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No Screenshot DiskExpress Pro 3.0.2 Updater
DiskExpress Pro 3.0.2 Updater fixes minor problems with the anchored file preferences. Alsoft, Inc. Makers of DiskWarrior and MasterJuggler. Alsoft, Inc. develops award-winning utilities for Apple Macintosh computers, such as DiskWarrior, the most highly decorated Mac disk repair utility ever, and MasterJuggler, offering professional font management.
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Platform: Mac

Utility - Software - File - Recover - Data - Disk - Space - Optimizer - Recover Files - Data Recovery
No Screenshot PlusMaker Updater 1.0.3
The Mac OS Extended Format (also known as HFS Plus) is a new disk format that increases the number of allocation blocks on a disk, thus decreasing the size of each allocation block. Smaller allocation blocks mean substantially less wasted disk space at the end of each file. More allocation blocks mean you can have more files on your disk because the available space can be more finely distributed among a larger number of files. PlusMaker allows...
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Platform: Mac

Utility - Software - File - Recover - Data - Disk - Space - Optimizer - Recover Files - Data Recovery
No Screenshot MasterJuggler 3.0.4
MasterJuggler is the most powerful, easiest-to-use professional font manager for Mac OS X.Your computer has proven to be an exceptional tool for expressing ideas. Designing with type inherently brings about the desire for more fonts. More fonts means a wider range of choices with which to express your ideas. So you collect more fonts - screen fonts, printer fonts, outline fonts, PostScript fonts, OpenType fonts, and TrueType fonts. Before you...

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Platform: Mac

Utility - Software - File - Recover - Data - Disk - Space - Optimizer - Recover Files - Data Recovery
No Screenshot 360Amigo System Speedup Free
360Amigo System Speedup Free is a new PC optimization and Error repair utility that dramatically improves the performance of your PC. 360Amigo System Speedup includes a System Cleaner, a System Optimizer and a wide range of System Tools designed exclusively to boost PC performance. Both beginners and experienced users will enjoy the available features and options and the simple application interface. With the click of a button all common...

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Platform: Windows XP, Windows, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Mac OS 7.x, Mac , Windows2K,Vista64,7x64

Performance - Cleaner - Speedup - History Cleaner - System Performance - Delete Temp
Screenshot of Mac USB Repair Mac USB Repair
Do you want to restores your deleted mp3/mp4 music files from digital audio-video players? Don’t panic, DRPU Company provide powerful Mac USB Repair software to solve your problems in affordable approach. Mac Removable media data recovery software for Macintosh OS easily renovates all corrupted, erased or missing files including audio-video music files, unforgettable marriage anniversary photographs, text files and other crucial data from...

Price: USD $45.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 1812 KB;
Platform: Mac OSX

Rescue - Flash - Image - Document - Picture - Digital - Data Recovery - Pda - Text File - Compact
No Screenshot Tri-BACKUP 5.1.0
Tri-BACKUP is a backup utility that adds new edit dialog, volumes auto-mount, improved compression (faster, smaller), new compress/uncompress features and a new users manual.A 'lite' version is also available for free. TRI-EDRE Software Publisher and Utility Distributor. Software Publisher and Distributor for Graphic, Backup, Uninstall and Repair Utility: Drive 10,TechTool, Freeway, Tri-BACKUP, Tri-CATALOG

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Platform: Mac

Utility - Backup - Distributor - Freeway - Software Publisher - Techtool
No Screenshot PodLock 1.1.2001
About PodLockUse an iPod? You should be using PodLock, the new iPod utility from Micromat.The makers of the most advanced Macintosh repair utility available, TechTool Pro, have created a product just for your iPod. PodLock helps you and your iPod in many ways:Optimize the data on your iPod. By using PodLock s defragment tool, your iPod s drive will run faster. This means songs will load more quickly and data can be retrieved much faster.Hide...

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Platform: Mac , OS, X, 10.3,

Utility - Software - Disk - Repair - Drive - Mac - Macintosh - Techtool - Micromat
No Screenshot Tri-CATALOG 6.0.6
Tri-CATALOG analyzes and catalogues an unlimited number of volumes (external and internal hard disks, remote disks, CDs, DVDs, cartridges, etc.) and folders, and saves the collected information in its data base (list of files and folders, thumbnail for the pictures, date, size, Exif and IPTC data, etc.).Then, you can visualize the contents of analyzed volumes, browse in the folders, display pictures, show information for each file and picture,...

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Platform: Mac

Utility - Backup - Distributor - Freeway - Software Publisher - Techtool
No Screenshot TrashMagic 1.1.0
TrashMagic is a protection tool for the Trash contents that allows you to recover data in your Trash can that you emptied. Just launch it and recover your data even days or weeks after emptying the Trash. Protection engine running in background. Automatically backup the Trash contents. TrashMagic menu to activate/deactivate the protection at any time. Maintain the data in the cache during a programmed time. Drag-and-drop recovery. Option...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Demo  
Platform: Mac

Utility - Backup - Distributor - Freeway - Software Publisher - Techtool
No Screenshot CD Folder Partitioner 2.0.2
CD Folder Partitioner is build to execute very easily a copy and backup of your data on a set of CDs, DVDs, or disk images. For example, you can copy your "Home" folder (all your documents located in the Users folder), a specifi folder or even a whole disk.With CD Folder Partitioner, you can make a copy of very large files (movies, music, etc.) that are too large for a CD or a DVD. The file will be split and distributed in many...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Demo  
Platform: Mac

Utility - Backup - Distributor - Freeway - Software Publisher - Techtool
No Screenshot ClipDoubler Free 1.0
The Macintosh Clipboard - it's simple, it's elegant, it's a core element of the Mac computing experience. Why should there be only one? Introducing ClipDoubler Free. ClipDoubler Free is designed as an easy to use application that gives you up to 10 clipboards. Double click, and you can have all the clipboards your heart desires. Quit and you're back to one. Simple as that. ClipDoubler Free supports text, pictures, sounds,...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 2355 KB;
Platform: Mac OSX, Mac

Utility - Antivirus - Repair - Maintenance - Clamav - Macintosh - Mac Antivirus - Os X Antivirus - Mac Os X Antivirus - Clamxav
No Screenshot MacEMT 1.1.3
MacEMT is a handy system maintenance tool designed to help keep yourMacintosh running smoothly. Users of older versions of the MacOS will enjoythe ability to automatically scan for disk damage after a crash. Users ofmodern systems will appreciate the versatility of being able to choose theirfavorite disk repair utility. In addition to watching for impropershutdowns, MacEMT allows for scheduling of routine maintenance chores andwill provide...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 1433 KB;
Platform: Mac

No Screenshot Data Rescue II 1.2.1
The best data recovery software for the Mac platform has just got better with the new and improved Data Rescue II.Do you have a corrupt hard drive or one that no longer mounts? Are other tools failing to even recognize your bad drive? Data Rescue II is the best data recovery utility on the market for recovering files from a problem hard drive. Other utilities can cause more damage to your hard drive and files by trying to 'fix' the problem,...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Demo  
Platform: Mac

Data Recovery - Data Recovery Software - Hard Drive Recovery - Mac Data Recovery Software - Macintosh Data Recovery - Hard Drive Data Recovery - Hard Disk Data Recovery - Emergency Data Recovery - Windows Data Recovery - Data Recovery Service
No Screenshot FSHog - directory size listing utility 1.0
Directory size listing utility written in python. Platforms supported: Windows, Linux, and any other platform that supports python.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 1409 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

No Screenshot Directory Password Security 1.1
Directory Password Security is a handy utility designed to apply passwords on directories or files. Once the directory or file is locked, it can not be accessed until correct password is put. This application can be used to protect the sensitive files and directories from unwanted people. Once it is installed, it integrates with the explorer menu. The directories or files can be locked and unlocked by right clicking on their icons and...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware  
Platform: Windows XP, Windows, Windows Vista, Mac OS 7.x, Mac

Lock - Encryption - Protect Folder - Encrypt Directory - Directory Password Security - Folder Encrytion - Ecnrypt
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