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No Screenshot QUB: the Q Universal Boardgame b.0.7.1
QUB is an electronic front-end for playing wargame/boardgame-style games on your computer using graphics files for pieces and game boards. QUB stands apart from other software of it's type, however... it's different.
Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 839 KB;
Platform: Mac, Linux , BSD

No Screenshot BoardGame Bay 0.6
Framework for creation of board games. Chess is built-in, Monopoly comes next. It addresses: 1) Players 2) Game authors 3) AI developers 4) Model-based developers. Developed by software professionals using EMF. New games are configured in few hours.
Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 3792 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Screenshot of GetOut! GetOut!
Annoy your opponents and win the game!. Multiplayer Online Boardgame. Up to 4 player can play in a network (TCP/IP) against each other, or stand alone against the computer. Funny pixel graphics, sound, a lot of properties, and high play strength. Excitement and fun for young and old. The object of the game is to get around the board and back to your home section. If you land on another player's piece, you send them back to the start.

Price: USD $11.90, EUR 11.9;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 865 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP

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No Screenshot Spiderways 1.00
Spiderways is New Light Dynamic Puzzle And Boardgame!There is a board with cells of different colours.The cells form multi-coloured areas.Spiderways has developed principles of the "Filler" and "7 Colors" games.GOAL: Capture as many cells as possible.To capture new cells you need to connect your cells to cells ofother colors. To capture a cell you need to click on it with your mouse.Your cells are those with a black mark....

Price: USD $9.99;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 2756 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP

No Screenshot MacIago X 3.6.2
MacIago is a strategic computer game based on the Othello/Reversi boardgame and inspired on the 1984 mac game "Iago" made by David Reed (hencethe similar name).The game is played with a board on which you have to enclose theopponent pieces between your own. All the enclosed pieces will beconverted to your own in the eight possible directions. Each move mustresult in at least one conversion. When such move is not possible theturn is...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware  
Platform: Mac

No Screenshot Computer Squad Leader 1.0
A computer version of the World War 2 tactical boardgame "Squad Leader" originally published by The Avalon Hill Games Company. Play any scenario against anyone around the world!

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 3536 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

No Screenshot Colossus 0.13.2
Colossus is a Java clone of the boardgame Titan, a turn-based fantasy wargame for 2-6 players. Each player moves stacks of creatures around a strategic board, recruiting more creatures and fighting enemy stacks on tactical maps.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 4395 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

No Screenshot Coppit 1.0
Boardgame Coppit developed in Java.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 88 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Screenshot of MekHangar MekHangar 4
MekHangar is a collection of tools for creating, editing and managing units for BattleTech, a sci-fi boardgame for 2+ players. The project aims to work closely with MegaMek.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 1669 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux , BSD

No Screenshot phpGo 0.0.8
A two-player webclient for the boardgame GO written in php.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 27 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

No Screenshot ThudGame 1.0
ThudGame is Terry Pratchett's boardgame. has exclusive license to host the game online, but anyone can use our code in any other project, without attribution: public domain code. Please help, by sharing your improvements!

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 91 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

No Screenshot Way Of The Warrior: Sons of twilight 1.0
Way Of The Warrior is a web boardgame of fantasy battle. As a boardgame is turn based and at last 2 player are neeed, but there is no limit. The game is fully customizable, from the unit to the board tile all in an easy way.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 3030 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

No Screenshot Deskgame: iRace icons 1
About Deskgame: iRace iconsMacbillboard has made a boardgame with a desktop and iconset. You only need MacOSX to use it and play the game. The rules to play this game are on our website.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 563 KB;
Platform: Mac

Screenshot of Unlimited Checkers Unlimited Checkers 1.1
Unlimited Checkers is a Java-based checkers (also known as draughts) game. It features two modes (Regular & Unlimited), good graphics, optional hints, sound effects including audio from your opponent, and more. The Game features two modes: Regular Game & Unlimited Game. The two types are very much the same, except that in the regular Type piece's can't move beyond the board borders, where at the Unlimited type, there are no...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 1855 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

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Screenshot of 2M Flower Garden 2M Flower Garden 1.4c US
Align 5 or more pieces of the same color by moving the pieces on the board. These will disappear while awarding you points. New pieces will then appear after every move. Many special pieces will help you clear the board when everything seems hopeless... Appealing high quality graphics - Play Flower Garden in full color. Enjoy Flower Garden in full screen or in windowed mode at your own discretion... Five difficulty levels - From kids to...

Price: USD $14.95;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 7279 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP

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