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myWallet 1.0.1
- secure store important paswords, serials, logins etc.

MacTrak Icon MacTrak 1.0
MacTrak from GadgetTrak is the most advanced theft recovery software available for Apple systems.
MacinLock Icon MacinLock 1.1
MacinLock is an application that allows you to observe all logins events and unauthorized access.
MacLoc Icon MacLoc 1.1
MacLoc is the perfect solution for a busy work environment as well as at home where wandering hands can create a bothersome reduction in productivity.
Mail EnScrypt Icon Mail EnScrypt 1.02
EnScrypt uses the algorithm "Blowfish" which is a part of OS X.
MaiLog Analyzer Icon MaiLog Analyzer 0.1
This is a fork of apache-analyzer project intended to analyze mail logs (sendmail for starters).
MakeLogic Tail - Tail for windows Icon MakeLogic Tail - Tail for windows 2.1.0
MakeLogic Tail is an advanced "tail -f" command with GUI.
Mephistoles Internet Suite Icon Mephistoles Internet Suite 1.0
The Mephistoles Internet Suite includes at the present a HTTP server, a FTP server, a DNS caching server, a (experimental and yet unsusable) NetBIOS client, a SMTP/POP3-mail daemon and a client that can (currently) fetch pages via HTTP.
MightyStats Icon MightyStats 1.0
MightyStats is a PHP-Script for kill statistics of servers of the game Sldner.
Mojo Clicks Icon Mojo Clicks 1.1
Mojo Clicks is a simple click tracker easily installed in just 4 steps: 1) Create the database 2) Load the tables 3) Configure the database definitions file 4) Use the script.
Mojo Webstats Icon Mojo Webstats 2.0
Mojo Webstats is a simple web statistics tool.
Monika FTP Server Icon Monika FTP Server 1.0
Monika FTP Server is a platform independent (written in python) FTP Server that aims to provide more enhancements to FTP Serving.
MRTGView Icon MRTGView 1.0
An easily configurable single php page for viewing graphs from MRTG via RRDTool.
mtftpd Icon mtftpd 0.0.3
mtftpd is another ftp server, but based in a multi process/thread model.
Multi Cron Ftp Icon Multi Cron Ftp 1.2.1
Multi Cron FTP it's java utility used to execute ftp tasks over a set of hosts or schedule a single script in a cron-like fashion.
multi ftp relay Icon multi ftp relay 1.0
mfr or multi ftp relay is a program that makes possible accessing multiple ftp servers in a NATted (or otherwise private) network;data connections (eg.
multi-resolver Icon multi-resolver 32
multi-resolver is a parallel DNS resolver utilizing the PERL POE framework.
MyProfi Icon MyProfi 0.2.beta
MySQL log analyzer and profiler.
myFtPhp Icon myFtPhp 47
myFtPhp is a free filemanager written in php.
myNetWatchman Perl Agent Icon myNetWatchman Perl Agent 1.12
myNetWatchman Perl Agent is a program that is designed to capture rejected packet information from various firewall logs and forward this attack information to central analysis servers at myNetWatchman.
MySecureShell SFTP-Server Icon MySecureShell SFTP-Server 1.9
MySecureShell is a sftp-server developing tool which help to make a ftp server like proftpd but very securised with SSH encryption.
MySQL Squid Access Report Icon MySQL Squid Access Report 2.1.4
MySQL Squid Access Report
my-swatch Icon my-swatch 0.6
my-swatch pretends to be an implementation of msyslog and swatch together.
MyWebFTP Icon MyWebFTP 1
MyWebFTP is a little PHP Tool that allows you to manage you files and directories on your webspace, through a web browser.
Mil Free Internet Eraser Icon Mil Free Internet Eraser 4.0
Deletes history, cookies and corresponding index.dat files.
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