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UnZipIt 1.0
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Uberlayer Icon Uberlayer 1.1.2001
With the Uberlayer app you can put floating images on top of your computer screen.
Unretina Icon Unretina 1.0
The best tool for iOS developers to easily resize their @2x or -hd cocos2d images!
Un-Retiner Icon Un-Retiner 1.0
This simple application allows you to unretin your retina PNG and JPG images.
USPS Tracker Icon USPS Tracker 0.4
Ever wondered what the shipping status of your package is?
UIUCide Icon UIUCide beta.1
A plugin for jEdit which allows UIUC students to remotely utilize the Engineering Workstations within a fully-fledged Integrated Development Environment.
UCSD Thesis LaTeX class Icon UCSD Thesis LaTeX class 2007
A LaTeX class for typesetting theses and dissertations at the University of California, San Diego.
UMLOnline Icon UMLOnline 1.0
In order to bring the benefits of a web application into the diagram editing software family, we have designed and implemented an online diagram editing platform which supports UML class diagrams and use case diagrams.
UMU-XACML-Editor Icon UMU-XACML-Editor 1.3.2
The main purpose of this project is to develop a Graphic policy definition editor implemented in Java language and based on the XACML standard which manages access control policies
UGSurvey Icon UGSurvey 0.5
Survey Definition and Input System.
UHEvents - Event management Icon UHEvents - Event management 1.0
UHEvents is an event management system component for Joomla!
UI Inspector for Eclipse Icon UI Inspector for Eclipse 1.0.1
UI Inspector for Eclipse is an Eclipse plugin that shows information for selected SWT controls, views/editors, perspectives, actions and associated data in the Eclipse IDE or RCP.
UI Widgets Tags Icon UI Widgets Tags 0.8
Deliver JSP tags for common UI widgets (for instance : wizzard, tree, progressBar, list, comboBox and titled panel).
Ukrainian Linux applications Icon Ukrainian Linux applications 1251
Ukrainian Linux support site.
UltimateCIM Explorer Icon UltimateCIM Explorer 0.71
Ultimate CIM is the Eclipse plugin that enables developers to explore CIMOM, walk associations, execute WQL queries, graphically view class hierarchy and more.
Ultra Corba Simulator Icon Ultra Corba Simulator 1.3.2
UCS (Ultra Corba Simulator) is one powerful corba client/servant simulator tool.
Umber Tools Icon Umber Tools 0.3.5
The Umber project provides simple, flexible, "earthy" Javatool libraries for developers.
uml2svg Icon uml2svg 0.18
uml2svg is a tool for converting UML diagrams into SVG.
UNB Polish Translation Project Icon UNB Polish Translation Project 1.0
Polish translation of UNB -- Unclassified NewsBoard.
UncleJ Icon UncleJ rc
An object-oriented, Turing-complete alternative to the Ant build tool for Java.
UnEar Icon UnEar 1.0.beta1
Explodes (uncompress) a Java EAR file.
Unibasic Code Coverage Icon Unibasic Code Coverage 0.9
A Unibasic Code Coverage tool.
UniBurma Project Foundation Icon UniBurma Project Foundation 2
This is UniBurma - UniMM project workshop area.
Unicats-i Icon Unicats-i 0.00.03
The success of the Internet has made it possible to access a large amount of information providers world-wide.
Unicode Builder Icon Unicode Builder 0.1
Unicode Builder, generates code or a binary file for use in programs that require understanding of characters.
Unicode Trad/Simpl Chinese Converter Icon Unicode Trad/Simpl Chinese Converter 1.15
This is a tool to convert between Traditional/Simplified Chinese directly in Unicode (not GB/Big5 conversion).
Unified Sessions Manager Icon Unified Sessions Manager 01.11.022
The UnifiedSessionsManager supports the integrated management of user sessions within Private-Clouds comprising heterogeneous IT landscapes of various physical and virtual machines.
Unimatrix Icon Unimatrix 0.1
Unimatrix is the collective works of Matrix, Tsunami and Mainframe.
Unimozer Icon Unimozer rc
Unimozer intends to be a universal modelizer for Javaaā€˛?
uniread Icon uniread 1.01
uniread - universal readline - adds full readline support (command editing, history, etc.
Unit Test for C Icon Unit Test for C rc
Unit Test for C is a very useful and powerful software development tool for C and C++ programmers.
Unit Testing Framework - XSLT Icon Unit Testing Framework - XSLT 0.0.8.alpha
Unit Testing Framework - XSLT (UTF-X) is a JUnit extension for testing XSLT stylesheets.
unit--, the unit test aid for C++ Icon unit--, the unit test aid for C++ 0.7.0
Unit-- : a simple, easy-to-use and portable unit test aid for C++ , supporting your Test Driven Development
UnitTH - Unit Test History Generator Icon UnitTH - Unit Test History Generator 1.3.1
UnitTH is a tool for generating a set of HTML test history pages from JUnit test results.
Universal Label Decorator Eclipse Plugin Icon Universal Label Decorator Eclipse Plugin 1.0.5
Eclipse plugin: configurable decorator for icons and labels.
UNTFnotepad Icon UNTFnotepad 4072009
A a simple to use but powerful text editor that allows the user to either use a virtual keyboard and/or hardwired keyboard to type in various keyboard setups.
untidy Icon untidy beta2
untidy is a XML fuzzer.
UPS debugger Icon UPS debugger 3.38.beta2
UPS is a source level C, C++ and Fortran debugger with an X windowsinterface.
URBI Project Icon URBI Project 152beta2
URBI: Universal Robotic Body Interface.
User Interface Engine Icon User Interface Engine 7
Platform independent scripted applications
uSQL* Icon uSQL* 20040218
uSQL* is a command-line interface to any database that has a JDBC driver.
Unretiner Icon Unretiner 1.3
Now open source!
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