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libee 0.1.0
Libee is an event expression library which is inspired by the upcoming CEE standard.

LoCI Software Suite Icon LoCI Software Suite alpha.0.1
Software from LoCI Laboratory is devoted to information logistics, the study of the flexible coscheduling of the physical resources that underpin computer systems: storage, computation, and data transmission.
LoFiMo - Log File Monitor Icon LoFiMo - Log File Monitor 1.0
monitors logfiles and displays in realtime.
log2web Icon log2web 1.0
log2web is a software intended to expose on a simple web page the logs generated by log4j.
Log4j Viewer Icon Log4j Viewer 2.0.1
Log4j Viewer is an Eclipse plugin which can read various patterns of log4j's log file and show them in a structured table view which filtering, sorting, searching may apply on.
LogToMysql Icon LogToMysql 0.95
LogToMysql: Simple programs to log Apache access and errors to a MySQL database using the piped log mechanism.
LockTight Icon LockTight 0.1
When people switch to the Mac, they often look for a one-keystroke or one-key-combo screen locker.
Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac Icon Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac
Mac SWF Compressor and Mac Flash Optimizer to compress SWF files by up to 70%. Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac is a proffessional Flash tool that can compress SWF files of all sorts like Flash banners, Flash slideshows, Flash animations, Flash games, Flash movies and Flash projector EXE, etc.
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