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Jalli - an opensource chatlog converter 0.1.9
Jalli is a little java-based converter for chatlogs.

Jacqueline FTP Icon Jacqueline FTP rc
A small Python FTP server.
Jacson Icon Jacson 0.90
Provide a plugabble and configurable alternative to UNIX tools like grep, awk, tail, head, cut, sort, uniq or even some perl based scripts in a Java environment.
Java FTP for Integration Icon Java FTP for Integration 1.0
JFTP4I is a Java FTP Framework that dinamically calls an user implemented class on each client request.
Java based IP load balancer Icon Java based IP load balancer 1.0
The project is a fully functional Java based IP load balancer.
Java Network Browser Icon Java Network Browser 1.55
JFtp is a graphical network browser.
Java Network Explorer Icon Java Network Explorer rc
JNX is a java local/network browser analogous to windows explorer.
Java Secure FTP Server Icon Java Secure FTP Server 1.0
FTP Server written in pure Java.
JavaExplorer Icon JavaExplorer 6b4
Platform independant explorer with many features : MDI, Viewing and saving Images (JPG, GIF, BMP), Viewing of any other file as text, Multi disk/directories selection, copy, delete, search, FTP Sites access as local disks.
JLog Analyser Icon JLog Analyser 354
A powerfull tool for analysing application servers logs (websphere, websphere portal, j2ee, custom) in a cluster (or not).
JGet Icon JGet 0.16
JGet is a free download manager, designed to be as simple as possible.
jitaftp Icon jitaftp 0.1.3
It's a complete implementation of Ftp Client protocol in Java.
JMdSync (Java Midori Sync) Icon JMdSync (Java Midori Sync) 1.2.6
File sync utility via ftp, written in Java.
JNFA - Java NetFlow Analyzer Icon JNFA - Java NetFlow Analyzer 1.0
JNFA - is a netflow analyzer.
JRemoteFS Icon JRemoteFS 1.0
JRemoteFS is a lite, generic framework for access to remote filesystem integration into your Java application.
JReportGen Icon JReportGen 0.4.beta
Java library and command line application to generate usage reports in various formats from processed W3C web server log files.
JSendfile Icon JSendfile 0.90b
JSendfile is a JAVA SAFT implementation for any machine having a jre 1.
JS-FTP Icon JS-FTP 1.5.1
JS-FTP is a simple FTP client written in Java.
JTailPlus Icon JTailPlus 1.0
JTailPlus is a lightweight multiplatform file reader.
Juggle, a file transfer program for java Icon Juggle, a file transfer program for java 0.1.2
Juggle aims to be a small but extendable multithreaded file transfer program.
Jupiter FTP Server Icon Jupiter FTP Server 0.1
The Jupiter FTP Server is written in Java.
JVFSFTPd is highly pluggable FTP server based on jakarta VFS project and JAAS writen on JAVA language .
jwebstats Icon jwebstats 0.1
jwebstats is an application to generate web site statistics and reports based upon Apache Web Server log files.
JXML Ftp Icon JXML Ftp 0.10
Command line FTP.
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