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YaPIE 0.4
Yet Another Python Interface to Expat.

YingMing Icon YingMing 20060108
YingMing is a PHP5 framework to quick develop of web based systems, using a code generator to do the CRUD operations based on the database.
YoSQLManager Icon YoSQLManager 1
A very rich Swing based JDBC Front End with connectivity with all JDBC enabled databases.
Y.O.D.A. - Yaro`s Oracle Data Admin Icon Y.O.D.A. - Yaro`s Oracle Data Admin 1.0
Web-based tool for developers and administrators to access into Oracle.
Yabman: Yet Another Bibliography Manager Icon Yabman: Yet Another Bibliography Manager 0.0.20060326
Yabman is a tool for managing bibliographic references.
YACL - Yet Another Collections Library Icon YACL - Yet Another Collections Library 1.0
A Java collections framework based on set theory, specifically, from Spivey's work on the Z notation (a formal specification language).
yafra Icon yafra 2b
Yet another (different) framework.
yakwailog Icon yakwailog 0.4
yakwailog is a simple logger written in c++.
yamat Icon yamat alpha
YAMAT is a MySQL Administration Tool, written in PHP.
Yapsy Icon Yapsy 1.9
A simple framework for plugin system development with as few dependencies as possible.
Yasca Icon Yasca 2.21
Yasca is an open source program which looks for security vulnerabilities, code-quality, performance, and conformance to best practices in program source code, integrating with other open-source tools as needed.
Yawic Icon Yawic 0.2
Yet another web interface class :) Php class for quickly creating webbased database interfaces: Easily edit data in your mysql database; Automatic page generation based on database metadata and configuration files; Desktop-like interface (using ajax)
Yet Another Befunge93 Interpreter Icon Yet Another Befunge93 Interpreter 93.beta3
YABI93 is an Interpreter for the esoteric programming language Befunge, version "Befunge93".
Yet Another Carbon Emacs Distribution Icon Yet Another Carbon Emacs Distribution 20051221
This project provides individual Apple Installer packages of Carbon Emacs for MacOS X 10.
yLife : Yu-Gi-Oh! Life Icon yLife : Yu-Gi-Oh! Life 686
yLife aims to be the Firefox of Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yoma Python Eggs Icon Yoma Python Eggs 0.1.0
Various components for Zope3.
yunus and my other projects Icon yunus and my other projects 1
Yunus is a simple "visual" script language.
yux Icon yux 1.0
Yux, .
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