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FileGuard X5 10.5.2003
Everyone has sensitive files on their Mac: confidential files for business, personal financial records, private e-mail and more.

FARClient/Server Icon FARClient/Server 0.1.1
FARClient/Server is a JAVA(tm) based File Transfer Client and Server.
FileDrop Icon FileDrop 1.0.4
FileDrop - A multiuser upload/download file sharing web application with progress bar and virus checking.
FileZilla Log Analyzer Icon FileZilla Log Analyzer alpha1.10
Python scripts that filter, parse, mask, and analyze FileZilla Server Log files.
Flexible Graphing Tool Icon Flexible Graphing Tool 1.0.2
FGT, the Flexible Graphing Tool is a cgi for producing statistics based on any data-set.
FONC (FTP Over Normal Connections) allows both active and passive FTP transfers via normal port connections.
Free Open FTP Face Icon Free Open FTP Face 0.99.5
Free Open FTP Face is a graphical (GTK+) FTP client written in Python.
FTP client for Java apps Icon FTP client for Java apps 1.1.5
Programmatically controllable FTP client written in the Java language that targets any network oriented standalone application, and even applet, that needs to rely on FTP to exchange files over a network.
FTP Indexer Icon FTP Indexer 0.9
Indexer of FTP sites so that the sites are searchable from a central location.
FwPlatinum Icon FwPlatinum 1.044
FwPlatinum provides real time data analysis of CheckPoint FireWall-1 connection logs.
Ftp2Me Icon Ftp2Me 0.3beta
Ftp client library for the java J2ME platform (CLDC 1.
Ftp4net Icon Ftp4net rc
Ftp4net is a C# class for communication with FTP Server, which conforms to the RFC 959 (FTP).
ftpAnywhere Icon ftpAnywhere 1.0
The ftpAnywhere project,which is is written in PHP and JavaScript,is based on the purpose of getting access to ftp site anywhere even if there's no ftp client,with ftpAnywhere,as long as you've got a browser,you can ftp.
FTPdb - An FTP Content Management System Icon FTPdb - An FTP Content Management System 1
FTPdb is a PHP-based tool that makes searching and keeping inventory of an FTP server as easy as possible.
FtpGUI - Swing Ftp Client Icon FtpGUI - Swing Ftp Client 1.0
This project intends to gives to everybody ftp client written in Java.
FtpLibDotNet Icon FtpLibDotNet 1.1.7
Library for accessing FTP servers using .
FTPSearch/Agent Icon FTPSearch/Agent 3
FTPSearch/Agent is a fully functional ftp indexing & searching engine for medium local networks (20-200 servers).
ftpseek Icon ftpseek 32
FTPSeek is an opensource (GPL) script which has the capability to crawl multiple FTP servers, allowing you to instantly search multiple servers at once, and browse through the file structures of each server at your will.
FTPSynchronizer Icon FTPSynchronizer 0.1.1
FTPSynchronizer is a synchronizing Software that synchronizes your local files with files on a FTP server.
FTreeP Icon FTreeP 0.0.1
FTreeP is a distributed FTP implementation I wrote in Java for an undergraduate networking course at University of the Pacific.
Fugu SSH Icon Fugu SSH 1
Mac OS X frontend for OpenSSH's sftp/scp tools
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