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Capra 1.0
Capra is a Open Source tool to quickly get some nice and useful reports out off your Watchguard Fireware log files.

Cisco Perl Tools Icon Cisco Perl Tools 2.00
Cisco Perl Tools contains CIPAT (Cisco IP Accounting aggregator) and ISDN-Reporter (Cisco ISDN call aggregation and reporting tool).
Checkdirs Icon Checkdirs 1.10
Checkdirs is a perl script that runs on UNIX-based operation systems as well as on pretty much any recent Windows.
CleanFTP Library Icon CleanFTP Library 0.1.beta
CleanFTP is a pure-Java FTP client library with a small footprint, fast, easy to use and with no dependencies.
ClickHeat Icon ClickHeat 1.14
ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones.
cmdftp Icon cmdftp 0.9.4
cmdftp is a command line FTP client for Unix systems that features shell-like functions, passive mode, local and remote transparent modes, broken connection resumption, multiple and recursive file transfers, auto-login, and large file support.
Cocalores Icon Cocalores 1.0
Configurable Caching Logresolver.
CoWF/Warglue - Wardriving Icon CoWF/Warglue - Wardriving 4
This is a multiplatform general utility suite for use with existing network stumbling software, such as Kismet or NetStumbler.
CraftyFTP Icon CraftyFTP 1.0
CraftyFTP is a FTP client written in Java.
cuBnc Icon cuBnc 1.1.4
cuBnc is a multisite bnc for ftp servers.
cuftpd Icon cuftpd 1.3
cuftpd is an ftp-server written in java.
CurlFtpFS Icon CurlFtpFS 0.9.2
CurlFtpFS is a filesystem for acessing ftp hosts based on FUSE and libcurl.
CryptoHeaven for Mac OS X Icon CryptoHeaven for Mac OS X 2.7.3
Secure and anonymous email,online file storage/sharing, instant messaging, HIPAA
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