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AutoCrypt 1.0.1
AutoCrypt, with a unique approach, using a document based application, lets you save in a document all the settings used to create encrypted archives.

Andrew's (vector) plugins multi tool 1 Icon Andrew's (vector) plugins multi tool 1 1.1.2003
Andrew s (vector) plugins multi tool 1 Multi tool is a toolbox plugin set of 11 powerful select /drag and create plugins.
AppDefender Pro Icon AppDefender Pro 1.3.2001
AppDefender Pro allows you control access to applications and protect it by a password.
AutoScrubber (DeleteWatch Demo) Icon AutoScrubber (DeleteWatch Demo) 1
About AutoScrubber (DeleteWatch Demo)As your files are deleted, make sure they are securely deleted by automatically detecting and permanently erasing hidden copies of your files created and deleted by applications and the operating system.
Andrew's (video) plugins Icon Andrew's (video) plugins 1.1.2002
About Andrew s (video) Plug-insVideo effect plugins for AE - color/gradients/blurs - for after effects 5.
AccounteX Icon AccounteX rc
AccounteX is an IP accounting system based on the IP Stat program.
AFELO Image Wizard Icon AFELO Image Wizard 1.0
AFELO allows to select images on your local computer, to resize, manipulate and compress them and to send them to your server with only a few clicks.
AGENCY4NET WEBFTP is a user-friendly webftp client build in PHP.
Analysis site statistics (bibro) Icon Analysis site statistics (bibro) 0.1alpha20060715
Bibro can tell you who, why and when visit your site.'s open source projects Icon's open source projects 1.0
PHP-scripts (web-interfaces).
anonlog Icon anonlog 1.0.1
Anonlog is a program to 'anonymize' web server logfilesby encoding sensitive information, such as hostnamesand filenames.
Anteater Icon Anteater 0.4.5
Anteater is a log analyser for MTA logfiles (for example sendmail and postfix).
Apache Analyzer Icon Apache Analyzer 0.5.2
Apache Analyzer is a Java application package for parsing and analysis of Apache logs.
aria2 - CLI Metalink/BitTorrent client Icon aria2 - CLI Metalink/BitTorrent client
aria2 is a multi-protocol & multi-source, cross platform download utility.
Arrange Mail Log Icon Arrange Mail Log 0.7
Another Postfix's log analysis tool.
astatsPRO Icon astatsPRO 1.1.rc2
A PHP Counter for content management system Joomla!
Auto Check Sum Icon Auto Check Sum 0.9
Automatically verifies md5 and sha1 checksums using either a user entered sum or by searching in a file that can be held locally or remotely via ftp or http.
AutoIndex PHP Script (Directory Indexer) Icon AutoIndex PHP Script (Directory Indexer) 2.2.4
AutoIndex is a PHP script that makes a table that lists the files in a directory, and lets users access the files and subdirectories.
Aw2sql Icon Aw2sql 0.1beta
Aw2sql is a Perl CLI script which analyze the results of the Awstats and store them into a MySQL database.
AWSTATS Multiple Site Statistics Viewer Icon AWSTATS Multiple Site Statistics Viewer 0.6
PHP addon for AWSTATS to allow viewing of statistics for multiple domains on a single dynamic page
AWStats Multiple Statistics Icon AWStats Multiple Statistics 1.0.2
A simple PHP addon for AWStats which allows viewing and comparing statistics for multiple domain hosted in the same machine.
AirPort Location Icon AirPort Location 0.60207
Airport Location.
AppDefender Icon AppDefender 1.2.0
Protect applications by a password and without encryption.
Active Directory Password Recovery Icon Active Directory Password Recovery
Active Directory Password Recovery, In this the end-users can securely reset their own Active Directory passwords without having to involve highly technical helpdesk professionals.
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