0
The Mars Rover Simulator project is based on the evolutionary robotics paradigm where an artificial agent acquires its skills through the process of artificial evolution.
MaxIDE - BlitzMax IDE Icon MaxIDE - BlitzMax IDE rc.2.01
An Integrated Development Environment for the programming language BlitzMax including a program editor, debugger interface and help system.
MaXPI - Mozdev Plug-in for Maven Icon MaXPI - Mozdev Plug-in for Maven 0.1
MaXPI is a Plug-in for Jakarta Turbine Maven and adds some Goals to Maven hopefully helps Mozilla Application Developers handle daily development tasks more easily.
M-Cork (Memory Cork) Icon M-Cork (Memory Cork) 2.2.2
Memory allocation library for "corking" memory leaks, especially for long-running processes and daemons.
MathDOM Icon MathDOM 0.7
DOM library for Content MathML written in Python - based on PyXML or lxml
Matra - an XML DTD Parser Icon Matra - an XML DTD Parser 1.0
Matra is a java based XML DTD Parser Utility.
Maven Annotated Mojo Icon Maven Annotated Mojo 1.4.0
Maven 2 and Maven 3 build system extension that allows writing annotated Mojos using JDK 1.
Maven DocCheck Plug-in Icon Maven DocCheck Plug-in
Maven DocCheck Plug-in is a report-type plugin for Apache Maven.
Maven Eclipse-CS Plug-in Icon Maven Eclipse-CS Plug-in 0.9.1
Maven 1.
Maven har plugin Icon Maven har plugin 1.0
A maven plugin for generating Hibernate Archive (HAR) files.
Maven Javafxdoc Plugin Icon Maven Javafxdoc Plugin 1.0
maven-javafxdoc-plugin: A maven plugin for generating javafxdocs for JavaFX projects, based on the Maven Javadoc Plugin.
Maven JSF Richfaces Example Icon Maven JSF Richfaces Example 1.0
An example project using Maven 2, JSF, Richfaces, Tomahawk, JPA(Hibernate), Spring, etc.
Maven Jython/Python integration Icon Maven Jython/Python integration 1.0
Allows easy building and deployment of your Java project with python/jython and python packages.
Maven sar plugin Icon Maven sar plugin 1.0
A maven plugin for generating JBoss Service Archive (SAR) files.
Maven2 For Eclipse Icon Maven2 For Eclipse 0.0.8
M4Eclipse is a Maven2 Plugin For Eclipse.
maven-get-goals Icon maven-get-goals 1.0.b2
This project provides a Maven plugin that grabs all the goals cached in ${maven.
MavenIM Plugin Icon MavenIM Plugin 0.1.beta.2
MavenIM is a plugin for maven that provides a mechanism for sending instant messaging notifications.
Maveniser Icon Maveniser 1.1.4
Maveniser is a simple Eclipse plugin that enables developers to work with Maven 2 projects and tasks within the Eclipse IDE.
Mavenizer Icon Mavenizer 1.0
Mavenizer intends to ease the (rather painfull) process of making third party libraries (which are not built with Maven) available as artifacts on a maven repository.
Maypole Icon Maypole 2.12
Maypole is a Perl framework for MVC-oriented web applications.
MbPc Pagerank Simulator Icon MbPc Pagerank Simulator 1.0
Provide a testbed to play with pagerank-like algorithm on graph.
meBiblio Icon meBiblio 1.1
meBiblio was specially developed as a small and accessible Python-based bibliography tool.
MeckWiki Icon MeckWiki 0.95
A text editor which converts wiki-like markup to XHTML and supports the FTP.
MessagesEditor Icon MessagesEditor
Eclipse plugin, developer for easy management of property messages, compilated with FMW guideline.
Mediabox Icon Mediabox 0.7.0
Mediabox displays flash, video, & html content in a modal dialogs on webpages.
MediaDB Icon MediaDB b.1.1
MediaDB is a PHP web-based database to organize your DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, books, games, etc.
mediadbs Icon mediadbs 0.04
mediadbs is a project to produce a flexible database system for tracking and searching for multiple forms of electronic media (eg mp3, divx, ogg) distributed on multiple servers in a local network.
Megan Template Engine Icon Megan Template Engine
Megan is a simple, easy-to-use, light-weight and high-performance template engine written in PHP.
meltingice file system Icon meltingice file system 1.0
MeltingIce File System is a comprehensive php personal file management script.
Memcache Taglibs Icon Memcache Taglibs b.1.07
This is a taglib for memcached, almost full compatible to oscache's taglib.
memephage - meme eater Icon memephage - meme eater 20031106.2240
Memephage is an automated web log (blog).
Mem-Multilingual support for Aleph/LaTeX Icon Mem-Multilingual support for Aleph/LaTeX 20060220
Mem provides an experimental environment for multilingual and multiscript typesetting with LaTeX in the Aleph typesetting system.
Memory Leak Detection For Mac C++Program Icon Memory Leak Detection For Mac C++Program 1.0
A light-weight tool to detect the memory leak in C++ Program under Mac environment.
memwatch Icon memwatch 2.71
memwatch is an ANSI C fault tolerant memory leak and corruption detection tool.
Metaquokka Icon Metaquokka 0.01
Metaquokka is a highly configurable xml editor, currently available as Gridsphere portlet.
MIEX Icon MIEX 0.1
The aim of MIEX (Metadata and Information Extractor from small XML documents) is to create a wrapper for the Stanford Parser, to extract and store metadata (syntactic structures, relationships among words.
Mistral-IdM Icon Mistral-IdM 1.1b
Mistral-IdM is a project whose aim is to provide an identity management system, with advanced authentication and authorization abilities, based on standards (SAML, XACML, XKMS), providing a user-friendly administration console.
MerkleWeb Icon MerkleWeb 1.0
Absolute minimalist open spec of whats needed to obsolete and rebuild entire Earth infrastructure, as global peer to peer 320 bit (256 space, 64 time) address quine Turing Machine, military-strength Bitcoin-like security on every bit and NAND calcula
mescaline Icon mescaline
Mescaline is a php web application and framework which makes data stored in databases available to users.
MetaUML Icon MetaUML b.0.2.5
MetaUML is a GNU/GPL MetaPost library for typesetting exquisite UML diagrams.
MH-E Icon MH-E 8.3
MH-E is the Emacs interface to the MH mail system.
MetaBoss Icon MetaBoss 1.0.0006
MetaBoss is an integrated suite of tools for design, development and management of software systems through modelling.
MetaContract Icon MetaContract 0.3
Design by Contract allows a programmer to document a function/class with statements describing behavior. Icon rc
Meta-Messager Icon Meta-Messager 1.0
Meta-Messager: A project that aims to develop a Semantic Web based framework for semantic annotation of B2B message schemas (e.
Mewt Icon Mewt 1.0
J2ME Widget ToolkitAn advanced widget toolkit for J2ME devices, supporting cross-platform components such as tables, trees, graphical buttons, theming etc.
mht to htm Icon mht to htm 2
Conversion from *.
Michigan Data Manager Icon Michigan Data Manager 1.0
I am in no way still supporting this software; however, it is free for use by anyone.
Michimalonco Icon Michimalonco rc
Michimalonco is a relational Database engine written in SuperWaba.
Mickey Hex Editor Icon Mickey Hex Editor rc
Mickey is a hex/ascii file viewer and editor that runs on all major operating systems thanks to FLTK.
microCounter Icon microCounter 290606
microcounter is a simple web-based counter written in PHP.
MicroDOM Icon MicroDOM 2.1
MicroDOM is the smallest (7.
microEWT Icon microEWT 0.94
microEWT is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) user interface library that allows to create free-form, event-driven user interfaces for mobile devices.
MicroWidgets Icon MicroWidgets 1.1
Since you have no rendering control in Java MIDP this library provides components on which you can control the look&feel.
Middle Click Closes Tab Eclipse Plugin Icon Middle Click Closes Tab Eclipse Plugin 2.0.0
Getting accustomed to closing tabs with middle click in Firefox, it is frustrating to find myself clicking on Eclipse editors tab trying to close them.
MiG Layout Manager for Java Swing & SWT Icon MiG Layout Manager for Java Swing & SWT 1.0
MiG Layout is the most versatile and flexible Java Swing and SWT Layout Manager.
MighTyD Icon MighTyD 1.3.02
MighTyD is a prototype for demo puposes & the first implementation of the temporal database model devised by Nikos Lorentzos, Hugh Darwen & CJ Date.
MIGRATEdb Icon MIGRATEdb b.0.7
Agile Database release tool - command line or Ant task.
miMas - GUI tool for SQL developers Icon miMas - GUI tool for SQL developers 1.0
miMas is an intuitive GUI tool for SQL query development and data browsing.
Mimers brunn Translator Tools Icon Mimers brunn Translator Tools 1.0.0
This project aims to create tools for translators of software that can be easily integrated with other tools, such as gettext/po.
MindMap and Knowledgemanager Icon MindMap and Knowledgemanager 1.0
mindmap, knowledgemanager, grapheditor, databasescanner, databasevisualizer, Vocabulary Learner, with priority calculated from scanning texts
MindRaider Icon MindRaider 1.0
MindRaider is a personal notebook and outliner.
MindTouch (frmly deki wiki) Icon MindTouch (frmly deki wiki) 10.0.9
MindTouch is an enterprise wiki and collaborative portal.
MindTree Insight Icon MindTree Insight 1.5.2
Insight, the analysis TechTool for developers is a platform independent tool for viewing & analying run time meta data of applications.
Minidoochun Icon Minidoochun 4
Minidoochun is a framework for producing embedded systems.
Minimalist PSPSDK Icon Minimalist PSPSDK 1.0
WinXP, Vista, Win7, linux, OpenSolaris native port of the BSD PSPSDK (ps2dev.
MiningMart Icon MiningMart rc
MiningMart is a graphical tool for transforming data from relational databases.
Mips Virtual Machine Icon Mips Virtual Machine 1.0
A Java-written MIPS simulator developed to stimulate people learning the Assembly language.
mirkoSDK for gp32 Icon mirkoSDK for gp32 95
This is the Software Development Kit ( SDK ), for the Handheld gp32 (gamepark) Gameconsole.
MixDEM Icon MixDEM 1.0
MixDEM a web based ETL tools meant for Web integration, Data transformation and Mashup edition.
MixIDE Icon MixIDE 1.4
A simulator of Donald E.
Mlam Icon Mlam 1.0
Mlam is a developper tool.
MMAX2 Annotation Tool Icon MMAX2 Annotation Tool
A GUI-based text annotation tool for creating and visualizing annotations.
Mml2B Icon Mml2B 1.22
MathML to Braille translator.
MMM Mode Icon MMM Mode 0.4.8
MMM Mode is an add-on package for emacs that enables the user to edit different parts of a file in different major modes.
MoreUnit Icon MoreUnit 2.4.4
This eclipse plugins helps you with your JUnit-Tests.
Morfologik Icon Morfologik 1.8
Polish morphological analyzer and Java libraries interfacing it.
Mobile Impairment Simulation Tool Icon Mobile Impairment Simulation Tool 1.0
The Mobile Impairment Simulation tool is targeted to mobile application developers who want to simulate either effects of visual impairment (e.
MobiSim Icon MobiSim 2
A java framework for simulating mobility models in mobile Ad-Hoc networks MANET.
MobiX Icon MobiX rc
An effort to provide a rich set of Java based development resources.
MOCASEngine Icon MOCASEngine 20100216
MOCASEngine is a java UML state machine engine library for executing embedded UML state machine models.
mod-android Icon mod-android 0.3.1538
Apache module for servicing Android JSON RPC requests, if you want to develop pure java applications without the the bloat of J2EE take a closer look.
ModelIntegra Icon ModelIntegra 0.8.4
ModelIntegra is a method for model-driven analysis underpinned by an framework that drives automation and assures integrity.
modo COLLADA Icon modo COLLADA 37309
modo COLLADA is a plug-in that allows modo 401 users to exchange 3D assets with third-party DCC tools in the COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity) file format.
MODOCC - MOnitoring of Distributed Object Communication for CORBA is a project that allows monitoring of invocations on remote CORBA objects.
Modular Tactical Information System Icon Modular Tactical Information System 0.0.1
Tactical Information Center for some Browsergames
Modular Virtual Engine Icon Modular Virtual Engine 1.0
MVE is an acronym for Modular Virtual Engine.
Modulipse Icon Modulipse 86.64
Modula-2 IDE based on Eclipse.
moers - Event Registration System Icon moers - Event Registration System 1.046
Motorsports Online Event Registration System A GNU-GPL registration system using PHP5 & mySQL which stores user data, including optional online payment for various types of motorsport events.
Mogno Icon Mogno 2.1.9
Includes Mogno Lib for web applications development and Mogno Studio, an environment to visually build the application.
Mogwai Java Tools Icon Mogwai Java Tools 1.0
Java 2D & 3D visual entity relationship design & modeling (ERD,SQL) for Oracle,MSSQL,Postgres,MySQL,.
mongo4ben Icon mongo4ben 1.0
Mongo4Ben is a platform plugin enabling the use of Mongo DB in Benerator projects: Storing, updating and querying data in and from a Mongo DB instance.
MongoDB Pagination  - PHP Icon MongoDB Pagination - PHP 0.3
PHP MongoDB Pagination is the pagination plugin for MongoDB released under MIT License.
Mongrel Icon Mongrel 1.0.0
An Eclipse plugin for developing applications with Apache Tomcat.
MonkeyFish Icon MonkeyFish 0.1.rc1
MonkeyFish is an editor with features oriented toward programmers and programming.
MonoDevelop Icon MonoDevelop
MonoDevelop enables developers to quickly write desktop and ASP.
Moqui Framework Icon Moqui Framework 1.0.1
Moqui is an all-in-one, enterprise-ready application framework based on Groovy and Java.
MORSEL is a simple microprocessor simulator designed for use as a temporary aid for teaching children to program.
Mosaique - Tiles Browser Icon Mosaique - Tiles Browser 1.0.2
Mosaique is a free open source Java Eclipse 3.
Motorola 6800 Simulator Icon Motorola 6800 Simulator 6800.1.1
The m6800 Simulator is a teaching tool to introduce students to microprocessors.
Motu Dissemination Server Icon Motu Dissemination Server 1.0.2
Motu is a high efficient and robust Web Server which fills the gap between heterogeneous Data Providers to End Users.
Mountain Climbing Journal Icon Mountain Climbing Journal 5.5.16
This is a journal application that categorizes keywords based on a user chosen list of categories, as well as by person, place, thing, and time.
MOUSE Programming Language Icon MOUSE Programming Language 1.0
This is a project to develop tools for the MOUSE programming language and to encourage its use as an experimental and teaching language.
MouseFeed Eclipse Plugin. Learn keyboard Icon MouseFeed Eclipse Plugin. Learn keyboard 1.0.0
MouseFeed Eclipse plugin.
Mouseless Scene Scriptor Icon Mouseless Scene Scriptor 1.0
This program allows writers to build screenplay scenes without having to deal with having to (1) reach over, (2) position, and (3) click a mouse every time they want to switch to another screen element.
Mouseth VM Icon Mouseth VM 0.0.3
Mouseth is a cross between the Mouse and Forth programming languages.
MozSwing Icon MozSwing 2.0beta2
Mozilla Widget for Java Swing
MP3Wharf Icon MP3Wharf 1.0
MP3Wharf is a an mp3 file management system.
MPEG-21 Icon MPEG-21 1.0
Basic tools for the MPEG-21 standard.
mpiBot Icon mpiBot alpha1
mpiBot is a IRC bot/bnc interface written in PHP5.
MpLDAP - My personal LDAP Icon MpLDAP - My personal LDAP 1.5.1
MpLDAP is a tool for querying any LDAPv3 servers.
mpybtex Icon mpybtex 1.0
Multiple format bibliography processor in Python.
MR^3 Icon MR^3 3.1.0rc3
MR^3 is a graphical editing tool of RDF-based contents developed for managing a relationship between RDF and RDFS contents.
Framework for development of simple evolutionary algorithms / island models programs in distributed environment using MapReduce programming model based on hadoop.
MsSQL Diff Icon MsSQL Diff 31.05.2010
Tool for camparing two Ms SQL Server databases.
mtconverter Icon mtconverter 0.01
The mtconverter convert files from the MT940 format to the OFX format so that bank transactions can be imported in the GnuCash banking software.
MTOSI Reference Implementation Icon MTOSI Reference Implementation 1.0.1
Reference implementation for the MTOSI interface standard defined by the TMF.
mtxslt - Multi-XSLT Ant Task Icon mtxslt - Multi-XSLT Ant Task 1.5
A task for the Apache "Ant" build system.
mule-gbk Icon mule-gbk 1.0
mule-gbk: GBK Chinese charset support for GNU Emacs
MyMPAA Icon MyMPAA 1.0
MyMPAA is a feature rich catalog tool for DVD and other movies that automatically finds cover images, genres, and links to reviews of your titles.
mulk Icon mulk 0.6.0
Multi-connection command line tool to download Internet sites.
Multiagent Simulator Applet Icon Multiagent Simulator Applet 1.0
A simulation environment for 2D robots to interact and perform tasks in.
Multidimensional optimization problems Icon Multidimensional optimization problems 02.044
MultiHelp Icon MultiHelp 0.2.3
A Java-based in-application help system that can read multiple different documentation file formats, producing professional help systems from multiple sources.
Multi-lingual E-Commerce System Icon Multi-lingual E-Commerce System 0.2
A multi-lingual multi-currency PHP e-commerce system.
Multi-lingual vocabulary system Icon Multi-lingual vocabulary system 0.1
A Multi-Lingual Vocabulary system for GNUemacs, that helps you to learn words in other languages as you use them in your own language.
Multimodal Collaboration Framework Icon Multimodal Collaboration Framework 20111013
Multimodal Collaboration Framework dL?
Multi-Po-Edit Icon Multi-Po-Edit 1.5.2
A Java swing .
Multivalent Icon Multivalent 20091027
Experimental browser that natively supports HTML, PDF, man pages, TeX DVI, scanned paper.
Murdoc documentation system Icon Murdoc documentation system 1.4
Murdoc is a system for presenting documents in webpages.
MysqlTool Icon MysqlTool 0.85
MysqlTool provides a web interface for managing one or more mysql server installations.
Music and Discography Database Icon Music and Discography Database b.1.99
Web based music and discography library with some extra functions, eg.
Musmap - a web GIS software Icon Musmap - a web GIS software
Musmap is a web interface to UMN mapserver.
My Irish Pub - Easy, Fast &amp; Free Icon My Irish Pub - Easy, Fast &amp; Free b.0.5
Easy, Fast and Free program to manage your Pub, Fast Food or Restaurant.
My Mud Logging Tools Icon My Mud Logging Tools 0.2
Small tools/scripts I used to help me at work in mud logging service.
My Object Oriented Form Icon My Object Oriented Form 2.00
An easy way to create, manage and manipulate Web Form elements in PHP OO.
My RSE Extensions - Eclipse Plugin Icon My RSE Extensions - Eclipse Plugin
This Eclipse plugin adds some features to the Remote System Explorer, allowing the user to: 1) Open a file by providing a file path.
My Translation Icon My Translation 0.4
Was optimized translation engine which used MySQL classes and PHP a array to translated complete PHP pages to predefined languages.
MyAccess Online Database Editor Icon MyAccess Online Database Editor 0.1.11
The MyAccess online database editor is a ASP-VBScript web application that runs on Microsoft's IIS Application server.
MyAntarMuka - Simple MySQL Web Interface Icon MyAntarMuka - Simple MySQL Web Interface 1.0
MyAntarMuka is a web interface to MySQL table writen in PHP.
myColex Icon myColex
myColex is a complete museum management and collection documentation system with longterm archiving capabilities based on Apache/PHP and mySQL.
mydbaccess - MySQL Web-GUI in PHP/JS Icon mydbaccess - MySQL Web-GUI in PHP/JS 1.0.4
mydbaccess is a Web-GUI for MySQL databases featuring end-user-friendly editing, search, query and reporting engine functionality.
MyDoggy - My Java Docking Framework Icon MyDoggy - My Java Docking Framework 1.5.0.beta1
MyDoggy is an IntelliJ Idea like docking framework for managing secondary windows within the main window.
MyDonkeyLinks Icon MyDonkeyLinks 0.35
PHP Scripts to collect some eDonkey Links into MySQL or TextFile
Projekt Stop but will Programm for less Money if anyone want donate meand this GPL-Project.
MyFlippy Icon MyFlippy 0.8
MyFlippy is a web-based administration interface for MySQL databases.
MyGCAT Icon MyGCAT 20051129
MyGCAT: My Genome Collection With Assigned Taxonomy provides for the management of extremely large sequence databases and allows for the creation of taxon specific BLAST databases.
Myghty - Python Templating Framework Icon Myghty - Python Templating Framework 1.1
A Python-based template and view-controller framework derived from HTML::Mason.
MyHelpdesk Icon MyHelpdesk 20040309
MyHelpdesk is a PHP/MySQL Helpdesk system appropriate for the Support Desk of small organizations.
MyJQuery Icon MyJQuery 32
MyJQuery is an operating system independent database utility written entirely in Java, for beginners MySQL 5.
myjson - JSON object literals for java Icon myjson - JSON object literals for java rc
myjson is a small java library that operates with object literals expressed in JSON notation.
mYLastRSS Icon mYLastRSS 20120312
PHP class to parse several feeds at same time and give ordered result.
MyMusicDB Icon MyMusicDB b.0.1.beta
MyMusicDB stores data about music files.
MyPHPGrid Icon MyPHPGrid 1.0
MyPHPGrid faciliates adding/deleting/editing/preview of MySQL tables.
myReact translation Icon myReact translation 1.0
This project will ensure a correct translation of the feature-rich communication forum 'myReact'.
MyRecords Icon MyRecords 0.9.14
MyRecords is an incredibly versitile web application to maintain SQL records in a professional manner.
mySocket Icon mySocket 0.2
Cross-platform C++ Socket Library which supports TCP, non-blocking/blocking mode, listening, connecting.
Mysql 2 php class Icon Mysql 2 php class 1.0
DBinterface is a set of PHP scripts that generates php code to map all tables from a Mysql database that alows access to the table regists.
mysql client with qt front-end Icon mysql client with qt front-end 1.0
This is small MySQL graphical client written in C++ using Qt 4.
MySQL Control Center Icon MySQL Control Center rc
MySQL Control Center is an excellent GUI front end for MySQL database creation and administration.
Mysql Done Right Icon Mysql Done Right 0.24
PHP 5.
MySQL for GRID Icon MySQL for GRID 1.0
This project will include some tools to manage mysql replication and to help its integration in modern scientific computational GRID environment.
MySQL Navigator Icon MySQL Navigator 1.4.2
MySQL Navigator is MySQL DBMS GUI.
MySQL PHP XML Proxy Service Icon MySQL PHP XML Proxy Service 1.0
This is MySQL Proxy service written in PHP.
MySQLDataManagement Icon MySQLDataManagement 2.0.2
A set of php scripts to manage your data for selected DB.
MySQLDataViewer Icon MySQLDataViewer 1.0.1
MySQLDataViewer is a class that allows you to display the result of a MySQL query in a tabular form.
MySQLDumper Icon MySQLDumper 1.24.4
MySQLDumper is a web based backup/restore script for MYSQL which can handle huge dbs.
MySQLGraphic Icon MySQLGraphic 1.2.8
MySQLGraphic is a Java application that provides a graphical interface for MySQL databases under Linux or Windows.
MySQLOData Icon MySQLOData 0.2
MySQL OData is a PHP-based MySQL OData ***Server*** library which exposes all data within a MySQL database to the world in OData ATOM or JSON format.
MySQL-PHP Suite Icon MySQL-PHP Suite 0.5
MP-Suite is a client/server script that enables remote MySQL through an XML-RPC interface.
My UUID Icon My UUID 1.0
Mac UUID is the first Mac application that permits to your testers and clients to share their Mac hardware informations and especially the Mac UUID, the identification number .
MacBS2 Icon MacBS2 2.0d3
About MacBS2A Mac OS X hosted development environment for Parallax BS2 series of microcontrollers.
MacZoop Icon MacZoop 2.5.2002
Small, lightweight yet full featured and scalable developer framework allows Mac OS X (and classic) apps to be written much more easily.
MacGDBp Icon MacGDBp 1.4
Debugging a live, running PHP application has never been so easy!
Monobjc Doc Icon Monobjc Doc 1.2.2000
Monobjc Doc Browser is a documentation browser for the MonoDoc project.
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