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design today took wraps off "iWapper 2.


Platform Mac OSX, Mac
Author THHdesign
License Freeware Screenshot
Price USD $0.00
File Size 1433 KB
Rating None
Date Added 04/30/2013

design today took wraps off "iWapper 2.0 RSS" that allows everyone to set up their own WAP server on any Mac OS X 10.3 system in no time. WAP (wireless application protocol) sites are a special kind of websites (in XML/WML format) that... more »

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Binbot Binbot 2.0
Binbot is a tool to download files from binary newsgroups on Usenet. Features include:- Easy to use, fast and powerful- Designed to handle large newsgroups with ease- Automatically assembles, decodes and unpacks articles (unrar/unzip/unsplit)- Supports ...
Shiira Shiira 0.9.5PR
Shiira is a web browser based on Web Kit and written in Cocoa. The goal of the Shiira Project is to create a browser that is better and more useful than Safari. All source code used in this software is publicly available.What's new in this version:On ...
Modem Script Generator Modem Script Generator 4.51
About Modem Script GeneratorLets you create customized modem scripts for your Internet Connection.Whats New in this Version- compatibility with panther- check for updates mechanism ...
Phex Phex
Phex is a open-source, multi-plattform and spyware free gnutella client.It offers a automatic search functionality to find new download candidates, resumes the downloads across different hosts and has multi-source downloading (swarming). You have improved ...
AstroAppX AstroAppX 2.12
Our software currently offers desktop remote control and mobile MP3 music streaming. The desktop remote control module allows a single user to control a remote desktop with up to 9 additional users viewing the same desktop. Our music streaming module ...
More Internet More Internet 1.1.2001
About More InternetA System Preferences pane that uses Internet Config to allow you to choose which applications are set as helpers for internet protocols (i.e. which application will be chosen to handle which URL.)Apples own Internet Preference Pane ...
BlogWave Studio for .Mac BlogWave Studio for .Mac 1.1.2007
About BlogWave Studio for .Mac.Mac users can easily create their own blog pages on .Mac Homepage. Even if you are not familiar with HTML or server knowledges, you can easily build your own blog page on your .Mac homepage. BlogStudio for .Mac provide awesome ...
RWmultitool 2 Lite RWmultitool 2 Lite 2.0.2
# Rwmultitool2 LITE is an abridged version of Rwmultitool2 Full version.Universal Application, based on Mac OSX Tiger CoreImage Software architecture based on CoreImageTechnology.System requirements: OSX 10.4.11 (Not available for OSX 10.3) # Compatible ...
deliVRator deliVRator 2.8
deliVRator offers the most powerful, effective QuickTime tools for editing and optimizing QuickTime movies for the Internet. Use deliVRator to edit your QuickTime movies at the movie resource and media sample level. Enhance the user experience of your ...
Skitch Skitch 1.0b6.1
Skitch is the Internet age's camera and it rocks!Your friends are globala€¦ you can send them linksa€¦ but what if the action is on your screen? Point out a quick suggestion to a colleague or pass on that funny moment from an IM chat, post images ...
X-Chat Aqua X-Chat Aqua 0.14.0
X-Chat Aqua is a MacOS X IRC client. If you are familiar with XChat for UNIX/GTK+/X Windows, then you will be at home with X-Chat Aqua. X-Chat Aqua uses the IRC engine from XChat and has been designed to look and feel like XChat.Please note: This is alpha ...
iPhoneRing Importer iPhoneRing Importer 1.0
iPhoneRing Importer is an automator application for encoding and importing audio files in the Ringtones album of iTunes.The package contains the automator processus file. You can edit it with iPhoneRing Importer - Mac Free. iPhoneRing Importer ...

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